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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 6 February 2007
I have to confess that sober critical judgement rather goes out of the window where The Bionic Woman is concerned. You see my youthful little self, sat in front of the TV in the 70s when this was first aired, was a little sweet on Jamie Sommers. Indeed I couldn't even listen to the theme tune without dribbling and getting a little hot under the collar. Still, wiping away the tears of nostalgia, what do I make of it all thirty years later? Well, it's still fabulously good entertainment. Lindsay Wagner could certainly act and during the course of the thirteen episodes that make up the first season of The Bionic Woman she goes through the entire range of human emotion, carrying the audience with her as she confronts the loss of all memory about her past and comes to terms with her new super powers and the opportunities, and possible dangers, they bring with them, not to mention coming face-to-face with someone claiming to be her mother (long thought to be dead) and battling a whole range of shifty looking blokes with dodgy taches, cheap suits and nasty looking firearms.

Richard Anderson provides excellent support as Oscar Goldman, the boss we'd all like to have: authorative, fair, supportive of the people who work for him and as smooth as a dry martini; while Lee Majors crops up from time to time to go all doe-eyed at Jamie (not that I blame him).

The stories themselves vary in quality but they are never less than entertaining and sometimes, such as in "Mirror Image", "Jamie's Mother" and the two part "Welcome Home Jamie" they reach genuinely dazzling heights of invention. The acting and writing in this series was consistently good, making it obvious that the whole team really cared about the show and regarded it with a great deal of affection.

All in all this is a fabulous little box set and well worth a look for anyone with happy memories of early evening TV in the 70s: funny, dramatic, moving and clever (and yes, thirty years on, I'm still a little sweet on Jamie).
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on 8 June 2017
Lindsay wagner is a brilliant acter and that's why I can watch the bionic women over and over again.
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on 18 May 2017
just great to see again
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on 10 November 2005
I received both the Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar man series in the mail today and I am so happy! I grew up watching both of these shows and I can't be happier that I get to enjoy them all over again and again and again! My only complaint is that I had to order them from the UK, why Universal won't release them in the states is beyond me but I no longer care.
The picture quality is amazing and the sound is too. If your a fan of these series you won't be disappointed in the quality of these fun shows.
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VINE VOICEon 24 April 2007
"The Bionic Woman" was and still is one of my favourite childhood shows.
Lindsay Wagner brought so much warmth and charm to the part of Jaime Sommers,that when after being introduced in a two part episode of "The Six Millon Dollar Man" as Steve Austin's(Lee Majors) childhood sweetheart and then killed off,public reaction was so strong she was brought back to life and spun off to her own series!
Jaime moves into an apartment on Steve's Mum(the wonderful Martha Scott)and Stepdad's ranch as she tries to rebuild her life as a school teacher and secret agent for the OSI headed by Oscar Goldman(Richard Anderson)
Jaime faces an evil double ganger in "Mirror Image" who comes back in a later season to plague Jaime.
"The Six Million Dollar Man" episode "Survival Of the Fittest",involving a plane crash and an attempt on Oscar's life is reused as "Fly Jaime" with Dr.Rudy Wells(Martin E.Brooks)the target this time.
The theme of facing your demons and moving on is reused time and again,in this first season,in "Winning Is Everything" Jaime helps a young driver faces the horrors of a past crash,in "Jaime's Mother" Jaime helps a lookalike of her dead mother face her past and do the right thing,a great star turn by Barbara Rush.
In the last episode of the season "The Ghost Hunter",Jaime helps a young widowed Doctor deal with his teenage daughter's telekentic powers rather than bury his grief in his work.
A great show with nice remastering on this DVD,don't understand why "The Six Million Dollar Man" wasn't treated the same way.
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on 4 November 2005
I'm very pleased that Universal has digitally mastered and cleaned up of dirt each and every episode of The Bionic Woman Season 1. The picture quality for all episodes is excellent and I hope they do the same for all the episodes of the other seasons.
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on 27 September 2005
DVD's are brilliant and the episodes are great to watch. I think the set would have been even better if they had included The Bionic Woman and The Return of the Bionic Woman. They are still good dvds though.
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on 10 April 2008
Little did we know that this series, then fronted by a naturally beautiful, young American actress called Lindsay Wagner, would become a real, sci-fi cult classic that has more than stood the test of time. Wagner brings class, beauty, empathy and pathos as welll as tingling excitement as the original and best Jaime Summers. The world of late 1970's California is a dreamy, nostalgic place, and with regular contributors like Martha Scott, Ford Rainey and Jennifer Darling, as well as the reassuring role played by Richard Anderson, we can escape into a really unique time and place and enjoy those wonderful adventures. Many sweet memories are brought back by the beautiful incidental music that adorned The Bionic Woman, particulary in 'Sister Jaime' and 'In this corner, Jaime Summers'. A great buy and sure to please nostalgia lovers and fans of the beautiful Ms Wagner.
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on 13 August 2008
I have just purchased this title as part of my growing nostalgia collection. Growing up as a child in the Seventies I remember every boy in my school wanted to be Steve Austin and every girl - Jamie Sommers. The slow motion action sequences making them both easy imitate.

What you have here is a spin-off series that at times surpassed its parent. THE BIONIC WOMAN was written with a lot more heart than T.S.M.D.M. and this, coupled with an extremely well selected leading lady, gives the show a more enduring quality. Okay, by modern standards the episodes look cheap and filmed on a shoestring. But they still make enguaging viewing today. And remember that, at the time, this was state-of-the-art TV.

All in all a tidy little box set with a clean DVD transfer. No extras, but hey, that's not what I bought the set for.
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on 15 January 2006
This is an excellent set of the Bionic Woman's first season. The picture quality is excellent and there are many scenes that were cut from the SCI-FI broadcast several years back. The SCI-FI versions made me wonder what some of the editors were doing on the Bionic Woman with some sloppy editing, but found that the original recordings as presented in the DVD set is absolutely perfect. It was sci-fi who chopped it up.
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