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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 23 January 2001
Loli, played by Victoria Abril, has given up a promising career as a dancer to become the wife of a womanising estate agent; and though she knows of one woman he has had an affair with and has forgiven him, she knows nothing about any of the others - not even her own baby-sitter! No. Her main complaint against him is not his promiscuity but that he takes her for granted and shows her little affection. So, when a butch lesbian, played by Josiane Balasko, appears on the scene, stopping at the house to ask for water for her van¹s radiator, she is a ripe fruit waiting to be picked. And this kind, mature, worldly-wise lesbian is an expert in the art of seduction.
On an evening out together, the husband, played by Alain Chabat, already annoyed at the lesbian¹s intrusion into his home with his wife¹s encouragement, is driven into a blind fury when he discovers, on bending down to retrieve a cigarette from under the table, the lesbian¹s hand half way up his wife¹s thigh, and then sees them dancing together very intimately. From this follow many scenes of shouting and screaming, jealousy and rage. You feel for the husband¹s usurpation and his humiliation at being rejected for a lesbian - though you rejoice at his come-uppance - and you feel for the wife who deserves the affection she has been so long denied, and you feel for the lesbian with a loving heart who wants only to make the wife happy - though others may condemn her for destroying a relatively happy marriage. .. But despite all the passion and jealousy, this is a light comedy and not a heavy drama, and you have the feeling all along that everything will work out well in the end....The moral of the story, that the only things that matter are love, tenderness and affection and if we get those the source¹s sexual gender is immaterial; we are all bisexual.
This is a bright, witty and observant comedy, well-acted, particularly by Victoria Abril, and constantly entertaining.
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on 16 November 2005
The kind of thing only the French can get away with - a lighhearted, genuinely funny, comedy about a menage a trois, bisexuality, shifting gender and sexual roles and cultural/sexual stereotypes. At heart, though, this is also a serious, and at times genuinely moving, film about the nature of marriage and commitment, and the search for personal fulfilment through intimate relationships. Great that it comes in such a fun package.
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on 29 March 2007
Easy going and light hearted comedy. My partner & I laughed out loud on occasions, there are some excellent sight-gags! Don't be put off by the fact that it's sub-titled, the plot is easy to follow and the casting, cinematography and music are all top notch. It's quite discreet and they went to some trouble to avoid full frontal nudity (which was funny in itself) in a very self-aware manner.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 March 2007
An entertaining film that had some funny moments. I didn't find the story believable, not least that a mother of two small boys could have such a lot of spare time and energy to have so much sex! She and the heterosexual male characters were largely caricatures, but their attitudes did high-light how people can have inconsistent standards over the behaviour they expect of others compared with themselves. The most believable and sympathetic character was the "butch" lesbian. Maybe that was the point of the film? I don't think the film was trying to be a satire - more a modern farce.
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on 3 February 2012
Why do DVD distributors insist in labeling foreign films like this as "a hilarious comedy"? Do they think it will make them sell more?

This is quite a good film, which I totally recommend, but calling it "a comedy" is misleading.

The film is a dramatic farce, with a few parts here and there which might be called "comic relief", but it is actually quite deep in the way it approaches sex, relationships, bisexuality. Not a "family film" for a matinee with the kids.

Yes, you will laugh here and there in certain situations, but most of the time you will be moved by the way the characters manipulate each other and deal with jealousy. The story is set in southern France next to the Spanish border. The main female character, played by Victoria Abril, is Spanish and there are many references to the "half-Spanish, half-French" setting. The "twist" here might be more Spanish than French.

The pace is quick, never boring, and the nudity is not gratuitous. Some people described the film as "sexy", but I would say that it is not "titillating", rather it might elicit some deep conversations about sex, more than anything.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 21 October 2016
French Twist is an entertaining film, funny, often uncomfortable, just a bit serious under all the chaos. It tells the story of Laurent, a philandering husband in real estate, husband and father of two, who suddenly finds his beautiful wife, Loli, falling into the arms of a woman whose truck breaks down in front of their house. There is a certain crudeness in the setup, not least in the way it has so much to get through that the twists and turns come thick and fast, emotionally as well as plot-wise. At times it seems too far-fetched, and even unpleasant, but maybe this is the point? That human emotions, given a free rein, can lead to a state of complete anarchy from which something may be salvaged that's better than before, possibly. The film explores jealousy, and lesbian parenting in an era when the latter was less accepted than now, and as such is quite pioneering, but as I say, it is quite a bumpy ride to get there. Set in Avignon, it looks very good throughout, and is especially well lit; the three leads could hardly be better, Josiane Balasko - who also directs - plays the butch lesbian to perfection, Alain Chabat starts out pretty dreadful but improves once he is on a losing wicket, and Victoria Abril is delightful. There's one scene where she glides between three different beds while putting her children to bed between whiles, and seems completely and comically serene as if she really has got her cake and is eating it. The role taps well into her screen persona as seen in Almodovar films, being sexy, occasionally hotheaded, and vulnerable, with a dramatic potential with a saucepan of spaghetti. The ending suggests that everyone may have untapped zones in their sexuality, in a way that is very life-affirming, especially closing against Avignon's Palais des papes in the background ... a definite thumbs up!
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on 14 November 2003
This film is a good bet for that vaguely cultural smug feeling that comes from watching a film with subtitles, whilst not being in that headache-inducingly lofty stratosphere of intellectualism inhabited by certain other French films (naming no names...) In other words, it's good fun. If you can suspend your disbelief in the rather tenuous plotline, it is charming and whimsical in the best French tradition (for any fans of French comedy - it's got the same slightly loopy feel to it as 'Amelie' or 'La vie en rose') I wouldn't go so far as to call it the lesbian 'Amelie' - for a start, neither of the female protagonists are as fit as Audrey Tatou! - but it does have a certain "je ne sais quoi"...
The director, Josiane Balasko, plays one of the three central characters (yes, this is your classic French menage à trois set-up...) and is very good.
Highly recommended.
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on 26 February 2015
we do love our French movies this seemed a laugh from the write up and yes this it started out a funny idea but went on too long, the characters had little redeeming features, by the end of the film and we could not care about them or their predicament-on the plus side the locations looked beautiful.
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on 8 December 2012
Well it said comedy? Not really this is a very dark comedy at that and quite sad. Not something you would watch to have a laugh to cheer yourself up. The Lesbian/Gay (butch) well , maybe a stereotypical representation of a Lesbian as well. Those that know real gay women will see what I mean. The acting is not that great, i does have some lol moments but not many, but if you want an informative film with some difficult issues raised about bisexuality and being unfaithful, then this is your film.
Its not a film i would really recommend to anyone.
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on 31 July 2013
cannot view it on dvd player. was not aware that it was wrong region. just got it in the post and not sure if i can return at this late stage
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