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Customer Reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 2 September 2005
I went to see this remake of the Amityville Horror back in June at the cinema, before seeing the original 1979 film. I didn't know what to expect and as horror films go, the new Amityville Horror will keep you on the edge of your seats. Fans of the original may have a different reaction however, as the storyline has been changed slightly to suit the modern day audiences with familiar modern horror traits. The original was much more in keeping to the "true story" and the house in the 1979 classic was virtually identical to the real house on 112 Ocean Avenue.
If you don't know the Amityville story, it is basically about the Lutz family who move into the house in Amityville, Long Island in 1975. Two years previously there had been 6 gruesome murders in the house as Ronnie DeFeo had shot his parents, sisters and brothers with a shotgun at 3.15am. At his trail, Ronnie said "voices in the house" had told him to do the shootings and it becomes apparent that the Lutz have the same feelings about the house. The film builds up to the dramatic climax on day 28 of the family living there, when after one terrific night of horror, the family flee the house, leaving all their possessions.
The 2005 version has a completely different house, more traditional gothic looking "haunted house" than the original. Compared to the original film, there is a lot more gore, and graphic images.
The original film is a classic and fans of haunted house films must see it. The remake actually stands up remarkably well against its original however (unlike other recent re-makes) and is a very enjoyable watch. It is more of an edge-of-your seat horror with lots of jumpy parts.
An identical remake it may not be, but the 2005 Amityville Horror will certainly open a whole new generation to the compelling "true story"
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on 14 September 2005
I am, as it were, a horror nut and I can thouroughly recomend this film. After seeing the previous Amityville Horrors I wasn't sure how this one would rate as the first one appeared to be true strictly based on the true story and therefore un-scary, and the others were stupidly unbelievable. This film tops them in shocking horror whilst trying to stick to a semi-realistic storyline. It also goes more into the reason why the house is as haunted as it seems.
Without giving too much away this film has several very frightening bits which surpass many horrors of modern times. The lingering image of the little girl and the daemonic faces which haunt the familly are a great touch. The ending is good but seems to leave you wondering what happens afterwards.
This may not hold greatly to the true story but it is a fantastic supernatural thriller. A must see for any horror lovers.
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on 31 October 2005
What do we want these days? We seem to have built up incredibly high expectations for horror movies - based I guess on past classics. I've seen some pretty bad reviews for this film, and having seen it, I can't believe the writers watched the same movie. It is extremely scary. Watch it on your own, turn off the irony on your remote control, and prepare for some real shocks. Indeed if you like the jump cut terror of movies like Ju-On and Ringu, I think you'll love this film. There are sudden moments of utter fright that match these films, and other moments that recall the kind of shock tactics of Kubrick's The Shining. Okay, it is a bit stupid in places, but even classic horror films often are. I don't mind remakes. I'm old enough to remember the first Amityville (leave off the keyboard grandpa, etc)and this is a scarier film. No question. If this had been released twenty years ago or more, folk would have wanted it banned. Thirty years ago and we'd have had the whole fainting in the aisles saga of The Exorcist. Now I'm not saying it's life-changing (hence 4 stars), but it is a great horror movie. Our expectations, as I say, are very high these days. Compare the intelligence of this film to some others around, and I think it rates highly. Oh yes, and watch it in the dark.
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on 22 March 2007
I saw the original years ago and was very frightened by that, I decided to watch this DVD just to see if it was any good. I usually find that remakes are never as good as the originals so I did not have many expectations for it.

I have to say I was scared all the way through. It makes you jump, gasp and question. Everything a good horror should. All the actors are brilliant in their roles and it was nice to see Melissa George again.

If you have or haven't seen the original you should still definately see this version. Excellent
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on 3 April 2015
George and Kathy Lutz along with their three children, move into a Long Island house. What they don't know is that the house was the site of a horrific murder a year before.

They decide to keep the house and attempt to keep the past in the past, but are now haunted by a murderous presence.

This is until, George starts to behave weirdly and their daughter, Chelsea starts to see people.

What follows is 28 days of sheer, unbridled terror for the family with demonic visions of the dead.......

It's a Michael Bay production, so instead of going for subtle scares, we get the good old loud screeching noises and strange editing whenever we are treated to a shock. So you have no other choice but to jump.

But, maybe it's because of all those horrid sequels to the first movie, I never fail to enjoy the movie whenever it comes my way.

George and Reynolds maybe a little too young to be cast, but they are both believable with the material they are given which is basically George to be upset for the majority of the film and for Reynolds to grow a beard so he looks like James Brolin, take his shirt off, and wear bloodshot contacts when he's in the house.

It's short harmless fun, it has the Bay sheen all over it, but at least it stays kind of true to the wholly untrue true story.

Just turn the sound down a little.
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on 30 May 2014
M George plays a brilliant part in this film. the remake of this true story I think is much better than the original, it has more on the edge seat moments than the James Brolin one. and Ryan Reynolds plays a fabulous part as well, its well acted by both of them.
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on 31 December 2013
I really liked this movie. It was quite typical of the genre with lots of sudden appearances of figures and such, but it was a good movie and was creepy. I doubt how much of it is true to the real life events though. Good movie.
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on 12 February 2006
This is a very good horror film in it's own right, as well as being a great re-make of the original. I haven't seen the original but many tell me this is the better version and I can believe that. This is a mix of film genres really, although classed as a horror it is more like a chilling thriller or ghost story for the majority of the film.
Loosely based on a true story of a family who move into the house where an entire family were shot dead some years before. The killer, a member of the family claimed voices in the house made him do it. Slowly the house begins to affect the new residents! The film is very good, well shot, directed and there are great performances from Ryan Reynolds (Miles away from his Van Wilder role) and former Home & away babe Melissa George. Not that scary or gory but very creepy. Seeing Ryans character increasing descent into some form of madness reminded me of The Shining. A great film with a story that also goes to try and explain the source of the evil at the house.
The DVD has plenty of extras, a 27minute making of which has interviews with the two main leads, the stunt work, special effects and some comparison with the original. A 16 minute feature on the case of the original murders, speaking to the cop who led the investigation and coroner which raise some odd facts still not answered. As well as a sort of medium who visited the house. There are also photo galleries, some deleted scenes and an option On set peeks which enables you to watch the film and then see how the scene you watched was done behind the scenes before resuming the film. Overall a very good film, well acted with a lot of extras! 8/10
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on 18 December 2015
I can’t remember if I’ve seen the original Amityville Horror and I’m trying my best to forget this remake. For here we have, once again, all the standard haunted house clichés , or tropes as they now seem to be called. This is a pointless mess of a film which conjures up a series of set pieces which are poorly realised and worse, seem to bear little relevance to the basis of the story: a family was murdered there one year before with the perpetrator hearing voices that told him to do it. A new family moves in and guess what...

This is a film short on ideas and long on silliness and constant scare tactics each of which are accompanied by a loud noise intended to help propel you out of your seat. It’s a standard technique of course but on so many occasions no sound at all would work so much better and here at Amityville the technique is employed with alarming regularity. But then the idea is to scare rather than imbue a sense of real creepiness which the lack of such audio would create.

Anyway, dad (not the kid’s real dad – mum has married again), becomes possessed by the house and his behaviour changes accordingly. Comparisons with The Shining are completely pointless – don’t go there. This transition is rather abrupt and lacks subtlety but then why bother with that as the director needs to get an axe into dad’s hands as soon as possible. Even this particular instrument of potential death has its own sound, whooshing as it flies through the air immediately after a cut (film cut, not axe cut – that comes later). At this point such jump tactics started to irritate me although interestingly when dad brings axe down on a second log it makes no sound at all. Oh yes, the logs are being held by one of the kids on orders from dad but don’t worry – the kid’s hands remain intact, it’s just another set piece to keep us on the edge of our seats.

I’ve had a look at the edge of my seat and it’s showing no signs of wear at all.
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on 18 July 2009
Not the most original of storylines - its the old haunted house thing! But nether the less a good film which if watched with a decent sound system will put shivers down your spine and quite often make you jump outa your skin!!
Well worth 3/4 pounds (if u can get in that cheap like i did) and wont be out of place in your horror film collection.
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