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on 1 January 2018
Like many Buffy fans, I was super excited when this 20th anniversary boxset was announced. The box art looked sleek and the individual artworks for each season looked colourful and unique when regarding buffy artwork.

Having opened the product though, I was severely disappointed when I found that it did not include each individual season like the previous complete sets did; but consisted of 2 amaray blister packs stuffed insides a feeble card box which is impossible to prize open may I add. The artwork for each blister pack is the same as the front cover.

Having paid another £60 to get a comic book and a colouring sheet I say that abysmal is a bit of an understatement. It seems like no distributors know how to package box sets anymore and are minimising everything. Very poor show on Fox’s part. I’m now wishing I had listened to the voice in my head that told me not to buy this and stick with the black box sets I had released in 2012.

Wouldn’t advise unless you’re a first time Buffy buyer. Not for collectors
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on 10 May 2017
I saw a few episodes of this years ago and had forgotten about it entirely until a 20 yr anniversary programme on TV where I caught a few of the favourite episodes. I laughed so much at these that I bought the box set and I am so glad I did. All of life's lessons are in here! it has made me laugh, cry and cringe (in a good way) throughout to the extent that I think I will be watching it all again. I can't remember when a box set has been so engaging, particularly when seeing it again with a bit more life experience under my belt from the first time of watching. I also can't believe how well some of the effects have stood the test of time, not all of it has to be clear, but enough to make it impressive. I can also see where other series such a twilight and Lord of the Rings have got some of their inspiration for their special effects from too. I would wholeheartedly recommend this. It is clear when watching it that the success of this is partly due to the writing, but the casting is where it is at. Like everyone else no doubt, I was always hoping for the happy ever after ending for Buffey and Angel but without all the others this wouldn't have been enough. Anyway I've gushed enough. Just buy it. You won't regret it! I've just bought the Angel box set so lets hope that's just as good!
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on 15 March 2017
Do I really need to review Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
It's a classic show, and if you're bothering to check out the DVD box set, then you probably are already a fan.
Just buy it. DO IT.
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on 14 May 2017
It's Buffy (not in the HD remake which sucks) and it is perfect. The show is amazing, the box is cool and doesn't take up too much space. The design on the covers are incredibly cool and do not give anything away for first time watchers.
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on 17 April 2018
Great TV show that has aged surprisingly well with good storylines and effects. Season 1 is probably the least good season but it's still essential viewing because it introduces all of the main characters and their back stories. There are too many "minor villain of the week " style episodes in Season 1 though. However this improves greatly after the Season 2 Halloween episode where the long-running storylines the show is known for properly get started.

The box set itself seems very fragile so I just keep the two DVD cases out on a shelf on their own when I'm watching the show. It's just two big cases in the 20th Anniversary Edition with one that has Seasons 1-4 and the other with Seasons 5-7, rather than individual cases for each season like previous Buffy complete box sets. It also thankfully includes an episode guide with the viewing order for all episodes. It would have been better if the episodes could have just been numbered in the DVD menus as well, but it's better than nothing.

At least I won't have to keep checking Wikipedia to make sure I'm still watching the episodes in the right order. I had to do this with the Angel complete box set which doesn't have an episode guide, or numbered episodes in the DVD menus.
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on 22 November 2017
If your a fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar then this is for you, before Supernatural, Charmed and Twilight we had the great heroine role model in Buffy who not only slayed vampires but other demons as well as trying to cope with being a teenager going to high school and then greater challenges when in the real world dealing with paying the rent, looking after her sister and friends who become intwined in this magical world in which she was chosen. Two standouts episodes written by the wonder that is Joss Whedon Hush and Once More With Feeling show he was ahead of his time and why shows today fail in comparison.
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on 20 January 2017
One of the first and the best teenage horror series ever. It has it all... fun, romance, horror, sadness and Anthony Stewart Head. Great fun for youngsters but also a good watch for adults too x
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on 13 July 2017
Fantastic series. Adored this show when I was a child/teen and so far it's been brilliant rewatching them all. Joss Whedon hit the winner with this one. Great cast, great writing and overall great show.

Delivery was quick. Box set is great. Thank you.
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on 23 August 2017
Seriously, what is to review! You have either seen this awesome series or you need to see it right away!!
This is a ground breaking purely awesome series from the man that is Joss Whedon.
Buffy is a hero unlike any hero you have seen before. This series watches her grow into her role as a Slayer, a Slayer of Vampires, from an awkward young girl to a young woman that is sure of herself and her abilities.
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on 10 July 2016
We all know that Buffy is great so I do not need to discuss this however I would like to address the issues raised in some of the bad reviews.

I originally owned the individual box sets for each season of this show and the quality of the actual dvds is exactly the same as the ones I used to own. The menu, in which some people have stated is difficult to navigate, is identical to the dvd menu of the original high standard box sets.

As well as this the image quality is the exact same too, this is nothing to do with bad dvd transfers but actually to do with the fact that the TV show originally aired almost twenty years ago! Hence the not so brilliant quality however they can still be watched and there isn't actually anything wrong with them.

If you want to spend loads of money on dvds (which are of the exact same quality) then go ahead but unless you want a fancy box there is no difference between these dvds and the original individual box sets. I'm so glad I ignored bad reviews!
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