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on 24 September 2012
The next Resident Evil game i'm going to review is the Gamecube's Resident Evil Zero. This must be one of the strangest entries in the series. Not only is it a prequel to the original Resident Evil, it also has you taking control of not one, but two characters, both of whom are essential to getting through the game alive.
Another big change is the absence of item boxes but to compensate, you are given the option to drop items wherever you wish. All in all, it's a very different Resident Evil, but no less enjoyable. It is however, a lot more difficult than most other games in the series in my opinion. Ammo is incredibly scarce and herbs are in short supply. Trust me when I say this is a true survival horror experience.
There are also several new creatures out to tear you limb from limb in Resident Evil Zero. As well as the usual zombies and hunters, you will also have to face strange leech creatures, mutated apes and giant insects. These new creatures are great and fit into the Resi storyline very well. The graphics in the game are also top notch with highly detailed pre rendered backgrounds and realistic character models.
Why overall this is a brilliant game and worthy entry to the franchise, there are a few minor issues which may frustrate some players. Firstly, the game contains a serious amount of backtracking. Far more than any other entry in the series. This is due mostly to the absence of storage crates but also because certain items take two inventory slots to carry. Just trust me when I say that the grappling hook is the most annoying item in Resi history. Another slighty annoying problem is when you and your partner get separated. This wouldn't be such be such a big deal, but sometimes you get separated without warning, and you realise you have just left your other character with all the herbs and ammo.
Apart from that though, it really is a great game with plenty of scares and an interesting plot. It's also one of the longest Resi's, with an average playthrough taking around ten hours. It's great value for money and is a must for Resi fans or people who just like survival horror in general.

The Survival Horror Specialist 24/09/2012
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on 16 August 2009
I became a big fan of the resident evil series the very same day I played Resident Evil on the play Station for the first time. It had an interesting game play, good puzzles that force You to use your gray cells at times and for these times a good atmospheric graphic. Years have passed, the series evolved and some things are still as good as they were, some things are improved creating even a better survival horror atmosphere and unfortunately some things are gone for good - like before mentioned puzzles that for me were a must and are basically absent in the newest part of the series Resident Evil 5. Now, if You are just like me and You value the standard that the classic has brought then You are not going to be disappointed with Resident Evil Zero. It's got everything the old games had plus a bit new, changed approach towards cooperation between the characters in the game. The graphics are top notch, the music follows the graphics and both the puzzles and various documents and diaries spread all over the game help to keep You in the survival atmosphere the best way they can and believe me, it works. The only thing I found a bit annoying is the fact that there are no item boxes in the game, You basically drop the items wherever You go and that unfortunately turns out to be annoying at the very end when You realize that You have to get through nearly the whole games locations just to get something You left in the very first safe place. You get used to it and it's not as big a problem as it might seem but nevertheless that's minus 1,5 points for the game from my side. Apart from that there's just pure Resident Evil essence in it's best form. Enough to say I personally bought a used Game Cube just to play this and the Resident Evil Remake game and You know what, even just for these two games it's worth it. If You are a fan of the Resident Evil series, I don't even have to persuade You, You just have to play it and learn that tad more about the series history. If You have not played Resident Evil before but survival horrors are Your thing then do not hesitate, You'll definitely have fun.!

My personal rating 8,5 / 10

All You Wii owners, the gam works of course on the Wii as well,so grab Yourselves a game cube memorycard - You won't save the game on the Wii memory card - and indulge into this world of undead nightmare!

Yours Sincerely,
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on 29 April 2011
Resident Evil Zero takes place a day before the raccoon city incident of the first game, as S.T.A.R.S rookie Rebecca Chambers, you investigate a crashed train (no sniggering at the back there, please) in which you soon find out that the passengers have been infected by the T Virus, a virus which turns people into flesh-eating zombies. And if that wasn't bad enough, the train starts moving...and you're on it!

Anyone whose played the previous games will instantly recognise the 'tank' controls that made Resident Evil infamous for some. While its a little jarring at first to use such an awkward control scheme, within half an hour it becomes second nature as you realise that the controls were made to accommodate the pre rendered backgrounds. You'll never find yourself having to run on twisty paths or run rings around enemies just as you would in, say, Super Mario 64.

Only twenty minutes into the game, Resident Evil Zero really starts to shine. You meet up with your partner, Billy Coen. And so the tag team system gimmick makes this the most unique game in the series. You can switch between Rebecca or Billy at any point in the game. Billy can take more damage and is better at handling weapons, while Rebecca can mix herbs and chemicals, but can only take a few hits before she hits the ground. If you and your partner are in the same room, your partner will run behind you unless you tell him/her not to by tapping the C stick in any direction, enabling manual control to your partner, but I'd recommend using solo control as much as you can. Because of her low health, you'll end up using Rebecca to carry most of the miscellaneous items while Billy defends her as much as he can thanks to his awesome gun skill.

Don't get too used to this though, as sometimes the pair are forced to separate and you need to get them back together again. This usually requires you to have the pair trade items between each other by some sort of opening or service lift. These bits do tend to drag on, but are nothing to complain about.

I'll tell you something to complain about though, and that's the annoying inventory system. Besides having to constantly trade and exchange items between each of the pair, there are no boxes to place any unwanted items. This time you can drop them in any room in order to make space for the new item. Now this may sound like the perfect solution, but this doesn't remove any needless backtracking at all, but instead makes more as items are now scattered all over the place. A real shame!

Overall, this is an absolute must have for fans of horror or action games. It isn't perfect, and I'd admit that I enjoyed the original trilogy slightly more than this instalment. But even so, it's the icing on a masterfully baked cake that is Resident Evil.
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on 19 April 2015
A Very Good Resident Evil Game..the beginning of the Resident Evil Game Series...
A "Must Buy" for All the Resident Evil Funs...

Preferably in this Form or in the "Dolphim Emulator Form"

At any case go get it!..
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on 3 August 2013
Amazing game and very fun to play. Bought wii for gamecube games and this is a definite buy! Love the game so far. Hopefully ordering more classics! Long live the Resident Evil Franchise!
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on 27 September 2013
if you have a gamecube and if you love the residente evil series like i do this is a must buy
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on 22 May 2015
Very good. im Happy with my purchased.
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on 27 February 2013
This is not the best resident evil game. It uses the old survival horror format of exploring, collecting items and figuring out puzzles which in theory should be great. For some reason I just couldn't get into it. The game somehow doesn't capture the right atmosphere for a RE game and the characters are a bit dull. Also the feature of constantly swapping between 2 characters gets quite annoying. It's an ok game but not brilliant.
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