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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 20 February 2015
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on 28 November 2013
I like action movies and watched many action movies but this one is just awful. The action choreography is painful to watch, needless and overly exaggerated violence, very cheesy patriotic scenes, laughable direction and on-screen acting.
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on 26 October 2014
No this is not Onk Bak, nor very much like it, let's just get that out of the way first. What it is, is a good Thai action film in its own right with some amazing stunt work. The story is far fetched and functional but sets up the action nicely. The fight scenes are hit and miss - the sports orientated fight scenes (although still entertaining) are not as good as the ones involving the main protagonist - but they are plentifull and varied so as a martial arts action fan I came away pleased with the whole experience.
The film drags slightly between the opening set peice and the moment when the village is invaded but the action throughout makes up for this one section. (When the invasion starts the pace and action is maintained until the end)
I would pay no heed to reviews that say "could of been" in the headline and be assured that, although this "could HAVE been" on par with the finest of its genre, it is a solid Thai action film none the less.
As a Ballsy, stunt laden action film I'd say 3.7 out of 5 stars, but I've had to round up and give it 4. If you like martial arts and this type of Eastern action cinema then you won't be disappointed.
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on 1 June 2010
a team of athletes are caught up in a hostage situation when trying to do charity work there and the film is about their removal of this threat. Thats all well and good but the script is very poor and for the fight scenes for some reason the producers of this film thought wouldnt it be great if we incorporate the individuals expertise into the fight and therefore we get a footballer seeking out a spherical object to beat someone up doing kick ups, a gymnast doing pointless moves and totally out of context with the situation in a fight and so on and so forth.

I bought this on the caption that this film does for stunts what ong bak does for martial arts and even though some of the stunts make you sit up and take notice of this terrible film, it in no way makes up for how bad it really is =(
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on 26 October 2008
Hugely enjoyable movie thats reminiscent of early 80s Jackie Chan movies. Whilst the script is not a classic, it acts as the foundation for a series of action pieces that ned to be seen to be believed. If the idea of a truck crushing through buildings to finally explode in a huge fireball is your idea of fun - this movie is for you. Dan Chuong is an amazing stunt artist. And a handful of fairly decent extras too. A keeper!
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on 30 December 2005
If you like Ong Bak then you should find this entertaining, although it is not well thought out storywise (and who cares) it makes up with great fighting. Like Ong Bak, i recommend get a few mates round have a few Stella's and watch this, for a great night of bone crunching violence.
The only reason i gave it 3 stars is because their was no story but four stars for the action.
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on 15 September 2005
This film could have been a classic except for two things. First the addition of a threat to a city seemed a little tacked on to my mind and superfluous as if they just decided to add a larger threat for the sake of it or because they were afraid viewers wouldn't care about the fate of the village, (which is ridiculous because the assault on the village is so sudden and brutal you can't help but feel for them).
Secondly is the addition of gimmicky martial arts. For the most parts the fights with the main character are gritty and realistic and it makes them very satisfying but some of the fight scenes try on a few shaolin soccer style exaggerated moves and these simply aren't as good. Don't get me wrong they aren't flying around like superheros but doing a Beckham to knock a guard out of a tower at about a hundred metres or more is pretty far fetched.
I seem to have concentrated on what is wrong with the film but there is an awful lot that is good. The stunts in this film are astounding you will wince at some of them and wonder how the actor walked away breathing, the action is fantastic. Obviously I had to read the dialogue but the story, apart from tacked on elements, was satisfying and surprisingly emotional in places. Overall it is a great film but just misses out on that 5 star accolade.
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on 5 September 2006

The story, such as it is, concerns Deaw (Dan Chupong who to me is under-rated yet highly skilled)deaw is a young cop who we first see capturing a notorious gun smuggler named Yang (Noppol Gomarachun) In the ensuing insanity, involving those semi trucks seen in the trailers and the initial stills of "Born to Fight" that appeared on the net, Deaw survives, Yang is captured, but Deaw's boss and mentor gets fried to a 'Peeking Duck' Now a clichéd burnt out cop suffering from self-doubt and guilt, Deaw takes a trip with his little sister to a rural village where she and her athlete pals plan to dole out food and toys to the villagers. Of the athletes, there is a rugby player, a soccer coach, and other assorted gymnasts whose names I'm not sure were ever mentioned.

"Born to Fight" essentially breaks down into two halves, with the first half showing a complete disregard to innocent human life! & the second half being a whole 40 something minutes long devoted to the 'WAIT FOR IT THE "fight back" sequence 'YAY' Ooo u all excited lol kid you not when I say that the film runs for 40 minutes straight with endless scenes of the athletes and Deaw taking it to the bad guys, making use of their individual skills. Everyone gets their moment to shine, from the football coach who uses anything he can get his foot on to, well, "football" the bad guys to death wouldnt mind this guy taking england penalties he wouldnt miss lol Oo and there is The rugby player basically throws people around cause he's, you know, big and a bit of a ard nut lol And another athlete, who bounces small, wooden balls off his head and knees, bounces small wooden balls and erm small wooden balls =o/ basically just about anything he can bounce onto the bad-guy's heads. And of course the female athletes do, well, athletic stuff. It's all very "Gymkata"-ish. amazing how a female gymast can stumble upon something 'Gymnasticish' Such as the wooden beam well something that resembles one anyway lol

anyway this review is getting ridiculously long isnt it i do apologise, to cut an already long story short =)

"Born to Fight" is 90-odd minutes of random over-the-top action shot to a throbbing techno soundtrack so get out those glow sticks , plz' plz people who have heard this movie being compared to ong-bak take not this is no "ong-bak" although it does come dangerously close to being that other movie's bastard love child. Rittikrai certainly knows how to kill stuntmen, and there should probably be a law against such wanton disregard for human life lol Then again, if you're one of those people who have been anticipating "Born to Fight" based on everything you've heard and seen, you should love it. It's everything I thought it would be - mindless, pointless, and insane & most of all stupid in a entertaining sort of way, yes you heard correctly 'stupid' Watch the scene where Deaw and two bad guys wail on each other with flaming 2x4's and tell me you still want to take this movie seriously... lol i cant say anymore.. buy it and enjoy the stunt's that's about it...
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on 14 September 2008
The fight scenes in this are very enjoyable.Great credit must go to the stunt peformers.Although,when I watched the out-takes at the end,I thought it was a miracle nobody was killed!A great action film.
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