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VINE VOICEon 27 October 2005
CSI has always been a show that has worked to a specific formula.In
These two episodes, however, we step of out the usual routine to find a plot where one of the CSI team is under severe threat. It is very much one of those 'race against time' storylines which hooks you in and holds your attention throughout.
The story was written by Quentin Tarantino who also directs these episodes with flair. If you come in expecting Tarantino's usual snappy dialogue you will be disappointed. Well, it was made for regular US TV after all and they are not ready for Quentin's peppered vocabulary.
The bonus features consist of the original CSI pilot episode and the pilot of CSI Miami.
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on 3 January 2006
I thought this was fantastic only complaint is that it is split into 2 episodes instead of one long one. It stops just as things aregetting interesting then you have to watch whats already happened at the start of episode 2. Bit frustrating, but treat for true CSI fans!
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on 12 October 2005
This was disappointing as i am a big fan of the series and of qt, to be honest the ep he did for E.R years ago was far better(and in fact is one of the best ep after 11 seasons of er)
It is still worth a watch as its csi
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on 28 November 2012
CSI NY is a rival for fans in a three-way group of CSI [Las Vegas] and CSI Miami, Gary Sinise is a good, solid actor and conveyor of calm in a number of situations that a New York police chief encounters. He is dependable in the job and respected by his colleagues and that is the basis for a great non-conflict production. It does get into your mind as you explore the characters and decide the good from bad, knowing Mac Taylor [Gary Sinise] will be just and successful in his role. Worth watching, and getting the other DVDs in the series - as is CSI Miami, the ultimate favourite for me, although I do support the other two programmes. Fast moving script with lots of New York iconic buildings fearturing and intrigue throughout.
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on 4 January 2018
Watched it for Tarantino and he didn't disappoint. A cracking story and it has fire ants and Frank `The Riddler' Gorshin in it.
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on 27 January 2006
I really do not understand the people who didn't like this episode. I had never watched CSI before, I read an interview with Tarantino about the episode and thought that I just had to watch it. I was not wrong.
I like the fact that you get a slightly different view of the characters. It's fun knowing that Grissom has the quirk of his love of Roy Rogers (king of the cowboys) and his horse Trigger, we already know that he likes rollarcoasters so why not? We rarely get to see the inanities of the CSIs' lives and for Tarantino, these insights are just a little fun that helps the characters become more than just two dimensional.
The Dukes of Hazzards game is equally inspirational.
Having now bought the first 3 series I can see how much the characters have developed. Grissom's not always been the best leader, but these episodes show more than anything that his team mean more to him than anything. The implications for Catherine borrowing money from her father are yet to be known, although we know that we haven't heard the last of it. Greg is growing into the type of CSI he has always admired and wanted to be like.
Everyone of the actors has worked their socks off and I found it the most amazing two hours of television ever. The moment when Gil says that Nick has never let him down is so touching and heartfelt I still feel the backs of my eyes prickling. Tarantino obviously knows his stuff, and so does everyone at CSI. I thank them both for getting me hooked on one of the most excellent (if not sometimes cheesy, but that just adds to it) TV series of our time.
Plus, wouldn't you just love Grissom to be your uncle.
If only CSI Miami or NY was half as good.
Everyone watch these episodes, then buy all the others and watch them too.
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on 9 September 2013
Such a good story , and the atmosphere created by Tarantino is (as its supposed to be) claustrophobic, and if you are familiar with CSI, you empathise with the characters in the cast. Amazing to know Tarantino wrote the script AND directed the stories, and he understands peoples fears, and phobias, and how best to convey them in his stories !
If you are not a CSI fan, it is still possible to be gripped by the process the character has to go through.
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on 3 August 2014
Product was covered in price stickers which cannot be removed without damaging the box & the disc had scratch on it. Neither of these details were mentioned in product description.
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VINE VOICEon 6 August 2007
'Grave Danger' is the gripping double-bill C.S.I. Season 5 finale and is probably the best episode so far. The story begins when CSI Nick Stokes is kidnapped while investigating a crime scene and is then buried alive in a glass casket by his kidnapper. The Las Vegas Police Department receives a package with a tape and a hardware to be able to watch a live web-feed of Nick inside the casket, together with a request of one million dollars cash to release him. Grissom's team of CSIs now have the seemingly impossible task of finding the kidnapper, and more importantly - locating Nick.

With the addition of guest director Quentin Tarantino and a cameo from Tony Curtis, this episode couldn't be better. Excellent acting all round from the usual C.S.I. cast, especially George Eads (who plays Nick) who should have won an award for his chilling and emotional acting in this episode. If you've got a weak heart or a nervous disposition, I'd perhaps avoid this episode as it is extremely tense and very disturbing, but for anyone else - I cannot recommend this episode highly enough. Whether you're watching it as part of the series or as a stand-alone "movie", C.S.I. doesn't get any better than this. Brilliant acting, brillant directing, brilliant story - just plain brilliant from start to finish!
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on 29 August 2015
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