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on 26 August 2011
Smut merchant D'Amato's mad, bad monster of a video nasty deserves to finally be released from the censor's dungeon. It's a mostly dull slasher movie, with a well-heeled bunch of boring suburbanites wandering around a creepy island while an unseen, heavy-breathing lurker spies on them from the bushes.
But it's in the last half hour that the film's infamous reputation is justified, as an onslaught of hardcore (if rubbery) graphic violence unfolds, including the notorious foetus-eating scene, a truly nauseating piece of cinema. As Nikos The Beast lifts the bloody unborn child to his slavering lips, the cinematography dank and murky, the music score a pounding headache, for the briefest moment the film reaches the same heights/depths of scuzzy horror brilliance as The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, pure undiluted terror.
As The Beast, Eastman makes for a formidable hulking presence, his shock hair and madman's eyes with workman's fatigues crafting a simple but effective horror icon, on a par with Myers or Vorhees, while that final shot of him attempting to eat his own intestines is as unforgettable a genre image as Leatherface swinging his chainsaw at the setting sun.
Make sure you have the full, uncut version, best enjoyed with an appropriate quantity of beer. A distribution company (Arrow Video maybe?) really should attempt to resubmit this to the BBFC for a 21st century Blu ray release, as gruelling as it is in parts there are far worse depictions of extreme violence currently available on these shores.
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on 18 August 2011
Anthropophagus (or if you want to use its UK title, Anthropophagous the Beast) is not for everyone as can be seen from previous reviews, but if you're a hardcore horror nut with a liking for early 80s Italian gore flicks you'll find something to enjoy about Joe D'Amato's notorious nasty. It is slow-paced but it has atmosphere by the bucketful, as well as a strange electronic score which suits the film well. The only way to see Anthropophagus is uncut, so make sure you buy the Shriek Show release which contains all the foetus & gut munching action. If you buy it expecting a polished horror movie you'll be disappointed, but if you expect something on a par with the low-budget cheesiness of Zombie Holocaust and Burial Ground you will probably love it, as I do.
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on 28 January 2009
This infamous video nasty is about a group of holidaying adults who go to one particular Greek island that happens to be inhabited by a cannibal maniac. They become stranded there and then picked off one by one...
Joe D'amatos gore classic may struggle to get any kind of recognition with todays audiences, especially those pleased by things like "Scream" and its clones. Its main problem is it's quite dull for large parts and there's a long sequence in the dark when you can hardly see anything (the acting and dubbing is also very poor). However, I would still say that this is a fine example of an Italian exploitation flick. After the opening death scenes it's ages before the next action, but then there's no let up as the gore starts to flow. The infamous baby eating scene still has a bit of an impact and there's other carnage too. D'amato even manages to create some effective suspense at the end with the cannibal's face-off with Tisa Farrow. It's almost like a one man zombie film and George Eastman definitely has a presence and looks quite creepy. If you're at all into Italian gore films then this is a must own!
The good extras on this DVD make it even more of a must buy for genre fans.
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on 23 February 2015
The film opens with a young couple on a beach in a Greek island when they are both killed by a mysterious killer. A group of tourists then go to the island then one by one they meet with the same cannibalistic killer until the climactic bloody finale.

One of the more famous films on the video nasty list where it was once called believe it or not a snuff movie, directed by famous Italian hack Joe D'Amato and starring Tisa Farrow, Zora Kerova and George Eastman this is actually not a bad little horror film. Eastman plays the beast with his usual over the top style but here it's actually sits very well with character, Farrow plays the lead female and also adds to strong feeling of dread in the film, overall the performances are not that bad at all. D'Amato does well in giving the film an atmosphere of fear and tension and his usual wondering direction here is thankfully lacking. The effects are also mostly very good particularly at the climax where a strong stomach will be needed (the famous stomach ripping baby scene are very well done). There are a some minuses however the pacing in the first half of the film is sluggish at best apart from a couple of scenes it can be a struggle although the second half is much better and the dubbing varies from poor to awful.

It's a decent enough fun little horror film that'll easily pass 90 mins as long as you don't expect too much.
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on 10 August 2015
Very good condition on arrival both discs play 100% perfect satisfied with purchase.
There is a blueray version in the UK but the picture is a bit washed out so I have read better off buying the USA region 1 shriek show DVD.
Lots of extras on disc 2 & hidden extras if you navigate the menu the film is complete & uncut.
I can't see wot all the fuss was about when the film came on vhs & the video nasties era way back then there is a lot worst slather films on the market today times has changed.
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on 9 November 2013
If you are after the uncut version of Anthropophagus, this is it. Or is it?
The dvd i ordered has an orange/ black cover picturing The Beast with a cavity in his chest, the one i got shows The Beast eating his own guts. But thats okay, its still the 2 disc shriekshow edition which claims to have all the gore intact.
On inspection of the back cover i noticed the running time was 88 minutes. Hang on, The Grim Reaper was 92 minutes and that was 'cut'. WTF? This was a job for Inspector Shark.
The opening credits are different from GR (they are unmistakeably the originals) then, in true exploitation style, the dubbing starts off in German before slipping into English 5 minutes later. Love it!
There is no doubt this has all the gore and the original creepy music that GR was missing and the picure quality is superior (its still grainy though, and thats the main thing). But there are little bits missing. Nothing i can put my finger on, nothing significant, just the sense you are not getting the full shebang. Ultimately, the experience left me wondering:
Is there really such a thing as the uncut version of Anthropophagus?
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on 17 October 2014
Anthropophagus in all it's fetus devouring, gut munching glory is one of the best Italian gore films ever made. If your a fan of Italian cheese then this is a must. Prolific filmmaker Joe D'Amato took a break from his sleazy pornographic exploits and directed his first non-erotic horror Anthropophagus. Also known as Grim Reaper, Man-Eater and The Beast among a multitude of other names (as is quite common for cheap Italian horror), Anthropophagus was destined to make it onto the UK's notorious video nasty list. Anthropophagus even managed to jump on the Zombie sequel bandwagon (which seemed like the one marketing idea that the releasers of Italian horror always fell back on in tough times). A group of people, including Tisa Farrow of Zombi 2 fame, set sail to a secluded island. Upon setting shore, they notice that no one is in site and begin to find dead mummified bodies throughout the town. They don't realize that an extremely impending figure has murdered everyone on the island and they are next.

Sounds simple and it is. George Eastman who plays The Monster even says in an interview that this movie was only made to make money. There was nothing artistic about it, but nevertheless, the movie is great and is a rather suspenseful and atmospheric Italian horror film that surely ranks among D'Amato's best work, alongside "Beyond the Darkness" and "Death Smiles at Murder". In case you're a fellow Italian horror fanatic, you'll love the cast that includes George Eastman, Tisa Farrow and Serena Grandi. True, there are some tedious moments to sit through but the gore is rewarding and the music is terrific. There equally is some gratuitous sleaze to enjoy, as well as some nice photography. And the 2 particular controversial scenes are great. The special effects were terrific despite the low budget and just the thought of what is happening makes you realize how sick this really is. Anthropophagus fits in nicely with the similar budget Italian movies of the time such as the works of Fulci and Lenzi. By the way, I did end up picking up The Shiek Show release of the movie. It is well worth having. But, if you can find the original American version of the movie I would get it also, under the title of The Grim Reaper. The music selection in certain scenes are different.
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on 10 September 2007
Ok,the final 15 mninutes of this film are great. In fact, i'd say pretty damn scary!! However, the rest of the film is SO BAD chances are you wont make it till the end. The opening scene in the sea is really promising but the wait for anything else exciting to happen is mind numbing. Theresbad films, but this is something else. The infamous 'baby eating scene' is fairly intense but this film being banned is purely ridiculous. Most DVD editions of this film up until recently have had the final 15 minutes missing! I cant even begin to imagine the dissapointment of getting that one home!! Anyhow, borrow this if you want to see it but its just not worth buying.You wont be watching this one more than once. And I watched California Axe Massacre at least 3 times!!!
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on 7 June 2015
Another D'Amato tasteless gore classic. A mix up in styles of the older gothic horror style together with the more modern gore aesthetic. I think this is why some others are complaining of "dull" parts. These parts are to build the atmosphere and tension. Its very well shot though obviously low budget, but very effectively done. George Eastman's makeup is fantastic and he puts in a superb performance as the wide-eyed mad seaman. Obviously he was in love with the script as he co-wrote it. Excellent soundtrack. This film was probably one of the ones together with Cannibal Holocaust and Cannibal Ferox truly responsible for the "video nasty" furore, due to one notorious scene in particular which comes in towards the end a/k/a the foetus-eating scene.
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on 26 February 2009
I know this film is not the most popular title but it certainly counts as a cult classic in my book. The plot is simple a group of people travel to a Greek island to find it is deserted, after much confusion about what is going on HE starts picking them off! Whilst largely marketed as a gore epic the film builds tension quite slowly, more like a 60's Italian horror in some respects, the character interaction could be better but isn't boring. The scenes in the catacombs are quite stylish and atmospheric with most of the day scenes an uncomfortably peaceful juxtaposition of beautiful scenery and haunting isolation, the gore scenes are generally great with a few that have become infamous enough alone to be worth ninety minutes of a gorehounds time and the chase towards the end is a thrill to watch especially the well scene. George Eastman plays the beast brilliantly using a flashback to provoke pity for what he became and why whilst still an unrelenting ruthless villain I'd compare quite favourably to Michael Myers and cult favourites Tisa Farrow and Zora Kerova are among the people trapped on the island. Cult horror and porn maestro Joe D'Amato directs and its one of his best films and a standout in the slasher genre. Although this film was banned as a video nasty and has some graphic scenes I don't think the film is quite as extreme as some people say but for fans of Italian cinema, retro-gorehounds or 70's and 80's slashers this is a must see.

The US 2 disc set is uncut and has great features including a feature length documentary on D'Amato.
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