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on 8 July 2011
I played this game ages ago,
It was always one of my favourite games.
I was originally hoping to download it but couldnt find a site I could purchase it for download.

Runs fine on Windows 7 64bit. Stunning game and the best Fable out of the trilogy.
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on 20 February 2009
Purchased Fable (4 disc) this week & just played a couple of hours worth. I was surprised at the 'clompy' design of armour initially but pressed on & whooshed through the guild training until permitted to enter the big bad world. Have been hysterical with laughter at the satire and background comments. Perhaps because I am so appallingly bad at being a hero (no choice to be a female),who cuts and slashes through quests.
My first Earth Troll (with Santa Claus laughter and green teddy bear appearance) was difficult to kill. None of my spells would work except for electricity, the escorts refused to 'wait' but kept 'following' making cryptic but amusing remarks and the guildmaster repeatedly told me my health/will were seriously low. Having been zapped to death with mud(?) pancakes the screen printed out "either improve on your skills and equipment or give up." Naturally rose to the bait and electrocuted the Earth Troll to death.
Darkwood was neverending of course-blue mushrooms are sold by extortionists and traders who turn themselves in to were wolves proffering themselves for murder ressurect later to congratulate you on your hero skills. The Guildmaster kept telling me to increase my multiplier when I was trying my best and Maze kept appearing at inopportune moments..
When increasing my skills back @ the Guild in the green light like 'speed','guile' & 'physique' the side videos demonstrating the skill increase just cracked me up. The speed video is the funniest for me.
Attempted serious mode several times but when the ghost pirate asks me to give his treasure to his wife and that all I need is a spade to dig it up, which is left of the pier (the beach stretches for miles) I had to retire.
Had NO problems saving the game-the graphics are great and the humour is priceless. If I could just stop seeing the funny side I could be a hero!
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on 10 June 2010
I'd been looking for a new game for a while that I could just lose myself in. This really ticked all the boxes for me, a good storyline, plenty of action, awesome items, amazing graphics despite the people looking a bit weird xD and there were so many things you could mess around with before heading off to continue with the story.
This game could be so amusing at times, and at others I found it quite scary, certain levels made me feel really nervous ^.^' Things do kind of jump out on you in this..

Of course there were points where I'd get a bit frustrated with this game, as you do.Most of all I just hated the save feature, sometimes you could save the entire game, your Hero and your progress, others you could only save your Hero but not everything you'd done since you started that point in the game. Not very useful when you need to turn your lappy off and don't have time to get to a point where you can actually save everything.
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on 22 September 2005
This is an excellent, and addictive game. The graphics are amazing and the amount of customisation of character available - you can choose the hairstyle and tattoos(including customising the tattoos). You can basically do anything you please in the game - drink in the pub, fall in love, kick chickens, steal from houses and sleep in other peoples beds (and get fined by town guards!) , buy and sell items for profit, take up mini quests to help people you meet in the villages,
If you enjoy playing World of Warcraft, you'll probably enjoy playing this game.
The downsides are that you can't save the game mid-quest, it will only save your inventory and skills. The controls on the PC are a bit awkward and sometimes you end up injuring your own group members mid battle by accident. (Which gives you evil points, not a great thing if you want your character to be good)
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on 12 November 2005
A nice little RPG, completely ruined by the bloody-minded, nonstandard gamesave/load facilities supplied with it. I mean, to completely redo each quest from the beginning, just in order to have a second crack at the boss-mob at the end of each quest? I don't think so.
Most of the good points noted by the other reviewers ARE accurate, tho. Nice character building. Reasonably well-thought and developed world, etc. Interesting quests and side quests. Fix the game save. Playtest it before you release a modification like that next time and they could be onto a real winner here.
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on 12 March 2009
Like fantasy role play and reading the reviews decided to try it.

Its an interesting game, the character builds up experience in the usual way by combat and magic. It also gives the oppurtunity to buy properties to rent or stay in, buy / sell items. Even get married, a novel approach if you dont want to try the real thing.

Quests are of different types, Main quests which are to do with the story, sub quests like kicking the chicken, fishing, etc. So its not all about fighting monsters and other dark denizens, which does give a respite from fighting so that other activities can be taken, in my case a cup of coffee while my character is fishing.

Have had no technical problems with the game, runs well with no slow down.

I supposed the only gripe is that the introductory video isn't exactly watchable.
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on 22 September 2007
Yet again Lionhead Studios have delivered a game full of original concepts and charm. You can't help love this game as you begin to play it with the feeling that the story could really go anywhere with the main character growing up, deciding whether to do good or evil deeds and it having an effect on the characters appearance. The visuals are stunning at times and they really set the atmosphere, which is boosted heavily by the "Edward Scissor Hands/Tim Burton" style of music.

Although the game has great ideas, you can't help feel a little let down at the end as the potential you feel the new ideas have when at the beginning of the game are not fully realised by the time you reach the finish. Still very enjoyable throughout and probably one of the best games you'll play if you like an adventure.
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VINE VOICEon 22 January 2009
Being a Neverwinter Nights fan, I was expecting to enjoy playing Fable, and I wasn't proved wrong. The graphics now look slightly dated, and I found some of the quests a bit samey - but unlike some other RPG's there was a good mix of combat/ non combat and I liked the fact that you could advance your character as an actual ''person'', rather than as a caster or warrior. I thought the voice acting was superb. I did feel that you could achieve the highest levels too quickly - for example, zones like the Grey House are great for building your mana and skill points - which then made the battles too easily won. However I do look forward to Fable 2 being released for the PC and will definitely be giving that a go too!
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on 24 December 2013
In my opinion Fable TLC is the only Fable game worth playing. Fable TLC is a quirky humerous game that unlike its successors doesn't feel to streamlined. Fable TLC is possibly the only game were the morality system complements gameplay and doesn't feel so much like a tacky add on, plus seeing your characters appearance reflect these changes is pretty cool.

However Fable isnt perfect the game isnt particularly challenging and there is no way to change the difficulty. Alot of the choices that make the game feel so open and free are completely nonsensical for example getting married.

Good game but it couldn't live up to the hype that surrounded it pre-release.
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on 2 April 2007
As you can probably determine from the reviews, it looks as if Fable is a Marmite game, you either love it or hate it.

I didn't have any technical problems with running the software, and found no bugs at all so I can't personally fault it in that department. The graphics are a little cartoony, but it adds much character to a purely black and white world. The combat has an arcade feel to it, which can at times be a little frustrating combined with numerous unncessary keys. For example, why have a key to pull experience orbs in, why not have it done automatically?

I reckon the game takes most around 12-14 hours if you don't go rushing through it, which I hope you won't because surely it would defeat the purpose of buying an RPG. While this may be a bit quick for some, i'd like to remind you that it's possible for Morrowind to be completed in under 10 minutes, but again it defeats the purpose of the RPG concept in my eyes, living another life.

The game has also got re-playability in it's favour, everyone i've known who has owned this had completed this at least twice, some even going up to double digits. I've always liked the uniqueness of Lionhead games from titles such as Black and White and The Movies, but if you want a clear answer to the question "should I buy this game?" I'm afraid I cannot give you one. Perhaps you should instead be asking yourself, do you like Marmite?
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