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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Comalies (Deluxe Edition)
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 25 October 2017
early stuff -the potential was there ,newer stuff they seem to have lost their early direction
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on 17 March 2009
This was the album that really made people sit up and begin listening to what Lacuna Coil had to say (or sing). It has a lot more depth than their two previous albums: the good debut 'In a Reverie'; and the rather (in my opinion) poor second album 'Unleashed Memories'. However, this album presents us with a different stlye of music. Here we have much more emphasis of heavy metal riffs and good vocals. The songs, on the whole are strong and this album brough Lacuna Coil into the ranks of 'mainstream' metal. Anyway, time for a track by track run through:

Swamped - Right from the get-go, this album presents itself to be something different to their previous work. Male vocalist Andrea Ferro really shines through in the verses and Cristina picks up the choruses. It's a very strong opener for the album and still remains in their live set. 8/10

Heaven's a Lie - A fan-favourite and one of the best tracks off this album. It has some great keyboard work in the intro complimented very well by the heavy, guitar driven verse. The choruses are very catchy and great to sing-a-long to live. 9/10

Daylight Dancer - Some pounding bass and synths kick this song off before Andrea begins singing the chorus. Cristina intertwins her voice with his towards the end until she powers into the chorus, accompanied by some racing double-bass drumming. A very strong song 8/10

Humane - This one is pretty keyboard dominated with the two vocalist twisting their lines around each other in an extremely effective way. While much slower compared to the previous 3, it is still quite a beautiful song, but fails to reach the hights of what's gone before. 7/10

Self Deception - A very pacey, Andrea dominated song that focuses on a guitar and bass pattern that repeats itself quite a lot. Not a bad song but nothing great. 6/10

Aeon - A rather short song based around some acoustic riff and some clean electric guitar to accompany. Some vocals begin towards the end sung very nicely by Cristina. Almost a long intro to the next song. 6/10

Tight Rope - This song is rather bass orianted and features more excellent double-bass drumming. It is a treat having lots of that as Lacuna Coil usually don't feature a lot of it. There is alot of Cristina's very powerful voice all over this song. It's a joy to listen to. 8/10

The Ghost Woman and the Hunter - A very melancolic song that harks back to the strong songs on 'Unleashed Memories'. Cristina's voice really shines through and the result is a fantastic song with a lot of feeling. One of the best Lacuna Coil songs in my opinion. 9/10

Unspoken - Another pretty good album song. Nothing special but the vocals cut through the mix clearly and sound strong and fresh. The chorus is also pretty catchy. 7/10

Entwined - Another rather slow song full of feeling. The swirling keyboards rotate around the headphones giving one the feeling of a complete dream. A very nice song. 7/10

The Prophet Said - Another very heavy one, and I think that Andrea delivers his best vocal performance of any song, Cristina is also good. It's a great headbanging song with a very strong chorus. 7/10

Angel's Punishment - Is Andrea screaming? Wow, he's pretty good at it. Maybe he should do it more often as it fits with their heavy and melodic style. A strong, stand out song. 8/10

Comalies - The album's title track and longest song. To be honest, it's not a particularly good song in my opinion and ends the album in a rather anti-climactic way. 6/10

A very good and enjoyable gothic metal album. However, I think that the follow up 'Karmacode' is much better and you should definatley check that out though as well as this.
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on 18 August 2004
I run out of superlative praise words for Lacuna Coil. My favourite band. I was very happy to see that this time round Andrea Ferro is actually getting some microphone time, as many fans believed that Unleashed Memories was a subtle way to phase him out of the band. While it is Ferro's curse that he will live in Cristina Scabbia's shadow when vocal talent is concerned, he comes through very well, and on tracks like "Angel's Punishment" very powerfully too.
Coti-Zelati has outdone himself in music for this album. Lacuna have come a long way since the first FULL LENGTH, "In a Reverie," which was in no way as good as their debut EP, "Lacuna Coil."
Cristina Scabbia soars again, while Ferro powers through. This beautiful, and melodic vocal interplay works superbly in the forever haunting "Entwined" and "Heaven's a Lie." Often compared to Evanesence, this band (who were around before Amy Lee, and her now split up band) are far superior. This talented sextet from Milan has done it again. Songs like "Comalies" will haunt you for days, as Cristina Scabbia's vocals once again attack and seduce. You need a heart of stone to resist her siren call. Well worth any amount of money that is charged.
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on 11 May 2005
This really is a fantastic album. I have to admit this music is not normally my style; I am usually listening to something along the lines of Slayer, Lamb of God or The Haunted, however, this album is a breath of fresh air.
As most people (I guess), I originally discovered the band after reading an article on them because I had noticed how photogenic the singer Cristina is. They didn't appear my cup of tea, but I still downloaded a couple of songs to try them out. I then bought this album, and I must say I was very impressed. Andrea (male vocalist) is a very talented singer and shouter, Cristina's voice is perfect throught out, and the combination of keyboards and bass set up the perfect atmosphere for crushing riffs to come in (such as the ones on 'Swamped' and 'Tightrope').
There really isn't a weak song on 'Comalies', and I strongly recommend that any rock fan should purchase it, as it really is magnificent.
Overall, an easy 9/10. Great work.
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on 1 October 2002
Since Lacuna Coil released Unleashed Memories last year, their sound has developed immensely: Comalies is fuller, more self-confident and heavier. The first track, "Swamped", is slow and commanding and it's hard not to be blown away by Christina's vocals in the first few bars. Indeed, on this album she can really pelt out the notes and her voice certainly seems to have now reached it's potential when it seemed slightly tamer on earlier albums, but the Coil's new strength of sound demands strong vocals. Andrea's male vocals are also impressive and actually fit in this time rather than being like a misshapen piece in an otherwise perfect jigsaw.
Other standout tracks are "Heaven's a Lie" which is a beautiful blend of heavy and acoustic, "Entwined", "Unspoken" and the title track. Overall, Comalies certainly does not disappoint, and is an excellent effort from one of the hardest-working bands in the genre: they have taken their sound somewhere fuller and greater, and it certainly benefits from this. This is music to get your teeth into.
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on 29 June 2005
This is something that I would not normally buy but I have to admit this is an excellant deep meaningful metal album. The song Swamped is a classic. You will need to play it a few times to appreciate it but once it is in your blood it will remain forever.
The only negative side in my opinion is the second CD which I have flicked through and have to say that I am not a great fan of acoustic arrangements. But I recommend this album to any metal fan.
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on 18 June 2006
This is the CD i like the best of LC. Most of the songs are more hard rock then on the other CD's. It works on parties, on the bus or just with your friends at home. If you like Sirena, Stratovarius or Within Temptation you would love this album. A lovely album in your collection!
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on 17 July 2006
this is lacuna coils third album and was released in 2002,it wasnt the biggest success on initial release but a string of strong singles helped bring new fans to its attention and hence it could be viewed as their most successful album to date.

lacuna coil are a band that are as well known for the beauty of cristina scabbia as the quality of their songs and this is harsh as this is a cracking goth tinged hard rock album,there are moments of metal but to say that lacuna coil wouldnt be lost in the company of meshuggah and lamb of god would be a lie,comalies is an album that is packed with anthem after anthem,even if music tv has played some of these songs to death in recent times.

Opening up with swamped,it is clear that the band have taken the formula of duel vocals that they honed on their previous two albums and made it even more catchy,heavens a lie is next and could be viewed as their finest ever song,daylight dancer follows and again we are treated to a high octane dose of classic melodies and searing riffs and some angelic vocals,other classics include tight rope,the ghost women and the hunter,angels punishment and finally comalies itself.Its an album that shows the bands strengths at their finest and most profound.

The bonus cd isnt anything overly special if the truth be told but is worth a listen,but all in all this is a fine album that most will find joy in.
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on 17 October 2006
This is one of the more recent of Lucauna Coil's albums (though it's a few years old now) and was the first I heard. I still consider this arguably their most accessible album. Though I'd recommend 'In a Reverie' if you plan on buying only one LC album, this comes a close second and is perhaps slightly easier for a new listener.
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on 18 October 2002
This album is classified as Metal (as far as I know). I would call this pop/soft/goth metal, if such a thing exists (it's a bit of each anyway). The production is very smooth and all the songs just flow along beautifully. Christina Scabbia's voice is perfect and although not that many songs stand out, the songs are very catchy and melodic and I find myself putting it on over and over again. My favourite is The Ghost Woman and the Hunter.
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