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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 13 February 2004
Dark Angel never really established themselves as one of Thrash's premier league, and they split up shortly after this album came out but make no mistake, they deserve to be remembered as one of the finest bands that the genre ever spawned. This, their fourth and final album is quite simply one of the finest the genre ever saw. At the time, it was advertised as containing 238 riffs, which gives some kind of idea as to the mindblowing technicality on display here. When it came to writing Thrash songs, Dark Angel certainly knew what they were doing. From the very outset, the band set about playing riffs that Slayer would be proud of, except in Dark Angel songs it went on for ten minutes at a time. Some of the songs here are very lengthy indeed, though the interest never lets up for a second. The only problems with 'Time Does Not Heal', and the rest of the group's output as well, is the lack of a decent production job, and the voice of lead singer Ron Rinehart. The production on this album is the best of the band's entire career, but it still seems to be lacking that extra bit of sparkle that could have made all the difference to the sound. Meanwhile, Ron's singing voice as is pointed out in the previous review is a bit of an acquired taste. The real star of Dark Angel though, was their drummer Gene Hoglan. Nowadays he's quite well known as a bit of a hired hand, albeit a very good one, having played with top Metal outfits such as Death, Testament and Strapping Young Lad, but in his Dark Angel days he was also a very good lyricist, as he wrote most of the lyrics the band ever used, which were far more elaborate and mature than those of their contemporaries at the time. Also, his drumming is as outstanding as it ever was. Thrash fans who don't own this album should buy it, you'll be pleased you did. Just because they aren't the most well known of bands didn't stop them putting out one of the best and underrated Thrash albums ever.
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on 20 December 2001
Make no bones about it this is an absolute killer CD. From start to finish it is packed with an absolute frenzy of diverse, chugging guitar riffs that will have you reaching for the tennis racket and be heads down in your bedroom with your foot on the monitor... well bed. From the opening and title track to the last notes of a 'Subtle Induction' it is Thrash at its finest.
The only down points are that some songs are over-long and its overall running time are just too lengthy for a single listening/jumping around. Combined with vocalist Ron's delivery being an aquired taste which needs to be overcome before you can get into it - explaining the four rather than five star rating.
A worthy adition to your collection from a now dipanded group in their heyday with songs covering all of the traditional 'metal' genre such as porn, madness, being metal...you know. But worry not. It doesn't suffer at all from the 'stock' subject matter, that's why we like metal after all.
Go buy and enjoy.
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I used to own a copy of this album on cassette way back in 1991 when this album was released. I always considered it to be not bad, but after just recently having a Dark Angel resurgence, I picked up another copy on CD. Wow! I'm so pleased that I did because after a few listens I actually really love it. And this is the problem Dark Angel had with this album. It was released at a time when Thrash was making way for a new, more extreme fashion called Death Metal. With bands like Sepultura, Morbid Angel etc coming to the forefront, people (myself included) were losing intrest in bands like Dark Angel so this album just seemed destined for the realms of insignificance. But only now am I realising what a crime this oversight was! Even though I also like Darkness Descends and Leave Scars; Time Does Not Heal has it all; speed, melody, intelligence. Ron Rineharts' vocals are very powerfull, Genes' drumming is tight as a ducks ass (without the modern day studio manipulation) and the guitar work is top draw. The production is also a lot clearer and more palatable than on previous Dark Angel releases. Honestly; This album is amazing and if it had been released a year earlier it would have probably got the recognition it deserves! A classic masterpiece!
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on 30 August 2009
From the moment the intro of the title track ends you know this is going to be a killer album, I can say the first 5 or so tracks are great, but the middle of the album drags quite a bit, the last song however is a great finish, vocals on this album are stronger than the last and the drumming is insanely good, check out strapping young lad for more insane drumming. Mastering here is the best of all the dark angel albums
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on 5 June 2014
I'm replenishing some of my old vinyl collection and this slab of classic thrash was missing, so i stumbled across these guys selling this and they delivered exactly what they said they would, i would use these again, thanks!
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on 12 November 2005
Dark Angel were in the later wave of thrash bands and this is a fine example of their capabilities. Fast technical music with intelligent lyrics. Brutal but with melody. The music is anchored with the powerhouse drumming of Gene Hoglan, now of Strapping Young Lad fame (another awesome band). If you like the heavier end of thrash, this is a great band and great album. Ah they were happy days!
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on 1 January 2016
Great Album, AAA+++
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on 16 December 2006
The problem for a band with a legendary debut is always how to emerge from its shadow. In this case, Dark Angel became a little more technical and involved, and this album is not so far away from being a prog-thrash album.

The result is that the songs are all a little too long to easily digest. Only the final song comes in at under 6 minutes, which is a shame as the quality on display here would speak for itself without having to be quite so drawn-out.

Heavy, fast, aggressive, and even intelligent, this album peaks with Psychosexuality, and, length of the songs aside, has few real holes. The other two I would pick out for special praise are 'Pain's Invention, Madness' and 'Trauma and Catharsis'. Not quite in Thrash's Premier League, but certainly in a promotion spot in the first division.
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on 19 November 2008
having got this on album back in the day,decided to buy it again,if you love your thrash you just got to get this cd,one of my fave bands of all time.. pure quality!!
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on 30 December 2014
ok thanks
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