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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 9 November 2015
Firstly, the discs arrived quickly and as advertised. There are no extras so if you like them, look elsewhere. The episodes are the full episodes not the hacked to pieces ones that E4 show. Although the box set is rated 15 in fact it is only one episode in my opinion (All Hell Breaks Loose) that is worthy of that certification. There is mild swearing and violence in most episodes but AHBL shows violence and it’s aftermath realistically.

Onto the series. *SPOILERS* I am a latecomer to Charmed and a big fan of the original cast, and much prefer the first three series. And of those the third series is considered to be the strongest and it lives up to it’s reputation. It is my favourite by a whisker from the excellent s2. There is of course the famous (and previously mentioned) All Hell Breaks Loose which is regarded (deservedly) as the best Charmed Episode ever. It is a sensational episode which combines all the factors which made Charmed so watchable as well as extraordinary acting. However that’s not the only classic episode in the series; Pre-Witched is showcasing the sisters’ bond at it’s best with the use of flashbacks, Sin Francisco is the second best comedy episode in the entire series in my opinion only to s2's Chick Flick and Coyote Piper is another episode that combines humour, suspense and dancing (check out Piper’s infamous bar dance) to make a superb episode. These four are the stand out episodes but there is plenty more to enjoy-Piper and Leo’s romance takes many twists and turns before they finally tie the knot; Cole Turner, a character who would drive most of series 4, is introduced as a love interest to Phoebe, and Phoebe makes a decision and keeps a secret from her sisters that affects them all. There is much to enjoy with my only complaint being the same as s1 and s2 that there are too many episodes focusing solely on Prue. Charmed was strongest when it showcased all three sisters. But that is a minor quibble and if you are a fan for the price it is money well spent.
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on 9 March 2017
Brought as a gift
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on 3 February 2017
Absolutely love it my fav series
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on 30 March 2017
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on 21 April 2017
Love the show
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Season 3 is my favourite series so far.
This is the season when we were introduced to new character Cole Turner (Julian McMahon), who will be Phoebe's love interest. This is also the season when Piper and Leo are married. But most important of all - this is also the season that Shannen Doherty's Character Prue Halliwell exits the show, in the brilliant episode 'All Hell Breaks Loose'. This is after Shannen's best ever performance (my view at least) in 'Primrose Empath'. Boy, can that woman act!
Other highlights over S3 include; Our introduction to Fairy's and trolls in 'Once apon a Time', a beautifully produced episode. The Halloween episode - 'All Halliwell's Eve' where the sisters go back in time to the 1600's. My favouriye guest star has to be the Angel of death (who also appears in season 7) who is introduced in 'Death Takes a Halliwell.

And the CHARMED humour is finely tuned in 'Westling With Demons' which features Prue and Phoebe in a demonic westling ring squaring up to Booker T, Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell. And there are digs galore in 'Look Who's Barking' when Prue is turned into a dog
The Honeymoon's Over
Magic Hour
Once Upon a Time
All Halliwell's Eve
Sight Unseen
Primrose Empath
Power Outage
Sleuthing With the Enemy
Coyote Piper
We All Scream For Ice Cream
Blinded by the Whitelighter
Wrestling With Demons
Bride and Gloom
The Good, the Bad and the Cursed
Just Harried
Death Takes a Halliwell
Sin Francisco
The Demon Who Came In From the Cold
Exit Strategy
Look Who's Barking
All Hell Breaks Loose
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on 22 December 2006
This season is one of my favourites because I think it was when Charmed really started to pick up the pace a bit. Obviously I enjoyed seasons one & two otherwise I wouldn't have kept watching but season three will just blow you away from start to finish.
It begins with Piper and Leo trying to adjust to life as a couple when they are forbidden to be together. It also introduces a new character, the rather gorgeous Julian McMahon who plays Cole. He was sent to destroy the Charmed ones but instead falls for one of them-the beautiful, fun Phoebe. So this season concentrates on romance for two of the sisters, Prue however doesn't really have any romantic action this season. She goes on a few dates but her heart doesn't really seem to be in it. I don't think I would have liked to see her with anyone else as I thought she and Andy were really sweet together, plus it would have been a bit pointless to set up a new romance for her as this is her last ever season in Charmed.
Standout episodes this season are: The Honeymoons Over(great season opener, indicates where this season is going), Power Outage (to see Cole struggling with his dark side), Sleuthing With the Enemy (Phoebe discovers Cole's true nature), Coyote Piper (fun, also one for male fans as Holly Marie Combs wears a sexy outfit and does a dance that has to be seen to be believed), Bride and Gloom (the sisters turn evil and its fun to see what they're like), The Good, the Bad and the Cursed (it's unusual and takes a new twist on the traditional Western), Just Harried (Piper's wedding day=disaster), Sin Francisco (it's hilarious, especially Phoebe) and All Hell Breaks Loose (probably the best but most tragic episode out of all eight seasons).
The other episodes are good in parts or just okay. Some have really good ideas like `We all scream for Ice Cream' but just didn't really grab or convince me as much as the others.
This season Prue is the most powerful. Phoebe does gain a new power to levitate, which is good since she's always had the least active power of premonition. Piper gains a new power in `Look Who's Barking' which she can't control at first cue clocks flying off walls and watermelons on ceilings; it the power to blow things up. Prue got her power to astral project last year which she puts to some use this year. She doesn't gain any new powers this year but she is suddenly a kick-ass fighter. Although she did say she was going to a kickboxing class last year with Phoebe in `Ms Hellfire' Prue is a better fighter than Phoebe by the looks of things (watch `Wrestling with Demons' and you'll see what I mean). I have been doing kickboxing myself for five years and I know there's no way someone could be that good a fighter after just a year of kickboxing classes, so Prue's brilliant fighting does not make sense. However I didn't mind too much as it was cool to see her kick some ass, plus the Charmed ones are definitely more powerful now than they had ever been the two previous years.
Finally this season also sees the departure of Prue. Shannon Doherty's reasons for leaving all seem to be hearsay but one rumour was that she didn't get along with Alyssa Milano (they are hardly in any scenes together in the last six episodes or so of this season, coincidence?) The last ever episode with Prue ends on a cliff-hanger. Both Prue and Piper appear to die and Phoebe is trapped in hell, so the fate of the sisters seems undecided (this is never properly explained-see start of Season 4). The episode is extremely heart-breaking with Shannon Doherty giving her best performance ever, lashing out against the reporters outside her house & the police in the hospital, and then her tear-jerking reaction to Piper saying `I love you' and then (temporarily) dying from a gun-shot wound. By the way this episode definitely deserves the 15 certificate it is given as Piper getting shot is quite bloody.
Anyway this season is one of the best so I would definitely recommend adding it to your collection.
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on 2 October 2006
I watched the episodes of this season several times over because there is so much to see and hear and think about and some great humour and really good storylines.I think the strength of Charmed lies in the fact that the three sisters Phoebe,Prue and Piper cannot survive without each other,like a lot of people in real-life who depend on their families for their survival.I also think a lot of people would like to be as cool,beautiful and brave as the sisters,a lot of people wish they were their own sisters,and many wish they could have one as a partner.The acting in season three is first-class from all members of the cast.At one point,in the episode called "Primrose Empath," I asked myself: "Is there a more beautiful sight than Shannen Doherty crying?"
I'm buying season two next:the people who cast Alyssa Milano,Shannen Doherty and Hollie Marie Combs as sisters did such a great job that when Doherty left the programme at the end of season three I found it unbearable to watch Charmed without her.And I think I would have felt the same if Milano or Combs had quit.
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on 7 March 2006
Now here is where the show really starts to come into it's own. This season sees the addition of exciting and memorable new characters such as Cole Turner, the half-demon sent to kill the Charmed Ones, but who falls in love with Phoebe in the process. This season also unfortunatley sees the departure of Shannen Doherty and her character Prue, in one of the best episodes of Charmed ever written, 'All Hell Breaks Loose'. If you are looking for a dramatic and involved episode to keep you on the edge of your seat, that is the episode for you. And also, how could I write my review for the third season without mentioning my favourite couple, Piper and Leo. The couple finally tie the knot this season in the fantastic episode 'Just Harried'. We were all waiting for the couple to make it official, and they do it in true 'Charmed' style. The whole season is full of drama, suspense, excitement and also some great comedy. Season three is definatley one of the best seasons of Charmed. Standout episodes are:
All Hell Breaks Loose
Look Who's Barking
Sin Francisco
Just Harried
Coyote Piper
Primrose Empath
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on 9 May 2016
We all know what Charmed is about by now and this is for my daughter who loves the series. Seeing as I paid for it i have to say I would personally have non anesthetic surgery to remove my teeth and be forced to chew my own foot off than watch two minutes of this appallingly acted uber drivel (but please don't tell Lucy).
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