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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 26 December 2005
I got one of these for Christmas. It's great!! I use it on a gas cooker. I think getting the heat right is one of the secrets of getting the process of cappucino making to work. By the second attempt it was just great - perfect cappucino! I read somewhere else that the best results were from using semi skimmed milk but I've found that full fat milk is better. The instructions are clear enough I think. The only caveat is to make sure that the valve on the top is fully up if you're not making cappucino... it's quite stiff so give it a good pull to open it fully. Anyway I'd recommend this as a great alternative to bulky cappucino machines.
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on 21 May 2009
Saw this lovely little machine in an expensive cook shop & decided to "resist" & look on amazon - On here it was £20 less!!
Received my Mukka Express & the Box has "New Clic Clack" design written on it which refers to the base & pot slotting together. Cant say I can hear a "clic clack" but I have certainly had NO trouble what so ever slotting it together like the other reviewers have mentioned.

Cant understand what all the problems are that others have had - I have found it VERY EASY TO USE to use from the word go & I can honestly say that the coffee has been the BEST I've ever had. (I've used Illy Expresso but I did try my normal filter coffee choice & it worked with that too)
Ive found it VERY EASY TO CLEAN, just filled the pot with cold water as soon as its been poured & rinsed it out with warm water later - no big deal (I've found it less messy than a caffetiere)
I was a bit wary of how I would know when my cappucino was ready as it says it makes a "puff" sound - well that sound is very pronounced & easily understood - the valve pops up as well, Ive tended to leave it a few seconds longer so that the milk is really hot. Very occassionally it Puffs & pops the valve up way too early & if poured its cold but I have learnt that since It takes exactly 4 minutes like it says it does its obvious if its too early, so just push the valve back down again & it works just fine.
Other moans people had was coffee getting stuck in the seals etc & stopping it sealing properly - I found if you fill the filter with coffee BEFORE placing it into the base by holding the "stalk" , that way any stray coffee does not go on the pot - I also use a small teaspoon for this rather than my coffee measure which is larger.
I dont know how it works but its AMAZING - water in the bottom, coffee in the filter, milk in the pot & perfect creamy cappuccino with lots of froth every time - I absolutely LOVE mine & cannot recommend highly enough...I am SO glad I ignored the poor reviews & gave it a try
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on 26 April 2017
I ordered this coffee maker to Mexico and it arrived on time and in good condition, I like the way it makes cappuccino, you have it ready in just 5 minutes or a little bit less.
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on 26 March 2017
Absolute piece of junk. Haven't had a single successful run where is hasn't leaked everywhere.
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on 5 January 2006
Simple to use, simple to clean and perfect cappaccino every time what a great product I love it! You can leave it out and it takes up no space not like the bulky electric ones. Brilliant!!
Only makes two cups no more no less.
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on 7 December 2015
The machine works fine and makes a foamy cappuccino.
The problem in my case - after a month, the pressure valve cracked(a fine line).
I had several Mukka in the past(even electric ones) and it's the same problem every time, no matter how much care or washing you try: the pressure valve break in a way or another. And the replacement is at almost have of the machine's price.
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on 22 April 2011
An Italian friend recommended this product, saying it might not compare to a 'proper' cafe cappucino, but would definitely be superior to the packet instant cappucinos we'd been buying. We were a little hesitant, seeing a lot of critical feedback, but on her advice I decided to go ahead. Having rinsed the coffee maker out, I thought why waste good coffee on "throwing away the first three cups" as advised, so went ahead and drank the first cup, and it was fine. (Quality has improved a little since that first cup, as promised.) We use this all the time for that after dinner cappucino (I have occasionally indulged in the mornings too!) and will never go back to packets. It's a very handy little device, quick and simple to use although a bit fiddly to wash up, and makes a great cup of coffee - connoisseurs may sniff but it makes a tasty cup of coffee with a good foamy froth and that's all we want!

Some points in consideration (to answer other reviews with my own feedback):-

If you fill the milk section up with water after use and take out & rinse the steamer nozzle, you can leave it to soak overnight or while you are at work, to save immediate washing up. It is a little fiddly - it can't simply be rinsed and there are several pieces to detach and scrub - but it must be simpler to clean than one of the big industrial type machines!

Sometimes the coffee is hotter than others and we still haven't quite perfected a technique for this - the longer you leave it on the gas, the hotter the coffee, but the less foamy the froth, so it's a trade-off. A quick blast in the microwave solves this problem. My advice on heating is to use the smallest hob ring on high heat and leave it boiling for a minute after the steam button goes up (there is no mistaking when this happens).

Have not had any problems with leaks or opening the water container, although the elderly might have some trouble and you have to cool it under the tap first. We had some difficulty realising where the water and milk 'fill' lines were at first, as they are not marked as such, but the onsite video can help with that; in hindsight the milk one was obvious if you knew what you were looking for! (It's the bevelled ring about a third of the way up the pot.) For the water, the measuring cup is vital, and we were set back at first by receiving a product with a broken measuring cup, but the seller replaced it for us within 10 days.

I would recommend that people follow instructions to the letter, and buy the recommended type of coffee granules, if they want a good result. We have also been blessed in living in one of the few soft-water areas of the UK, so we don't have any trouble with limescale which I can imagine would affect both taste and cleaning. We are very happy with our little Mukka maker and would not hesitate to recommend one to anyone who likes cappucino coffee but does not have the room or budget for a machine. Fantastic little device, glad someone developed it!

Would add to this review that the plastic parts of the steamer nozzle broke around 10 months into use, seems a design flaw where the plastic can't handle high temperatures, and it was difficult to replace the part - the seller does not stock spares, the original company was out of stock, eventually we had to source one on ebay from America! Anyway we have the spare part but it was quite costly and if this goes the same way you'd be looking at paying double the price of the original purchase within 5 years which is not so great; we haven't used it much since. Still a nifty device just be warned.
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on 2 June 2007
When I first tried it, it leaked because of white paint on the threads (Quality Control!), but it worked fine after this was very carefully filed/scraped off.

I also found that full fat milk gives much more/better froth that semi-skimmed milk, the full fat milk froth is quite fluffy, just like the shop coffee, so you have to open the lid to get all of it!

Before attempting to removing the base after use, you must let it cool down to a comfortable temperature, lift the value top, then remove the valve, to release the pressure difference, otherwise you may damage it or yourself.

The base is quite large and smooth (like a small milk pan) and can be hard to grip, so I would advise keeping a large Boa Constrictor rubber strap wrench handy; note a Baby Boa is too small.

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on 13 July 2012
My first impressions of this were not at all favourable - it leaked, the coffee was weak, and the milk not frothy. My brand new Mukka Express was nearly consigned to the back of the cupboard, if not the bin.

But I persevered, and now it used every day. The end product is not a cappuccino, but is a very drinkable milky coffee with froth on the top - a breakfast coffee. I found that it best to use the strongest coffee you can buy - it does not have to be espresso ground. Douwe Egberts do a flavour strength 6 which works well. The next thing is the leak. This is not a problem if you make sure that there are absolutely no coffee grounds on the seal of the coffee holder - just one coffee ground on the white plastic seal and it will leak - however much you tighten it. And the frothy milk - it doesn't really matter if you use skimmed of semi-skimmed milk. The trick is to leave the Mukka Express on the heat for a little while after the very quiet phht at the end of the process.

So there you have it - the Muka Express can produce frothy milky coffee of reasonable strength. All you need to do now is invest in a small silicone spatula to scrape out all the foam. The downside to the Mukka Express is that you have to be methodical about cleaning it, remove and wash the valve immediately.
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on 20 November 2007
I have owned this machine for about a year and on the whole I have to say the result has been fantastic. However, there have been occasions when the coffee has only been luke warm (but easy to just quickly heat up in the microwave) or there hasn't been much foam. However, I would say 90% of the time the drink has been perfect - gorgeous flavour with a big foamy top - yum! I don't agree with other reviewers that the device is difficult to tighten and if you remove the pressure valve after use it is easy to open. I tend to remove the pressure valve straight after use and then fill with cold water until I am ready to clean. Go and treat yourself - you won't be disappointed!
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