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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 27 March 2006
The problem with this season is Bob. For four seasons we've seen this rather pathetic character but he's always been balanced out by the childish yet energetic nature of the other characters, but as many have said the characters in this season mostly come off as sad.
Its rather unfair to say the new characters are poor, theres simply not the energy that carried the first three seasons on, largely due to absence of kurt and brian. Still if you're a fan of the first three theres no real reason to avoid this boxset, especially not at the price.
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on 12 January 2006
Where as Series 3 of teachers showed the series could take the loss of Simon,Susan Jenny, the loss of Kurt & Brian not to mention the original school took too many any links with the first series and doomed this to failure
The show was forced to become dependant on Bob, his slapstick toupe and tired stereotype Thai bride. The lack of explanation as to the death of Kurt, Brian and Matt (who was just beginning to find his feet in series 3) showed a lack of thought. Had they upset the creators of the show perhaps? The cemetry scene in the first episode hints at a degree of bitterness.
Gone was the cool drama and clever laughs to be replaced by cheap and easy humour. If this had been series 1 nobody would remember Teachers
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on 28 December 2006
Yes, there are virtually no characters from the original series of Teachers in this one . . . but in a way, that makes it something new and fresh. Ewan's one of this highlights of this season, although sometimes you just want someone to smack him good and hard (actually, that does happen a few times), but Ben and Damien are interesting characters too. Because these are mostly new characters, it means the jokes don't get old. Liz, Carol and Clare are brilliant as ever, and Bob's quite a sad creature (although still marvellously funny)--but many people miss Simon, Kurt and Brian. Well, I do too, but I actually thought the men in the earlier series were a bit boring (although fit). In Series 4 the comedy is perhaps a little more slapstick, but it's a lot more comedic than previous series (which came across as funny drama rather than comedy).

I would say it's the difference between This Life and Red Dwarf. Earlier series were slanted more in favour of the drama, whilst this series is slanted more in favour of the comedy. It is, for all intents and purposes, a sit com now. People disliked this change of format. But if it had just been the same old, same old, people would soon have complained!

True, Series 4 is an entirely different entity: but it's good in its own right. Watch this as a spinoff or standalone series and you won't get all uppity :P

Ah well, just my two cents.
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on 1 December 2005
I am a great fan of teachers and even bought the first three series , but the fourth series fails to deliver on every count. Most of the main characters are gone and the new ones have very little depth to them and even the acting is poor.
It really does look like the end of the road for what has been a great programme.
If you like teachers, then buy the other series - avoid this one, it really is a massive disappointment
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on 16 October 2005
Series 4 was a bit of a disappointment, but that was expected, since Brian and Kurt are no longer there. Fortunately, the series still has its cast of strong supporting characters (Clare, Bob, Liz, etc.). However, the new additions do not make up for the loss of the old team. Apart from Ben, the neurotic and hypochondriac world religion teacher, they don't really fit in. Ewan, a sort of replacement for Simon and Matt, is too normal and nice to be an interesting character, and Damien's character isn't developed enough for the viewer to take an interest in him.
Despite a few weak characters and some strange twists to the overall story (is there an overall story?), series 4 does have a few good episodes, especially the Christmas Special, where Clare takes on a stronger role.
If you are a fan of Teachers, you should probably watch the final series just for some sort of closure. You'll have a few laughs, and it will make you want to watch series 1-3 again to see how good it was and how good it could have been.
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on 29 March 2008
After seeing some of the bad reviews, and realising it was set in a different school and with no Kurt, Brian, or Matt, I thought it would be a major letdown, but wanted to see it to complete the series, and so glad I did! Initially, for the first couple of episodes, especially the first, I too, felt it was a letdown, but as it went on it got better and better. I think most of us have been spoilt by seeing the winning combination of Kurt and Brian, (should have their own show!) and Matt, who is also very nice looking, but if this series had been the first one seen then this would, I'm sure, have been just as much of a hit. The transition to the new school was smoothly carried and quite realistic of how it would have gone in a real life situation, but there, of course any similarity to a real life school ends, at least one would hope so, LOL. Series 4 really is extremely funny, especially the episode where they thought Penny was a Nazi. Classic! Penny really comes into her own in this series anyway and proves how very funny she can be, and I loved the storyline of her relationship with Anthony, the student. Also, Ben is a very funny character too, and also very nice looking so plenty of reasons to love this series. Best to see it as a series in it's own right and not compare it to series 1 - 3. So, if you haven't seen it and you are a little put off by some of the reviews, please just give it a chance, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. I didn't see how I would ever like this, after how good the original series were, but I loved it, and would have loved to see more episodes made and a series 5, to see how Penny and Anthony's illegal relationship progressed and to see more of Ben! Lovely!
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on 28 September 2009
I felt I had to write a review defending this series because of all the people slamming it. Whenever you get a good show there's always people who feel the need to say it's stopped being good after a few series whether it has or it hasn't. Personally I don't think it has. Some of the storylines are pretty unbelievable - Bob getting a Thai bride, Ben thinking he will die on Friday at 12.00 etc but so what? It's still funny. The new characters in this series are well written and have many angles to their personalities just like all the others and the joining of the two schools give the series a new spin and stop it being repetitive. I'm pretty sure all of Teachers is on 4OD anyway so why not watch it first and then decide.
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on 24 October 2008
Series 3 & 4 lost the character chemistry & interactions of series 1 & 2. The loss of main characters along the way was a recipe for disaster. The comedic element just didn't work without Simon, Susan, Kurt & Brian. I bit the bullet & struggled my way through series 3 & was disapointed. I tried to watch series 4, but gave up only an episode or two.
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on 1 October 2005
This series was absolutely awful. Having got into Teachers late in series 2, I was eagerly awaiting the new series 4 when it started broadcasting. After finding in the first minute that that the only characters worth watching had all been killed off (no explanation), I still gave it the benefit of the doubt & watched most episodes, disappointed every time.
Teachers was originally fresh, groundbreaking stuff. I thought series 2 & 3 were some of the best & funniest programmes I'd ever seen (along with Green Wing, another C4 creation), but then Channel 4 saw fit to ruin it. Teachers was previously about the teachers being childish, immature & having less of a clue than the kids, but always in a funny way. Now it's just excruciating & the new characters are dull & one-dimensional, much like the survivors from the last series whose characters they've made a poor attempt to develop. Having seen Channel 4's new "comedy entertainment" show Balls of Steel maybe they were trying to appeal to the same braindead audience by dumbing it down.
Channel 4 should have known where to stop, they shouldn't have bothered rather than producing this uninspiring drivel. I think the writers put very little effort into making this series entertaining, hoping that Teachers' previous record would keep people watching in anticipation of something interesting. Shame on you, C4!
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on 23 May 2014
I loved the first three series of Teachers. As they evolved from a light-hearted drama set in a school, through to the somewhat Pythonesque moments of Series 3 with the introduction of the dinner ladies and the comic cutaways, the cast delivered a set of sympathetic and occasionally obnoxious characters who really brought the otherwise mundane plots to life.

Then Series 4 came along. The joke had been stretched as thin as it could be, so the best characters all quit, and we were left with the B-list and a fresh set of Z-list characters who are some of the least interesting or loveable inventions ever to hit our screens. The only reason I watched beyond the first episode was because I felt duty bound having paid for it.

Buy series 1-3, watch them and then forget this series ever existed. It'll burst the bubble for you.
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