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on 12 July 2016
Great game - I'm addicted.
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on 1 December 2005
I had this game for the PC when it first came out and loved it, and the DS version is extremely similar. Highly addictive and fun to play, it offers a range of challenges which do genuinely get harder. I also like the animal cards you can collect during scenarios, which are colourful and informative. Graphics are good but animals are quite small and sound is limited. Also limited use of the DS features, such as microphone. Overall a good game that is value for money and offers hours of gameplay. If you liked the PC version, get this.
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on 1 June 2007
Despite what some may say, this is quite a good conversion taking into consideration the limitations of the DS compared to a PC!

The graphics will be worse and you can only save/work on one zoo at a time. But the game does make reasonable use of the stylus in the same way as you would use the mouse on the PC.

The basic object of the game is the same, i.e. starting with a piece of land you are tasked to build exibits compatable with the various animals available to you. Also provide zoo visitors with all the facilities they require (toilets, resturants, seating, stalls etc). Eventually completing all the requirements of the zoo, you will get the opportunity to either continue with that zoo or start a new scenario.

Overall, a good handheld version and worth a look..But please remember it's a DS not PC game you're playing.
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on 24 April 2007
Having read the other comments, I think there is a theme here.

I don't have the pc game, only the ds, and I love it. I think it is obviously going to be better on the pc, there is more memory, more processor power, etc. If you have the pc game, don't get this and expect it to be the same, treat it as a game in its own right.

I like it because it is fairly simple. I don't get on well with complicated games, I just want to have some fun with them. This is great, you pick it up quickly, and the tutorial scenarios are really good. They are a challenge, and in a way more fun than doing you own thing, because you have to do things in a certain way, or work with what you are given.

I love it, and I would recommend it to anyone, but like I said, don't expect the same as on the pc. It is different, so enjoy it for what it is.
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on 28 October 2011
Speedy arrival, daughter loves it. I had ordered this from zoverstock previously, it took more than a week to arrive, then the wrong product sent. Re-ordered from cash generator, excellent.
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on 7 September 2008
I am a 12 year old girl and i have been playing this game for ages and yet it is still really fun and interesting! You can create your own Zoo how you want in 'Free Form' Mode. Or you can play the 'Levels/Senarios'.
They are really fun and challanging and get harder as you go along.
My 9 year old brother has this game aswell and he totally loves it too. Its suitable and fun for all ages. You can build your dream zoo, which can be almost anything!! The only thing is that is is quite hard first of all to find out how to work everything but once you do the game is practicaly flawless!
A Must Buy!!
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on 4 January 2006
Bought this for my 8 year old daughter who really enjoys the PC version of the game. Had a slightly slow start getting use to how the game plays on a DS, but worked through the tutorial and loves it! Highly recommended.
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on 1 April 2006
When my sister got this game, she was very dissapointed in it. So i took a go and i thought the game was brilliant. I started my own zoo and eventually got running the best zoo in town. The game has and essence of the PC version that is beautiful for the DS. I think this should be a game to buy today.
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on 8 August 2006
I think this game is one of the best out there! It is a really fun game and really easy instructions, even my brother likes it. One down side is you can only save 1 zoo. So if you wanted to save another zoo you will have to overwrite the last one.
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VINE VOICEon 13 March 2007
My daughter asked for this game for her 8th birthday after seeing her friend's PC version. We've both perservered with it but in the face of Nintendogs, Brain Training, and Super Princess Peach, it's been relegated to the rank of "occasionally played". It's a great concept; you start with a piece of land and an amount of money and you have to build appropriate exhibits for your zoo animals and then keep the animals and the customers happy. You start off with limited assets and as your zoo grows more successful and wins awards, you unlock extra animals, fences and buildings.

It's a very entertaining game to start with but it does have limited appeal and various shortcomings, which include:

You can only own one zoo at a time (as far as I can work out); if you start up another zoo your original zoo is erased;

There seem to be a couple of glitches in the game. I built a suitable chimpanzee exhibit which ran really well for a couple of weeks, when one day (quite inexplicably), the chimpanzees decided that they didn't like anything in their environment and the game demanded that I change the foliage to something that seemed more suited to a pair of lions. The blasted chimpanzees liked it for a day and then I had to change it back again. Bizarre and frustrating.

You can have a suitable exhibit, working really well, with all the right food, staff and foliage for that animal, when suddenly a message will come up which says (for example) "Zebra 1 doesn't like it's exhibit". If you go into the exhibit's properties, to all intents and purposes it looks perfectly suitable and doesn't want you to change anything, but for some reason the animal gets more and more unhappy until it either becomes ill or - even more annoying - gets taken away for ill treatment! But there's nothing in the game to explain how you prevent this when the exhibit is shown as completely suitable.

The graphics on the top screen are quite small so it's sometimes difficult to see what's going on.

The final problem with this game is what you do when your zoo is running successfully and you have unlocked all buildings and animals - you just go on doing the same old thing day after day and nothing much happens. Perhaps when you get to a certain point something thrilling happens (!) but I'm afraid I've given up now. The only novelty seems to be erasing your current zoo and starting a new one.

So all in all some problematic glitches and limited appeal - if you have a DS and only own this game I can see it being very entertaining for a while, but to be honest as soon as you get some of the better games it will probably be sent to the back of the queue and only get an occasional outing.
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