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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 3 February 2006
I watched these episodes first on TV, but I've found I can watch them over and again. I played the episode 'Coming and Going' three times. I just marvelled at the brilliance of the dialogue and the mixture of pathos and humour.
Highlights of the episode: a distinguished black man does a 'walk-in' to the funeral home and passes on, as planned in his car, Ruth's new husband George attacks a Bradford flowering pear in the back garden.
David goes to church and fantasises about shoving a gun in the mouth of a man who has recently attacked him, and killing him dead.
Claire and her brother discuss the pros and cons of gay sex. Rico's mistress has a fight with his wife, Vanessa. Vanessa and her sister take a baseball bat to the mistress's car and then calmly go and pick up the kids. Nate is discovered canoodling with Brenda, who is living with a new boyfriend. And it all ends up with the track 'Oh happy day!'
Sound wacky and complicated? I often feel like standing up and applauding after the episode has finished on DVD.
Why do people love this series so much? For a start it is a brilliant situation comedy, and the humour is not cynical or empty, but very life affirming.
And because death is such a taboo subject, this series's desire to revel in it has meant it can open up brand new vistas of TV experience. And the paradox is that by focusing so closely on death they manage to express the glorious possiblities of being alive.
Life is difficult and 'Six Feet Under' shows you exactly why.
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on 12 August 2005
Season 4 of Six Feet Under aired in the US with the advertising bearing the phrase 'Every Day Above Ground Is A Good One'. Not so for the denizens of Fisher & Diaz Funeral Home, who are still struggling through life with one massive stumbling block in their way - they are human.
While Season 4 slows the pace of the previous seasons, it really lays the groundwork for Season 5 with a level of artistry unseen on television. As death and mental disease creeps into the lives of every character on the show, the quirkiness of days past is dissapated, but season four is a season with an agenda. It is the darkest piece of a narrative jigsaw that is almost greek in its treatment of tragedy.
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on 27 September 2005
Well here we are at the fourth season of Six Feet Under, this season boxset is a very nice set altogether. The story continues right were we left off, as Brenda played by the fantastic Rachel Griffiths is looking after the beaten Nate played by Peter Kruase. The first episode entitled: 'Falling Into Place' is all about the Fisher Family getting set to lay one of their own family members to rest. Nate's struggle to give Lisa the right burial procedure causes friction between him and her family, a friction which gears us up to a season climax at the end of the season. Meanwhile this season, we follow Claire's life in Art's School, as she makes friends with a lesbian poet played by American Beauty's Mena Suvari and tries to reconcial her friendship with ex-boyfriend Russell played by Ben Foster. This year we watch Brenda's relationship with Joe (Justin Theroux) blossom into talk about marriage and kids, however Brenda's inability to commit to anybody haunts once again in her new relationship. We watch Ruth (Frances Conroy) this year continue in her new marriage with George played by James Cromwell, a marriage where she has no idea who the man is that she has actually married, as some past memories haunt George, Ruth begins to believe that she may have not done the right thing. Elsewhere in this season we watch Federico's (Freddy Rodriguez) marriage begin to come apart, as he continues to help out stripper Infinity played by Idalis DeLeon and Keith (Matthew St Patrick) gets a new job as a bodyguard for the stars. Which allows guest star roles made by Keith's partner (Bobby Cannavale-The Station Agent) and the spoilt pop star played by Michelle Tratenberg (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
The fourth season has special guest roles by old faces Kathy Bates as Bettina and Patricia Clarkson as Ruth's sister Sarah, along with guest roles by Lisa played by Lilly Taylor, Bobby Cannavale, Michelle Tratenberg, Mena Suvari, Peter Macdissi as Olivier and Richard Jenkins returnning in his role as the dead Father Nathaniel Fisher.
The season 4 extras include director and/or writer commentary on 7 episodes (including season finale by Alan Ball the Creator), a featurette delving into the cutting of one singular episode: Cut by cut:Six Feet Under Editing, an interview with Peter Kruase, Michael C. Hall, Frances Conroy and Lauren Ambrose and also deleted scenes along with a bonus music track of a remix of the opening title theme.
Some of the more better episodes include: 'Falling Into Place', 'In Case Of Rapture', 'Parrallel Play', 'That's My Dog', 'Terror Starts At Home''Bomb Shelter and 'Untitled'
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on 24 November 2005
Six Feet Under is by far the best show i've seen on T.V. and it continues to make me fall in love with it every episode.
It's truly one of the most creative shows i've ever seen and has all the right amounts of drama, humour, emotion, plot, and everything else that goes with it.
Season Four is particularly spectacular, everything gets grittier and more exciting. Each character blossoms in their own way, and each storyline evokes new emotions in the viewer. Alan Ball has created such a masterpiece with this show that it hurts when i change disc and know that i'm almost through, and this was on the second day after buying it!!!!
I cannot stress enough how brilliant this show is, all of the actors are spectacular and the script is the most believable i've ever heard and the photography is beautiful too.
This show is completely unique and trumps any other show on television.
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on 24 January 2006
I found this series absolutely riveting. Normally on the second series it loses its steam but not with this series.
It is an excellent black comedy with so much being true to life.
Its a great series to watch....but a friendly warning...make sure you have an extra disc to watch cos once you start you cant stop.
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on 1 March 2006
I'm a huge fan of Six Feet Under and in my opinion this was the best series yet. I thought this was the last series and wept when it ended as it's by far the best thing on television but joy discovered there's a fifth and final series.
Funny, witty, intelligent, life affirming, beautifully shot, wonderful acting...I could go on and on. Each episode is brilliant and subversive. You end up really caring about the characters. Always surprising never dull. Get the flu and watch it!!
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on 22 July 2015
Great entertainment and excitement
For a very fair cost we the family will enjoy again and again by one and all.
So can I now take a moment please on behalf of our whole family group to state loudly here and now
...`We Thank You`
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on 14 November 2005
Season four sees our disfunctional family battle with not only death but life too. This is for me the finest Tv to come from the u.s.There is real depth in the stories and also the characters.If your not familiar with the earlier seasons then you'd be better to get them as they will provide a greater emotional back drop to what season four has to offer. I have all four seasons on dvd. Im just waiting for the final season to arrive on Dvd.soon i hope.
This show is truly thought provoking and emotionally involving.Both my wife and i love it...give the finest show from the states a look,you wont be disapointed.
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on 5 June 2006
I don't agree with the other reviewers on this season.

Six Feet Under began as a show about a dysfunctional family who had slightly strange things happen to them. By the end of this season, they had become a slighly stranger than normal family who had to go through consistently tragic events, much more than any other family (in the real world) would ever have to go through.

By the end of this pretty awful season, what was initially a darkly humourous look at life in a funeral home, with some poignant reflections on death, had degenerated into a soap opera with wildly over the top melodramatics to pass for drama.

It rescued itself a little by the end of the season, but Claire's grating development at College, to Ruth's frankly pathetic husband to David's abduction, this season became laughable. The general consensus is that the final season is great and so perhaps this fourth season is worth it. But it sure was a real slog trying to get through it. At times painful viewing (and not through any of the stories, but just by being dull), it may come to mean more in the context of the final season....
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on 31 May 2014
I bought this (and other seasons) for my Mom who had found one of the seasons in a car boot sale and fell in love with the show. She loves watching this on her own and with her friends. She hasn't stopped talking about what a great series this is.
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