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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 1 May 2000
This set contains, oddly, the first and last episode in George Romero's classic zombie trilogy. In Night of the Living Dead we follow seven people penned up in an old country house by the marauding dead. There as much at risk from each other as the tensions rise and this is a claustrophobic, taut, well thought out b-movie. However, the picture and sound qaulity in this colourized version isn't great. Day of the Dead is a good watch if your a fan of the undead. It tells the story of a group of survivors holding out against the zombie masses in an underground base. Unfortunately the film meanders a little and your just getting a little irked that there isn't enough action when the finale kicks in- and its worth the wait. This set is good value but make sure you buy the superior Dawn of the Dead as well.
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on 18 November 2000
This is the original 1968 classic and is a great zombie movie. Unlike many other zombie movies, this is actually very scary and serious. The only flaw is that it isn't in colour and Barbara is the worst person ever.
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on 24 January 2014
Relatively speaking I'm not the most knowledgeable about zombie-flicks but none the less I believe my opinion is just as valid. Night of the Living Dead was BRILLIANT, very old school but gripping all the same. Shot in a way making you feel like you're kinda actually there. You can see elements where alot of the modern zombie films get their ideas from. Romero is the god of zombies and having watched alot of his work he's clearly his own teacher and develops film after film. Definitely recommend this and all his other work too.
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on 21 July 2015
The original Zombie flick. Okay so there were Zombie flicks as far back as the 30's but this really pushed the Horror of them into the Minds of Horror Fans more than any other like it., Also the Slow moving Dead that surround the house are Very reminiscent to the creatures trying to Get to Vincent Price in the Last Man On Earth, but Night really raised the bar on what was to follow, paving the way for a Revolution in Horror that saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween and Nights Worthy Follow ups Dawn etc. A classic
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on 23 July 2016
I grew up with the black and white impressions of the horror genre and fell, instantly, in love with this movie - being the birth of The Modern Zombie. Now, with all the CGI and Special Effects in films, it is hard to come by "The Night Of The Living Dead" on the TV or on Sky. With this DVD - in colour! - you can watch enjoy it any time and anywhere. It is one of the greatest and one of my absolute favourite horror movies of all time. A fantastic buy!
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on 30 May 2006
I was appalled to find that such a nicely presented steel box DVD entitled 'Collectors Edition' should be censored. The barbecue scene - one of the best - has bits cut from it, which is really irritating. This is an incredible piece of film-making and I see no reason why any of it should be censored. How bad can it be in comparison to modern gorefests like Saw? Really pathetic, and very disappointing. Buy a different version.
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on 30 January 2010
The previous review is incredibly wrongheaded. First off, there are not "many scenes" edited, that is an absolute lie. There is one 7 second scene that is missing and that is it. As for his second lie that there are "no extras" that is untrue as well. There is only one extra and that is the original trailer BUT it is in true HD for the first time. As for his third claim that this is "three times more expensive" that is laughable as well, just compare the prices and this is the same price, and actually cheaper in places. And finally Mark's comment "the blu ray really doesn't make any difference to the dvd" (Is that even English?) I am assuming that he means that there is no picture difference between this Blu-Ray in 1080p resolution and a standard DVD, and that is blatantly untrue, and wrong. The picture resolution is incredible, even though this print does have the previously mentioned missing 7 seconds and some scratches and film dirt here and there, it's picture is still much better than the Millennium DVD. The initial review was so dishonest, that I had to respond to this.
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on 16 June 2015
The fantastic debut that made George A Romero a household name in not only zombie but the horror genre. This has excellent thought provoking commentary on nuclear explosions and racism which is sort of filmed like a documentary in a way with very good performances by Duane Jones. Judith O'Dea and Karl Hardman. This is an inferior film to Dawn Of The dead in terms of it's time but still remains a classic.
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on 19 August 2015
this is the 2006 "special edition" on the Cinema Club label (CCD30211), picture and sound where excellent, if buying this film on dvd I'd go for either this release or 2005's "collector's edition" on the Contender label (CTD10832), both are the best looking versions on dvd and both have great (and different) extras
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on 14 March 2001
George Romero's classic nightmare begins quietly with a brother and sister's visit to their family cemetery. Then, without warning, comes the first attack, forcing the sister to leave her brother and flee for her life. Soon, seven people are taking cover in a together farm-house, terrorised by the cannibalistic zombies who have risen from the dead. Some people still think this is the best of George A Romeros zombie films and i would certainly say it is an essental for everyones horror DVD collection. I think this is good but you can also now get the colourised version that does boost the effect but it seems better in black and white as it is alot more dramatic
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