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VINE VOICEon 3 January 2018
Walter Hill's 1979 movie, based on a 60s novel that itself took Greek classical history as it's inspiration, is these days a celebrated cult film and its easy to see why.

Highly stylised and almost comic-book in its lurid depiction of New York gang culture, the basic premise is of the perilous journey The Warriors must make across other gang-held territories as they try to get back to their home turf – all the while running the gauntlet as they stand wrongly accused of murdering the leader of the most powerful gang in the city.
Featuring a largely unknown cast, its an exciting, cleverly plotted film. It holds up well today largely down to that stylised approach which renders it an almost timeless, epic quality.

The basic DVD edition has no extras, but provides a reasonable movie transfer on anamorphic widescreen; subtitles are as stated above in the product description.

* Please be aware that there is a director's cut of this movie available; it features cartoon sections interspersed at intervals throughout the film – not everyone is pleased with it; I would suggest this original theatrical version may be the best choice if you are new to the film, or if you cherish memories of this original version.*
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on 29 August 2015
One of Hill's masterpieces, with a great sense of rhythm achieved through editing and a great direction where words are few and all the story is built upon a fantastic photography and a brilliant idea: New York as a dark jungle where you can lose yourself and end up in a living hell. All very graphic and almost comic-style, essential and strong, almost a theoretic essay of what a story, and a film, are really made of: sound, action, faces, settings, editing, and a great subject.
The hd is good and on this special blu ray edition you can discover how the director originally conceived it: with some comic-strip inserts, that introduce chapters and characters. Before Sin city, here is one great example of comic-approach to cinema
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on 4 June 2014
Originally had this on DVD & at that time I had to take out the disc to check it was,nt a Blu-ray the picture quality was THAT good ! Strange how some films age before their time ..even stranger how this film has become almost "ageless", becoming something indefinably "more" as we receed from the time of it,s making ....the sheer quality of the print..the simple yet great direction..the mean streets you feel could still exist out there..with the Warriors" forever running home ..& characters that remain in the memory long after the disc ejects . And take no notice of the winging about the graffic novel additions which are but small segueys between scenes & nice touch & what the diector intended...so zipp it or pick your weapon !
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on 1 June 2013
Had not seen this for years so purchased with trepidation figuring i could sell it if failed to hit the spot. There was no need to worry it is still a fantastic film and the blu ray extras are informative , the story of a gangs journey home through a hostile New York remains exciting and for the time innovative.It really is quite ground breaking and so glad i bought it,fantastic and entertaining late night viewing pray there is never a modern remake as some films like this are best of their time and deserve respect . It is violent , harsh and memorable and i feel has influenced many films since , indeed the best words i can think are atmospheric with an air of menace and gritty throughout . Indeed my friend had never seen this before and throughly enjoyed it too , its well cast and you might have fun spotting the actors in the many roles they played after this , for example James Remar.
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VINE VOICEon 14 February 2010
This film is a great Example of how wonderful a good Blu ray transfer of older films can look. The images are crisp clear and shine in parts with an rich almost 3d feel to them. Greater reference to the graphic novel are made with links between some scenes done via a comic book style fade in's and out's.

The basic plotine is very simple. The Warriors are a gang from coney island who along with all the big gangs in Newyork are attending a meeting lead by the leader of the largest gang in the city. They arrive with 100's of members of various gangs to hear a plan for a city wide truce so the gangs can all claim there turf and ultimatley take control of the city but someone shoots him and the Warriors get blamed! Now the Warriors have to cross the city to get back to coney island and every gang is ready to rumble!

The Styles in the film may reflect the fashions of the late 70's but this cult classic film is timeless
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on 31 December 2013
I love the Warriors since back in the day when i first saw it on video as a kid and all ways has been a film which stood the test of time, even with recent pop culture the PS2 game included which was shame it never got download space on the PS3. This version is slighty different from the original cut which you expect from the directors version. Most of the movie is the same but with added comic strip type affair think of the s*** version of Hulk by Ang Lee and your on the right track. It does take a while to get used to but then you can understand where Walter Hill is coming from making it the way he did, but my only hang up with the film it's self that the coming strip cut aways do sometimes distract from the tension of the movie the last scene in particular. Other than that I still love the film I def would say get your hands on it
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on 30 December 2010
This is a great cult movie which, I understand is being, or will be, re-made hence my insertion of the date (1979) in the title.

It's shot almost entirely at night and involves the New York gangs - the "armies of the night." The plot isn't complicated, but I won't give too much detail away: a meeting of the gangs is called which doesn't go quite as planned; one of the gangs, The Warriors, is forced to flee through the night from The Bronx back to their home in Coney Island, 35 miles away.

There are no big stars in this movie and, by modern standards, it's a bit dated but don't be put off: the night setting and the intimidatory environment, along with some of the colourful gangs - think Clockwork Orange with Alex and his Droogs, combine to make compulsive, atmospheric viewing. There's also a bonus in the shape of some Ry Cooder music which accompanies the movie.

Draw the curtains and dim the lights, crack open your favourite tipple and settle down to enjoy a 70s cult classic!

PS: I found it interesting to google the actors to see what happened to them following the production of this movie.
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on 19 April 2015
When you think of 'cult' films this one has to be up there with the big boys. No point giving much of a synopsis here. Plenty of other people have already been there. I would just say that many of the negative reviews come from younger viewers who have grown up watching planetary size budget films by the likes of Nolan. Of course this is dated. That's part of its appeal. Its a classic in so many ways. It's cheap as hell, give it a go.
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on 29 July 2017
A film I've always enjoyed watching hence went for this the original version as I've heard a lot of bad reports about the directors cut
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on 31 December 2014
The complete cinema version of this 1979 classic. Excellent picture quality in a nice wide screen presentation. Terrific score throughout & well constructed film.

A group of gang members need to fight their way back to their home turf. A well paced 90 minutes and so much better than the directors cut. Worth the time to watch and hunt it down.
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