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Haunted Honeymoon [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
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HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 April 2017
Gene Wilder’s final film as a director and one of his last as an actor, 1986’s loving homage to 40s old dark house comedies, Haunted Honeymoon, is one of those films that gets a lot right – it recreates the look and old-school practical effects of the old Bob Hope-Paulette Goddard comedies and has a more than decent supporting cast (Peter Vaughn, Jonathan Pryce, Bryan Pringle in what was obviously meant to be a Marty Feldman role), many of whom look like they’d have fit right in that era (Jim Carter looks strikingly like Lugosi in a few shots) – but is much less successful at actually providing the laughs. Despite the terrible reviews and box-office failure it’s not awful, just very flat. Part of the problem is that, nostalgia aside, many of the films it’s pastiching weren’t that funny to begin with, but a bigger one is that Wilder doesn’t manage to bring a new spin to the old tropes the film ticks off, making it at times feel like a Monogram script that was given an MGM budget. (Larry Blamire’s low budget Dark and Stormy Night [DVD] managed to get a lot more comic mileage out of similar material with a fraction of the budget in 2009.)

At times it feels like some of the situations are too well-worn to find much to do with that’s new or still works: the opening golden age of radio performance is more a recreation than a send up despite the potential for straight-faced absurdity that Woody Allen tapped into with Radio Days the following year. Wilder doesn’t give in to his worst excesses as an actor, but he’s outshone by a tremendously appealing Gilda Radner, who’s terrific here despite not really being given anything to work with (neither is Dom DeLuise, dragging it up as Wilder’s aunt): you’d never guess for a moment that she was ill throughout the shoot. A couple of scenes sort of work a little, but the best you can really say about it is that it’s harmless and well-intentioned and that co-writer Terence Marsh’s production design is excellent.

No extras on Sony's DVD release, though the Region A-locked US Bluray from Kino Lorber includesa trailer.
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on 11 March 2016
What do you get when you compile some of the best known names of film & TV and near enough give them just an outline of a plot for a film? A: One of the most hilarious films you are likely to see. Taking it's cue from the (mainly American) Radio shows of the 1940's&50's, this film almost single handedly deals with almost every cliche the horror industry ever threw at audiences. Well known Celebrity larry Price Gene (wilder) is Due to inherit a fortune from his elderly Aunt Kate (Dom Delousie), except that there are a few "Shady Characters" who reckon it should be otherwise, and set about trying to prove larry as an unworthy beneficiary due to the fact he's nuts, (A fact they intend to prove by literally driving him made Courtesy of some very clever tricks). including a flying Bride (Wilder's real life wife the late Gilda Radner),

Everything that ever happened in the old horro Movies, happens here mysterious murders, where the dead body conveniently disappears Thunder storms, which later turn out to be nothing of the kind , and every corny situation that you used to watch and enjoy all those years are lined up for parody. This also gives the cast some great opportunities to deliver some real deapan lines "Electricity is the work of the Devil, this is god's way of telling me I should never have had it installed" wails Aunt Kate during a powercut, as well as some Earth Shattering Revelations over dinner ("One of you is a werewolf, I know because I've seen you in the garde, whoever you are, may god strike you dead, you're playing on the fears of an old lady". Comedy doesn't come much better than this, and with an all star cast (Gene Wilder, Gilda Radner, Dom Delouise, Bryan PringleAnna Way, Peter Vaughan, Paul L Smith, Eve Farrar Ana Way & Jonathan Pryce, you reallt can't go wrong. Don't just take my word for it either, no less a luminary than BBC Film Critic Barry Norman rated this among his top films, so just what more exuce do you need?
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HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 March 2010
Going home to see your family is daunting enough, but in a Draculean castle with a werewolf, a dead transvestite, and a new will that makes you a walking target?

That's the basic plot behind "Haunted Honeymoon," an amusing and vaguely Mel Brooksian comedy movie about a man with a crumbling mind, a new fiancee, and a really abnormal family. The plot is pretty much a mess -- full of holes and dangling plot threads -- but the brilliant comic actors and hilarious scripting ("Oh, it's so COMPLICATED!") magically keep it from collapsing.

Larry Abbot (Gene Wilder) and Vickie Pearle (Gilda Radner) are actors in the hit show Manhattan Mystery Theater, and newly engaged. Unfortunately Larry's engagement has sparked off a psychological meltdown, and his uncle Dr. Paul Abbot decides there is only one way to cure him: scare him more. So he sends off Larry and Vickie to the old gothic estate where Larry grew up, to stay with his family.

Well, they're not quite the Addams Family. Actually, they're way worse -- most of them are broke, one is a transvestite, one is a creepy magician, and one is a creepier lawyer. One may also be a werewolf. The only decent one seems to be kindly, filthy-rich Aunt Kate (Dom Deluise).

And dear ol' Aunt Kate has left all her money to Larry (unless he expires before she does, in which case everyone else will get a share). And soon some very bizarre happenings are cropping up around the old mansion -- including a murdered werewolf, a cobra, and a dead body that pops up in Larry's bed. Is Larry going insane, or is a member of his family trying to make him that way... for filthy lucre?

I get the feeling that "Haunted Honeymoon" was made up on the fly -- it's basically a disintegrating mass of subplots that are introduced and then left to flap in the breeze. Sylvia, Monty's vaguely vampiric, glowy-eyed hypnosis, the dog's hatred of Susan, and other seemingly important plot elements turn out to be red herrings... and I'm not sure what's going on with the guy in the werewolf suit.

So basically the actual plot has more holes than a ripped-up sieve. Fortunately everything OTHER than the plot works. The presence of so many brilliant comic actors keeps it from completely falling apart -- there's plenty of funny dialogue ("Whoever you are, may God strike you DEAD! Now let's have coffee and dessert in the music room...") and humorous comic scenarios (the scene in which Larry sexily cuddles a dead body, mistaking it for Vicki). And it's one of my life's goals to greet a group of people with the line, "I know that one of you is a werewolf."

And those actors do a brilliant job -- though this was the last movie Gilda Radner ever did (and she looks painfully emaciated), she and Wilder are both hilarious and have plenty of loving chemistry. Dom Deluise has plenty of fun as the eccentric, dramatic and rotund Aunt Kate, and has plenty of great lines as well ("... and when the police dragged him out of the ladies' room at Saks Fifth Avenue, THAT was fun too!").

Admittedly not all the actors are great -- Jo Ross, Jim Carter and Eve Ferret give merely adequate performances. But there are some great lesser performances from Jonathan Pryce, Ann Way, and especially Bryan Pringle as a butler with a dual personality... or an evil twin ("I just found Cousin Francis in my bed!" "Was he wearing a dress?" "Yes, he was!" "Just ask him to leave, sir. Tell him you have a headache").

"Haunted Honeymoon" lacks something vital -- a plot that doesn't totally unravel. If it weren't filled with awe-inspiringly good comic actors and dialogue, it would be a disaster. As it is, it's an amusing fluff piece.
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on 20 May 2012
I had just seen Bob Hope in "The Cat and The Canary" and I felt in the mood for more of the same kind of "old dark house" shenanigans. Having enjoyed Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner in "The Woman In Red" I figured "Haunted Honeymoon" to be a safe bet. How wrong I was..!!! The amazon staff reviewer comparing this movie to "Radioland Murders" is dead wrong as well. While "Radioland Murders" fevered pace and non-stop one-liners don't really allow any time for character development, it is still a damn funny movie. "Haunted Honeymoon" sags and drags and eventually collapses under it's own (very light) weight.

This movie is simply NOT funny to be called a comedy. It is too brightly lit to be an "old dark house" movie and, at only 80 minutes in length, it seems to drag on forever in search of a joke that never happens. The radio show cast laughing at the end of the movie, laughing at Dom DeLuise's very lame slip of the on-air tongue (he says "p!ssed" instead of "past") just about says it all. If you think that is funny, you may find something else of worth here but I found it to be a poorly-scripted dud and an unfortunate final movie for Gilda Radner. Like Peter Sellers with "The Fiendish Plot of Fu Manchu", she left this mortal coil with not a bang, but a whimper. This movie is not a fitting tribute to an otherwise outstanding comedy talent.

The funniest part of the whole movie: The farty noise that Dom DeLuise makes when he/she slides down the bannister rail... TWICE! Yes, that's how bad this film is!
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on 22 November 2013
I watched this movies years ago, so was delighted when I saw it for sale. This hilarious comedy starring Gene Wilder has become a firm favourite in my household, not only with the grown ups but with the kids too. It is good old fashioned family entertainment. The characters are really good and the cast of actors, well there are more stars than cover shows.
Gene Wilder stars as a radio horror show actor, whose life is turned upside down a family secret, which I will not go into, suffice to say the results are really funny.
If you enjoy a good family comedy, with a host of stars, then you'll enjoy this film. Keep an eye out for Dom Deluise in a comedy gold of a role.
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on 20 March 2018
A bum film all round.
Takes along while to get going and then you aren't sure it was worth the wait. all stops get pulled out pushed in and pulled out again, lot of old gags deriving from Abbot & Costello. And why the man playing a woman....? Doesn't offend, merely puzzles.
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on 8 June 2015
...she's just eccentric.

Haunted Honeymoon is definitely one of the best horror spoofs that I've seen even if it seems to have a muddled plot and insane characters. Not that the crazy plot and characters matter when the jokes are coming thick and fast from all directions.

The star of the whole film of course has to be Dom DeLuise as crazy Aunt Kate who has some of the funniest lines that I have ever heard. But don't worry about Aunt Kate, she's just eccentric, as I'm sure you'll come to see...
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on 7 April 2017
Gene Wilder was on of the great comedians on film. Haunted Honeymoon has been wrongly slated by many people but I think it is a fun film. It is one of those films to watch on a cosy Sunday afternoon. It's selling at a cheap price as well.
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on 19 November 2015
A beautiful, very funny & priceless film. A deeply poignant one as well - you wouldn't know it but Gilda had breast cancer and knew she was dying when she made this. There's an amazing sequence which starts in a bedroom which then transitions into a ballroom - this was shot for real in-camera with good old fashioned smoke and mirrors, absolutely no computor VFX whatsoever.
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on 21 January 2018
How can you not love a film with Gene Wilder in.

Classic Wilder film in which he stars with his late wife (lovely double act).
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