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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 31 March 2012
This edition of Dio's classic Holy Diver is remastered by Andy Pearce as are the other Dio 2012 deluxe releases, which means, unlike other Deluxe Editions out there, this one isn't simply a volume bloated re-release. Very fine, clean and detailed sound, but just a tad bright. Disc 2 has some wonderful rare goodies that alone make this worthy of the purchase. The packaging is your standard for these editions, a wonderful foldout digipak and an informative booklet stuffed into one of the open flaps. Highly recommended edition if you have the cash. Tracklist below.

Disc 1 (Original newly remastered album)

01. Stand Up and Shout
02. Holy Diver
03. Gypsy" Vivian Campbell
04. Caught in the Middle
05. Don't Talk to Strangers
06. Straight Through the Heart
07. Invisible
08. Rainbow in the Dark
09. Shame on the Night

Disc 2

01. Evil Eyes (studio recording, originally appeared on B-Side to Holy Diver single)
02. Stand Up & Shout (Live B-Side, from the Rainbow in the Dark single)
03. Straight Through the Heart (Live B-Side, from the Rainbow in the Dark single)

King Biscuit Flower Hour, 30th October 1983:
04. Stand Up & Shout
05. Shame on the Night
06. Children of the Sea
07. Holy Diver
08. Rainbow in the Dark
09. Man on the Silver Mountain
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on 6 October 2005
I don't know how many times I have bought this cd,firstly on vinyl,tape,cd and now this collector's edition,remastered,if you are a fan you will already have this cd,but for the younger fans out there,you should buy this,with a 16 page booklet and exclusive interview of Ronnie James Dio on the cd,this is well worth the price at Amazon,The songs are classics,every single one,first recorded in 1983 all the tracks sound fresh ''Holy Diver'' will never date and still stands up well in 2005,This is a timely release as Dio tour the UK next week and perform the whole cd on stage live,Holy Diver is Holy Magic
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on 19 March 2003
The first album by Dio and Ronnie Dio's voice is amazing. After leaving Black Sabbath we hear Dio making music that is more than an equal to any of the Sabbath stuff.
This album is full of great heavy metal tracks and in my opinion has some of the best of Dio's work on it. The title track, Holy Diver, is a heavy metal classic, as is Don't Talk to Strangers.
If you have ever heard anything by Sabbath (with Dio as lead singer) and liked it, then you will love this album. It is quite possibly one of the classic heavy metal albums of the 80's and that put it up against stiff competition and it still shines through as one of the best.
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on 31 March 2010
Dio had a lot to prove following his acrimonious departure from the Sabbath ranks. With a flawless back catalogue to contend with the stakes were high for the diminutive front man to prove his worth in a solo outfit. The result of this is Holy Diver. Holy Diver, though, is not really a natural progression from the sublime early 80's defining metal of Heaven and Hell or Mob Rules (that honour goes to the slick follow up cd, The Last In Line). Instead it trades on the earlier Rainbow style, but with a distinctly more strident and harder edge to the overall delivery. Brash stand out opener `Stand Up and Shout kicks things off as a call to arms for the Dio faithful, fuelled on a frenetic choppy riff and Appice's bludgeoning drumming - this is a breathtaking kick off before the plodding title track slows the proceedings down somewhat. From there on in the rest of the album divides neatly into strong and pleasing melodic filler tracks (Gypsy, Caught In The Middle etc), evergreen Dio live staples (Shame on The Night and Rainbow In The Dark) and really truly inspired and darker gems (Invisible, Don't Talk To Strangers) that lift the album to classic status. Ultimately it's more 70's than 80's and is pipped at the post by Last In Line in terms of overall class, but as an opening salvo to the doubters it is a resounding success. One question remains though - what on earth is a Holy Diver? Answers on a post card please.
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on 23 January 2007
I had heard a couple of Dio songs, and was particularly attracted to the top quality guitar playing (usually the basis for deciding which albums I buy). However, after the first track on the album, it was clearly apparent that I hadn't heard their best work, as the star of the show is quite obviously Ronnie James Dio.

Who'd have thought that little old bloke would have such a pair of lungs on him? Easily one of the greatest front men in history; an excellent metal singer, up there with my other favourites such as Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson.

The album rocks hard, in classic, clichéd style (go and watch the video for Holy Diver on YouTube), but what I particularly liked was the elements of immense atmosphere and, at times, the feeling that the songs really had some emotional background to them. Really immersive, and has earned a well respected place in the top end of my collection.
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on 18 July 2006
Ok, lets get a few things sorted first. I am a metal fan and I am a guitar palyer (not that good). I am an ardent fan of 80's metal and some early 90's too.

Having heard a couple of later Dio offerings "Holy Diver" somehow slipped under my radar.

That changed a couple of weeks ago when the remastered version arrived at my door.

It is simply an astounding debut. Little he may be but DAMN! this guy can SING!!!

There is not a bad track on it and to think that guitarist Vivian Campbell (Sweet Savage, Riverdogs, Shadow King and Def Leppard) was just 19 when he recorded this epic just p***** me off even more.

A classic slice of 80's rock (often called "Hair Metal") but alot of people forget that the musicians (mostly) from this era piddle ALL OVER 99% of the guys releasing albums these days. OK, guitar bands may be popular today but it is like comparing a sunday pub football team with Man Utd.

Classic tracks such as Stand Up and Shout, Holy Diver, Caught In The Middle, (the totally awesome) Don't Talk To Strangers and not forgetting Rainbow In The Dark this is well worth a puchase.

Highly Recommended.
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on 21 June 2014
I'm not a metal fan, but am a fan of great rock n roll, which is how I would categorize Dio, along with Zeppelin and Deep Purple - all a cut above metal bands, the difference being that the above mentioned are composed of real musicians who can really play. Dio were blessed with Ronnie, a terrific singer and songwriter, as also shown by his work with Rainbow and Black Sabbath. This is a great album with Ronnie in charge, leading by example and producing. Terrific songs delivered by the best vocalist in this genre. A sad loss.
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on 31 March 2006
So little Ronnie got sacked from Sabbath by Tony Iommi, same as he'd been sacked from Rainbow by Ritchie Blackmore, and decided to go it alone. He rounded up a couple of old mates from his Rainbow and Sabbath days (Jimmy Bain and Vinnie Appice respectively), found himself a hotshot guitarist who had just started to make a name for himself, and released an album that would firmly identify Ronnie as being the heavy metal equivalent of a game of Dungeons and Dragons.
Witches, sorceresses, kings, knights, minstrels, wolves, elves, rainbows, pots of gold, demons, nightmares, tigers - it's like a game of Talisman on your CD player.
The songs, of course, are fantastic. The band were surprisingly tight, given Jimmy's reputation as a hard drinker, but then revelations made by the musicians since they left Dio have indicated that RJD might be a bit of a tyrant, or at least a hard taskmaster.
In the interview at the end of the CD, Ronnie talks with fondness about the making of the album, the search for a guitarist (a toss up between Viv and John Sykes), his unfair dismissal from Sabbath, and the inspiration behind the songs on the album. And he claims that he hates Rainbow In The Dark. Come off it Ronnie, you wrote it to let us know how you got to where you were at the time (Rainbow is Rainbow, Dark is Black Sabbath). And you used to perform it live with gusto, grinning and skipping around like a munchkin on acid.
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on 10 February 2006
Imagine a time when image counted for nothing and substance was all. No wonder when Holy Diver was released it was christened with the tag of Best Rock album of '83 by many fans and Journo's alike. Forget the rainbow/dragon lyric association Dio have, and saviour a truly awe-inspiring release. RJD's vocals are simply astounding - from gutteral roar to soulful melody - he just nails them. Vivian cambell's guitar simply shreds and the quality of the song writing is exceptional. Remastered production is pretty fine too and drags this album into 2006 where it proudly gives a big fat middle finger to most current rock release's. Take a bow whoever gave the green light to remaster and re-issue this - I salute you. Trust me if you fancy 40 or so mins of 'classic' rock that will make you jump up and down like a loon spend a measly 6 quid on this and let a short odd looking bloke take you to rock heaven. Thank god this wasn't submitted to a record label in 2006...RJD would never have got past the marketing executives!!
Peace out.
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on 26 June 2004
I really love this album. Ronnie James Dio is a pure genius. If anything, his time in Rainbow was a restricting influence on his creativity. I thought this band wouldn't be any good because Ritchie Blackmore was absent, but I was incredibly wrong. Vivian Campbell is brilliant on this album, which I beleive to be Dio's most creative and consistent. Chugging riffs, blistering solos, this guy can do it all. He gives a real edge to the music, which is brilliant.
Ronnie's voice is simply amaing: rough, powerful, and melodic. It is simply blissful to listen to him sing. He is my favourite vocalist of all time. He adds a real character to the music. Its hard to describe, just listen to the album and you'll see.
Each track is superb, but my favourites are "Gypsy", "Straight through the heart" and "Rainbow in the Dark".
A superb album from a superb band. Your cd collection is crying out for this. GET IT!!!! Then get "Dream Evil" and "Last in Line".
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