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VINE VOICEon 20 November 2010
Won't someone please re-release this little gem?

Card Captor Sakura is one of the sweetest, gentlest and just plain LOVELIEST anime of all time. It was one of the founders that threw Mahou Shoujo (magical girl) anime into the spotlight, and is CLAMP at their best. And yet what are your options if you want to own this anime?

Option One: Buy a fake hong kong bootleg off ebay, which is what I did in the days before I realised that practically EVERY OTHER anime dvd on ebay is a bootleg. The result? Crappy subtitles (lobe song, anyone? yes, I said l-o-B-e) that are often off-timing (meaning that what the characters were saying five seconds ago is what you're reading now. And when 3 characters are talking fast, that's hair-pullingly annoying) and crappy pirated animation which often pixelates. It just isn't worth it, people. I cannot believe I paid £20 for my copy - I'd have been better off getting fansubs.

Option Two: the dub! Only if you don't mind illogical americanisation (Chiharu becomes Chelsea and Tomoyo becomes Madison, yet Sakura and Kero are left alone? Wut?!), huge scene cuttage to the point where things don't make sense, and general massacres of any hint at what the dub people apparently consider 'innapropriate relationships'. Which means that Touya and his teacher's relationship, Touya and Yukito's relationship, and Tomoyo's loving Sakura as anything more than a friend, along with all her 'you're so cute!' comments, are gone. Because, you know, heaven forbid that children should ever find out that the entire world isn't heterosexual. Even Sakura and Li's relationship was toned down, and they're the Official Couple! The dubbers probably didn't think ten year olds should be 'in love'. What makes me laugh is that the cuts were so not needed -CCS is so childlike and innocent and never does more than hint. There is not a panty shot, lewd joke or even a kiss in the entire thing. It's a certificate U, for gosh sake. So yeah, if you can stomach that, go for the dub. Oh wait, it's almost as expensive as the sub these days. D'oh!

Or Option Three: cough up about three hundred quid for the privelege of owning the real region one thing. Yeah, because otaku (not all teenagers, but a lot of us are) really have that much disposable income. I don't mind paying for anime, and if it's a title I love I am willing to pay a lot. But £300+? No. Just no.

This stinks. So again, I repeat, I LOVE this anime. It was one of my first (Behind Pokemon and Sailor Moon!) and it remains in my top ten list even years later, next to behemoths like Death Note and FMA. Yes, the magic of Sakura has stayed with me that long, and when CLAMP brought out Tsubasa watching it felt like going home to familiar faces.

But we need a re-release - we so sorely do - or I worry that this treasure will be lost to the annals of history, and newer fans will never know how special it is.
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on 5 January 2006
I loved this film. I saw it in a friends house and I instantly said, "I want a copy of that!".
The film was very girlie, as is all the CCS releases, but it had a very sweet storyline, with both action and romance, much like the CCS series.
To really experience it in all of it's glory, though, you really have to watch it with the english subtities. English dubs are available, but the voices in it aren't even the same people as in the CC series released on Citv.
I really enjoyed it, and this one is definitely on my wishlist!
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on 4 March 2013
Thank you! I was looking for the whole set, it seems to start later than I thought it would, much later infact, but all in all, arrived early and in excellent condition
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