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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 9 November 2005
dEUS are back! The world is a brighter place due to the existence of this band. If I encourage one person to buy one dEUS album and treasure it, that will make me ecstatic.
Ok, this is not dEUS's best album, but I don't think anyone was expexting it to be. It is, however, a damn fine return from the Belgies. Great melodies, subtle hooks, killer riffs, bouncing basslines, this album has the lot. Not as insanely leftfield as 'Worst case scenario' or 'In a bar under the sea', this album does however reveal a maturity and real zest for life and music. Opener 'Bad Timing' is an absolute belter, building and soaring to utter genius, this is one of my favourite dEUS tracks ever. Elsewhere, 'Include me out' is tender and beautiful with a ridiculously addicive hook. 'Sun Ra' is a real rock song, near 7 minutes of blissfull rocking, whilst 'Nothing really ends' is plain sweet, almost twee (but not quite). All told, there is not a weak track on the album. It plays phenomenally well live, if you get a chance to see them, take it!
Don't expect 'In a bar under the sea', but expect to be entertained. Expect your world to brighten.
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on 22 February 2006
So here it is: the new dEUS album. After several years and literally no fanfare whatsoever, the latest LP had been out for months before this particular major-fan even knew it existed. It took so long that we all stopped waiting for it... which is probably a good thing.

Is this a good album? It certainly is, with some great tunes and anthemic rock/pop songs that'll have you humming along and belting out the great chorus lines. There isn't a duff track on here. The trouble is that we have come to expect each dEUS release to be astonishingly good, something totally exhilarating that will take our breath away. The first 3 albums are such unique and well-crafted oddities, that they're likely to become rock classics in a decade or so, and this... this is just a really good rock album. Think of the more traditional tracks on 'In A Bar' and 'Ideal Crash' and you're in the right area.

Clearly getting on in years (in rock band terms), there is nothing here that has anything like the energy or originality we have seen from these crazy Belgians in the past. In fact, there is nothing remotely eccentric at any point on the album- no weird noises, unsettling feedback, startling chord changes or bizarro lyrics whatsoever. It's just rock music.

So while all of the songs on 'Pocket..' are well written and very catchy, there's only Tom's voice that signals it out distinctly as dEUS material and while this is still better than most other contemporary rock albums, we know that dEUS are capable of genius (albeit of a mad sort).
It's great to hear them back with such a good album, but it's a shame that the 'wow' factor seems to have passed. Let's hope that the next album is as well written, with a return to the experimental strangeness that always made them so fascinating.
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on 13 September 2005
It having been far too long since the last dEUS release, pretty much anything would have been welcome, and I guess that there was always the worry that the band might have lost something in the interim. After alll, while darned fine, "The Ideal Crash" wasn't as good as "In a Bar..." wasn't as good as "Worst Case Scenario": could the hiatus be a sign of further decline?
Well - let's be brutal for a moment - there's nothing on this album that has the gonzoid genius of "Suds and Soda". But, then again, that was such a high watermark, to say that other stuff doesn't match it is to say very little indeed. What is still there in abundance is a fine pop sensibility combined with a willingness to get a little scuzzy now and again. Cool. "Pocket Revolution" is, in the end, a very good album.
Ever the magpie, Tom Barman - let's face it: Barman IS dEUS to all intents and purposes - steals his influences from all over. There's obvious "Kid A" Radiohead here; I think I heard some Faith No More; and there's a moment somewhere that sounds like the Kings of Leon performing Golden Earring's "Radar Love"; there's a lot of (even) less obvious stuff hidden here, too. Hell, they even rip themselves off. Precious as it might be to mention James Joyce, there's that kind of compexity and illusion there. No, really.
Plus, Stef Kamil Carlens is back, if only to provide backing vocals: hooray!
The cover art sucks, though. Maybe they should reenlist Rudy Trouve as well.
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on 12 October 2009
Belgium's dEUS have been releasing some of the most original music around for the last decade or so . It's true that commercially speaking, their career never really did take off . Still their latest release , Pocket Revolution contains more ideas than the last twenty cds you bought add up together . From the well-written rock of "Bad Timing" , "Seven Days , Seven Weeks" and "What We Talked About" to the warmth of "The Real Sugar" and "Include Me Out " the band displays freshness and sheer talent . Their comeback is much more than just welcome .
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on 9 September 2005
I'm a great dEUS fan.
This album does disapoint a little bit, but just because not all the songs are as strong as in past albuns.
The album opens with Bad Timing, a dEUS anthem in the making. It's a strong, vibrant song, that couldn't be from any other band. Starts slow, build up, it's powerfull and emotional, and just makes you shake your soul.
Unfortunetely not all the linup is as strong. My favourites are "If you don't get what you want" and "Sun Ra". The first is the frist single and has got some deep lyrics, always that had drawned me into teh dEUS universe. "Sun Ra" is a very strong, power filled music, with a alternative chorus and melody.
dEUS fans won't be disapointed. It's not as good as "In a bar under the sea" or even "The Ideal Crash", but it has got some 3 or 4 great songs on it, and the others complement the record.
In my view, just one more gret dEUS song is worth the all CD.
The guys are back!
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on 24 September 2005
Being a dEUS fan in the US is difficult. The distribution of music is scarce. releases do not linger long past their release date. and having discovered this band just a year before this review, finding music from this band was a chore. A single copy of Pocket Revolution was found in a "megastore" and was rushed to a CD player.
It is everything dEUS was in the past, yet more refined than ever. The energy is saved for certain songs and it shines through like sunlight breaking through storm clouds. The instrumentation is solid, though it would have been interesting to hear more of Janzoons' violin on certain songs. This only leads the listener craving more, wondering how live performances would sound. The addition of auxilary musicians for every song on the album brings out a more lush sound than the quintet playing alone. extra percussion, wurlitzer, extra strings, backing vocals and spoken word "parlando" versus add so much to the music. Tom Wouters' vibraphone on Nothing Really Ends is pure bliss.
Lyrically, it's beautiful prose by Barman. Highlights included the title song, Bad Timing, Sun Ra and Nothing Really Ends. While it certainly feels different from previous albums, for what it's worth it's nothing short of brilliant. If going into the music you expect nothing, you receive everything.
one day I hope to see this band play. i'm counting on that.
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