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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
The Edukators [DVD]
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on 31 March 2017
Great storyline of when things go wrong
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on 2 July 2017
Great film!
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on 19 September 2017
Modern German cinema at its best.
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on 11 October 2013
This is a fantastic German film starring who many consider to be Germany's top young actor: Daniel Bruehl. The story is highly interesting and follows three young liberals who are sick of capitalism and break into wealthy people's homes, not to steal anything, but to leave the message that 'die fetten Jahre sind vorbei' (the days of plenty are over). However one day something goes wrong and they end up kidnapping a wealthy businessman. I think the scenes after this are the most gripping and the way the actors interact with each other is simply stunning.
The only complaint I would have is that there is no option on this dvd to turn off the subtitles, which is annoying if you do actually speak German. On the whole, I would completely recommend this film whether you speak German or not as it is a fantastic piece of cinema.
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on 31 March 2014
This movie revolutionised the way that I felt about cinema. I had always felt that cinema never portrayed characters well enough that they always made them unrealistic airheads that everybody could relate to in some way or another. However 'Die Fetten Jahren sind vorbei ' or 'The Edukators' changed that.

With three completely different title roles this movie tackles a new generations outlook on their lives and how not everyone can be perfect yet we could all make a difference. The 'love triangle' as one of my friends had dubbed it was not what it seemed at all, making me realise exactly how love is defined: impossibly.

You mustn't dwell on the fact that these kids kidnapped a guy but what this kidnapping symbolises, a new generation stomping upon an older consumer driven capitalist one which once mirrored the beliefs of its own.

Daniel Brühl is just perfect in this role, it was as if he believed the words he was speaking himself.

The ending in most definitely my favourite ending of any book or film I have seen yet, perfectly capturing what would happen if we didn't allow society to define us.

Your days of plenty are numbered
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on 13 July 2006
This is an excellent film about a trio of young 'Edukators' who seek to 'enlighten' the rich in society by invading their homes. The early scenes are really rather disturbing as we watch them arrange furniture and plunder privacy. Then one night everything goes wrong when one of their victims arrive homes early and in their panic, they kidnap him...

But I do feel I must defend this film from some of the criticisms below, which seem not only unfair but a misinterpretation of the film.

One reviewer below (D Sutherland), states that this film is simplistic. The young trio kidnap and question him about society and his past and, in the words of this reviewer 'The rich man barely challenges the young people at all, and accepts much of what he has done is probably wrong.'

This is not the case at all. Remember that this isn't a Hollywood film. The characters are not black and white and they don't all have to be taken at face value. The rich man is an extremely shrewd character. The moment they take him to the mountain top, he carefully observes the trio, looking for weaknesses. He behaves in a jovial and friendly manner, but underneath he is clearly petrified - note the shock on his face when he sees they have a gun. He cunningly searches for any crack he can find, exploiting and manipulating the love triangle.

So to assume that when he goes along with their views that he is simplistically agreeing with them is a naive interpretation of his character. The question that arises, creating a fascinating narrative tension, is whether or not he really does agree with their views and is rethinking his values, or whether he is merely playing them and patronising them. After all, his main aim is to escape. He fears for his life. The ending, in fact, suggests that he is far from converted; and also that the trio are not as naive as the rich man (or indeed the audience) might consider them to be. In fact, one is left wondering whether or not the past he tells them has any shred of reality or is just a fiction; whether or not they did touch him and influence him or whether he just saw them as idealistic idiots - whether they made a difference at all.

If you take a moment to realise that this is a film with ambiguity and layers, you'll recognise that it's a lot more than a simplistic film with a 'message'.
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VINE VOICEon 15 August 2006
A film of two halves really fails to ignite the radical tension that the always brilliant Daniel Bruhl generates. The first half is a good film, humourous and somewhat insightful but never overtly challenging. The second half breaks down into a study in relationships where the characters motivations are never any particular shade of grey.

There are some strong positives about the film, with excellent performances from the leading cast and the development of a firebrand rhetoric in what is a reasonably well thought out anarchic viewpoint. However, this film is not in the same class as Goodbye Lenin and is not as good as What To Do In Case Of Fire, both of which are superior films in pretty much every way. That doesn't mean that this is a bad film, just that there are some very good films that portray the same sense of anti-establishment hubris that this one attempts.

The concept of The Edukators is a good one, reaching into the disaffected mindset of a disenfranchised pair of rebels and providing them with a reality check. However, the reality check it presents is dealt with in a less then convincing manner and while I will not spoil the ending, I was disappointed by it.
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on 29 September 2005
Hans Weingartner has managed to create an extremely engaging film which holds the audience's attention without indulging in any of the gratuitous violence or sex that cinema has become so fond of these days(particularly in films concerning young twenty-somethings).
The Edukators is a film which looks at three people fighting capitalism in their own unique way. In a clever play on the Robin Hood 'rob from the rich' motto, they steal their victim's confidence rather than possessions- by comically rearranging the contents of their houses whilst they're away. A favourite scene of mine is when Jule and Jan are setting up Russian dolls in front of a wide screen TV, like a captive audience- fitting nicely with Jan's frequent comments about people watching television like zombies these days.
Unfortunately the trio's mischievous idealistic plans become more of a nightmare when they are caught red-handed and drastically result to kidnapping.
The latter part of the film, set in Germany's mountainous natural beauty is an aesthetic delight and cleverly contrasts the claustrophobia of the protagonists' situation. Coupled with strong acting, led by Daniel Brühl, this film is an enjoyable watch. And although it looks at issues of political injustice, it does so without seeming too heavy. Like many European films, it is a little slow and times, but I would particularly recommend it to those who have recently enjoyed the other offerings from Germany's blooming cinema like 'Goodbye Lenin.'
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on 13 May 2006
I disagree with the negative reviews about this film. They are short sighted. The film captures nicely, in an even-handed way, many central issues of our modern world. The injustices connected to the rich/poor divide are hard to deny but the wealthy character in the film makes no apologies about the wealth he has earned. The careful viewer will notice the strengths and weaknesses of both sides of the argument and ultimately is left to his/her own judgments. However, what captivated me even more was the way in which the film captures the idealistic - if unfocused - passion of youth and the compromising reality of adulthood. Also, I thought the film was beautifully shot and the sound track moving.

Scratch below the surface and you'll find a gem!
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on 20 July 2014
This film manages to touch on all of the problems facing humanity in an entertaining contemporary setting, and does it in such a way that the viewer can pick up on whatever concerns him, and maybe expand on it. A film that looks life square in the face and still holds out hope. The beauty of this is that if offers no simple answers to the plot or to life. The film also has a great soundtrack.
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