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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 26 April 2006
This is an exceptional strategy game that does not dissapoint especially in terms of how much gameplay it has to offer. It's a turn-based strategy that see's you deploying units and battling them on a variety of different maps. The main one player mode is campaign mode that is like a story based series of battles having you use different COs for their strengths and weaknesses and believe me from an advance wars veteran- it is absolutely huge. After two weeks of playing it solidly I got on campaign mode what I thought was the final mission but I'm still playing it now. The war room offers even more gameplay at a more advance level as you could be fending of 2 or 3 armies at once. This is whats good about the game, it takes one hell of a player to complete the game.

I'd reccomend this game to anyone
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on 18 November 2005
If you are gonna get a DS or already own a DS then this is a game you have just got to own. The graphics are simple but there is just somthing about it that just keeps you going back for more. The campaign is superb and the other modes are also very entertaining.
You can be plaing a game for 2 hours and not realise where the time has gone but you know it was worth it especially when you defeat the black hole army. And this is the first Advance Wars game title i have played so i wasnt to sure on what it would be like but i have absoloutly no regrets.
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on 26 January 2006
A really good turn based strategy game, made even better by the immortal quote "you spanked 'em Colin"
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on 2 January 2006
Got this for christmas and I've hardly stopped playing it. Its just so PERFECT.
I was new to the Advance Wars games when I got this game so I was unsure what to expect but from the start I knew it was the best DS game there is.
The gameplay is great and there's loads of different elements that contribute. There's loads of different game modes too; aswell as Campaign there is Survival, Combat, War Room and more.
This is easily the best DS game there is and its for everyone; die hard fans and newcomers to Advance Wars alike.
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on 12 July 2011
Having played the previous Advanced Wars titles, I was impressed with this game. Having feared that many of the new features in the game would detract from the strategy aspect, I realised once playing that this was the same old advanced wars.

People who are new to the series will find it easy to pick up: the tutorial is in my opinion more to the point than the previous games, veterans of the previous games will jump straight into the action with ease. All the new features are fun, and balanced- The new units are worth what you pay for them, none over-powered and every unit has a use for a certain situation. The all new tag powers really are a great addition, as they can easily break the all too often stalemate in many turn based strategies. The new survival mode and the combat mode are another boatload of fun, especially the combat mode, being completely different to what you would expect from an advance wars series.

However I have just a few minor qualms with this game: to advance wars veterans who have completed the advance campaigns in games one and two, this game will be a breeze. Myself, not being that greatest at Turn based strategies managed to achieve top ranks in both campaigns, in the first play-through. However the difficulty is easily increased by choosing a un-suitable commanding officer for the mission.

Overall, this game is very well programmed and designed. The new features of the game are great. The only thing that is lacking is a super challenging mode as was present in the previous two games. To those that have played advance wars , or have not, this is a game with is well worth the money.
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on 19 October 2005
I got this game with my DS and very happy about it. GAMEStm sais this game is 9/10 and is a "game of practically limitless possibilities" which shows how good value for money that this game is. It's a challenging game so kids be warned nut the campain mode does have a great introduction for newcomers. There are loads of maps, CO's and gameplay which can't be copied thanks to the DS's touch screen. Get online and buy this
now before the black hole army turn the whole world into desert.
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on 23 April 2010
To me this is all a sequel should be and everything number two wasn't. What with new characters, new combat types and new vehicles it has plenty to keep you going.

Plot: There seems to be more of a story to this one then the other two which to me is a good thing. You're actually given a reason to fight now. It's not hugely deep but your old enemy, Black Hole Army, are back once again and it's up to you and your allies to put and end to them once and for all.

Each army has several COs (commanding officers) and each CO has a strength and weakness and it's up to you to find the best man (or woman) whatever CO the Black Hole army throws at you.

I did find though that around level 20 (can't remember which one exactly) the difficulty was hiked right up without warning. I really enjoyed the slow learning curve up till then but after starting to play the harder ones, it took away some of the fun factor. I thought they had learned from the previous ones about the difficulty level but soon found out how wrong I was.

Graphics: The cut scenes are in a manga style. Some people love it and others hate it. I admit I used to dislike it but have learnt to enjoy its uniqueness as time has gone by.

The units in battles are basically the same as the previous two GBA games just a little tidier.

Sound: I found the music repetitive at times so ended up turning it down half the time but as far as the combat sounds go, well there's nothing quite like hearing, after many turns of wearing them down, your tanks (especially the mega tanks) blowing the enemy tanks to bits.

Controls: Although touch screen controls have been implemented for the DS, it's easier to just use the buttons. At least there's a choice for people.

Game play: You start with so many units and the enemy starts with theirs. It's then up to you to move your units to meet theirs in battle. Sounds simple enough but it's all about the timing. You send one unit alone and it's going to be wiped out pretty easy, you send an army the size of theirs and it's going to be stale mate but if you manage to get your units to wean their units away from the main group, over time your looking at the road to success. Where you place your units all plays a part in it too as different areas have different defense ratings.

You have the option to choose to go by land vehicles, air, water or infantry. Like with most strategy games, it's like rock, paper, scissors. Each one has a strength and weakness.

There are also buildings thrown into the mix to complicate things even more. You have cities, HQ (headquarters), and buildings that can create new units. When on a building, a unit can regenerate health so the more you have of these the longer your army is likely to stay alive and with the likes of the unit making buildings, the quicker you can build up your army.

You can win each mission either by defeating all their units on screen or by capturing their HQ.

Lifespan: The campaign took me just under 20 hours to complete so a fairly decent length for a game. There is also plenty of replayability to the game too. You can try and get the top rank in each mission or try completing the mission with a different CO, you have the option to play in multiplayer or play against the computer with maps either you've created or are already there, the list goes on.

Overall: I loved the first once but felt the second game wasn't really up to scratch. However, I think this game brings the series back on form although when I go back to remembering the game, I'll try and forget about the missions in the later game.
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on 18 December 2005
In my opinion Advance Wars DS is the best game for the Nintendo DS. There are so many different types of games to choose from such as Campaign, Versus, Survivor, Combat and War Room. You can create and use your own maps and you can battle up to 8 people by using just 1 game cartridge! And because the DS is wireless you can be between 30-100 feet away! Every battle you play on Advance Wars will never be the same, everytime you play you think of different stratergies and techniques to beat your opponent.
Advance Wars DS is a lot better than Advance Wars 2 you can have Dual Screen battles where you can send units up to the top screen to help them out and you can use tag power which lets you use 2 super powers and you can use your turn twice! Also the graphics and sound are awesome! You will never get bored of this game and it is a must have for anyone who owns a DS. If you havn't got a DS it's worth buying 1 just for this game!
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on 8 April 2008
I'll keep this short. I heard many good things about the prequels on the GBA, but dismissed them as I don't like strategy games. But when offered this for a measly ten pounds from a friend I thought 'What the hell' and bought it.

It's addictive, deep, and oh so much of a joy to play. It is very challening and requires you to develop a strategy but it really is worth your time even if you don't usually like these games. Battles can be very long but there is no time limit so you can take as long as you like, perfect for when you are half watching TV, half playing the game! you can even save mid-battle if needs be.

Believe the hype, believe the reviews, its fantastic.
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on 13 December 2005
This may be the most addictive game EVER! i mean it. I have played it for a total of 50 hours and i've only had it a week. Buy this game now. Dont ask questions just by it. Only problems are the loss of social life and the need to recharge your DS batteries every day.
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