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on 30 August 2017
This is the greatest strategy title of all times.
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on 15 October 2005
This game is amazing! Anyone who has played the GBA versions, will have no trouble getting to grips with this. The major difference is that now you use the touch screen to deploy units. This is much easier (and fun) than using the D pad.
Anyone who hasn't played the series before will also find it easy to get into.
The first few missions in the campaign have really clear "in game" instructions.
The only bad thing I have to say about the game is the amount of text you have to read. However after the frst 10 missions there is a lot less dialogue so stick with it. This minor problem really doesn't effect the enjoyment if this game.
Amazon are selling this game at a great price and I am sure you will love it.
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on 25 October 2005
In a nutshell, I have found Advance Wars DS to be a well planned and balanced strategy game, which for some reason gets addictive after a while.
I was new to this series, so I can't make a comparison against earlier releases of Advance Wars. I have, however, played many PC strategy games and you could say I am a fan of strategy, real time or turn based. Advance Wars DS actually reminded me a bit of an old game called History Line which I played on the PC back in the early 90s when I was a teenager, so you may find the whole concept of Advance Wars a little dated. What is interesting, however, is the way Nintendo has implemented and executed the whole game play and its experience.
It's a gripping stuff. On one hand it has a very simple rule set with simple game mechanics, yet on the other hand the strategy necessary to play well is extensive. The beauty of it seems to be that you could have a sloppy game (and sort of win), if you wish, but it also accommodates those who want to think hard. You can do this either way, depending on what you are like. Sometimes I'm mentally tired and end up winning in a sloppy game (and at times getting slaughtered), but others times I take my time planning my moves and pull off a wonderful strategy which leads to a crisp and satisfying victory.
Another strange thing about this, as I found out the more I played, is that somehow it manages to feel fresh and new. It doesn't feel like a game which has dated game mechanics (which it does, technically speaking). The designers have done a great job implementing the gameplay while making sure players are hooked to it strategically.
It's not a fast paced Real-Time strategy, but a Turn-Based strategy. So I'm sure there are preferences depending on what sort of strategy you like. For what it is, Advance Wars DS is well worth the money, time and effort even in this day and age. Don't let its rather simplistic and youthful screenshots fool you - it is a well written game.
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on 20 February 2006
for me my DS has always been for long car journeys, and i bought this game planning to play it on the 9 hour trip to wales. When i arrived i was a few missions into the campaign mode, as well as playing various challenges in war room. The campaign acts fristly as a tutorial and then the main focus of the gam,e following a hardly gripping storyline; baddies invade, goodies untie to beat them back. It is a lot like other advance wars games, with a few brilliant exceptions. firstly wireless multiplayer enabled by the DS, you can play against up to three friends with just your one cartridge, taking turns on just one console, or wirelessly linking four. experiance is enhanced if every player has a cartridge, opening up new maps.
Still based around turn based battles, where you gain funds, and spend them building new units, and then deploying these untis to capture new cities and engage enemy forces. the main change that sets this apart from other advacne wars games is the commanding officers. there is a new "tag team" system, where two co's can swap out and take it in turns. the co attacks that are unleashed when the player has gained enough points (through combat) can turn the tide of battle, creatin tsunamis to cruch the foe, or missiles amongst many others. But with tag team, both co's can unleash both attacks, then your army can move twice in one turn, accomponied by relevant co powers. this adds some real tactics to battles, with some co's working well together, and some not.
i got the game the week it came out, and this week i found a new game mode! survival sees you battling through a series of maps, with either limited funds, time or turns.
i find the game easiest without the stylus, using the dpad and buttons instead, which are all that's neccessary, you being only required to select units/buildings and give them commands.
a great game, and one that will last you a long time, with new challenges emerging every time you play it. limitations are, wireless gaming with only one cartridge there is only basic modes open, and some would find not relying on the DS' touchpad and mic a let down, although like i said, you can play with the stylus, but the mic remains unused. These really are insignificant compared to the real value for money, and playtime. highly reccomended.
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on 4 June 2009
This game sat in my DS case for quite a while after I bought it. Played it a few times on a long-haul flight, made my way through the early training missions, and sort of tired of it. The game is packed with layers to take on board, and unpeels them like an onion at quite a pace. First you're faced with a large range of vehicles to choose from, each with movement range, firing range, firepower and defence, and each with one or two weapons that fare better or worse against different targets. But then almost immediately the game introduces you to terrain, CO strengths and weaknesses, CO powers, vision in fog of war and then eventually combat by sea and air. And then you fight two battlefronts at once using the dual screen. It's quite intimidating but mainly I just wasn't enjoying it very much.

And then something clicked. I returned to it months later and started from mission 1 again. Equipped with a bit of an understanding of what was coming I was no longer on the back foot, learning through mistakes, and was forming strategies and adapting to changing battle conditions. I was picking the right CO for the job, and taking advantage of the weaknesses of my opponent, setting traps, withdrawing troops to recover and battling on multiple fronts. Winning a battle map by land-based conquest and then immediately starting it again with a different CO to see if I could conquer by sea.

This is one of the greatest games I've played on any format, hand-held or otherwise. It has hooks in all the places to draw you in to a quick skirmish or sustain your attention for a massive four-hour battle with multiple opponents. Having made the mistake of attempting one or two of the more difficult maps, only to find myself rapidly and painfully wiped from the field, I am sure that after 60+ hours of gameplay I am far from beating this game. What's amazing is I'm also far from bored with it. It's a measure of incredibly well-balanced gameplay. Victory is never easy but always just about within grasp, and is therefore satifying as a result. And those little XP abilities you unlock as you go, as well as a massive number of battle maps and gameplay modes, keep you playing and honing your game.

Particularly good for those who do a lot of travelling, whether long-haul or just a daily commute.

But yes, you will need a little patience to penetrate it's tough shell.
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on 26 April 2006
This is an exceptional strategy game that does not dissapoint especially in terms of how much gameplay it has to offer. It's a turn-based strategy that see's you deploying units and battling them on a variety of different maps. The main one player mode is campaign mode that is like a story based series of battles having you use different COs for their strengths and weaknesses and believe me from an advance wars veteran- it is absolutely huge. After two weeks of playing it solidly I got on campaign mode what I thought was the final mission but I'm still playing it now. The war room offers even more gameplay at a more advance level as you could be fending of 2 or 3 armies at once. This is whats good about the game, it takes one hell of a player to complete the game.

I'd reccomend this game to anyone
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on 23 April 2010
To me this is all a sequel should be and everything number two wasn't. What with new characters, new combat types and new vehicles it has plenty to keep you going.

Plot: There seems to be more of a story to this one then the other two which to me is a good thing. You're actually given a reason to fight now. It's not hugely deep but your old enemy, Black Hole Army, are back once again and it's up to you and your allies to put and end to them once and for all.

Each army has several COs (commanding officers) and each CO has a strength and weakness and it's up to you to find the best man (or woman) whatever CO the Black Hole army throws at you.

I did find though that around level 20 (can't remember which one exactly) the difficulty was hiked right up without warning. I really enjoyed the slow learning curve up till then but after starting to play the harder ones, it took away some of the fun factor. I thought they had learned from the previous ones about the difficulty level but soon found out how wrong I was.

Graphics: The cut scenes are in a manga style. Some people love it and others hate it. I admit I used to dislike it but have learnt to enjoy its uniqueness as time has gone by.

The units in battles are basically the same as the previous two GBA games just a little tidier.

Sound: I found the music repetitive at times so ended up turning it down half the time but as far as the combat sounds go, well there's nothing quite like hearing, after many turns of wearing them down, your tanks (especially the mega tanks) blowing the enemy tanks to bits.

Controls: Although touch screen controls have been implemented for the DS, it's easier to just use the buttons. At least there's a choice for people.

Game play: You start with so many units and the enemy starts with theirs. It's then up to you to move your units to meet theirs in battle. Sounds simple enough but it's all about the timing. You send one unit alone and it's going to be wiped out pretty easy, you send an army the size of theirs and it's going to be stale mate but if you manage to get your units to wean their units away from the main group, over time your looking at the road to success. Where you place your units all plays a part in it too as different areas have different defense ratings.

You have the option to choose to go by land vehicles, air, water or infantry. Like with most strategy games, it's like rock, paper, scissors. Each one has a strength and weakness.

There are also buildings thrown into the mix to complicate things even more. You have cities, HQ (headquarters), and buildings that can create new units. When on a building, a unit can regenerate health so the more you have of these the longer your army is likely to stay alive and with the likes of the unit making buildings, the quicker you can build up your army.

You can win each mission either by defeating all their units on screen or by capturing their HQ.

Lifespan: The campaign took me just under 20 hours to complete so a fairly decent length for a game. There is also plenty of replayability to the game too. You can try and get the top rank in each mission or try completing the mission with a different CO, you have the option to play in multiplayer or play against the computer with maps either you've created or are already there, the list goes on.

Overall: I loved the first once but felt the second game wasn't really up to scratch. However, I think this game brings the series back on form although when I go back to remembering the game, I'll try and forget about the missions in the later game.
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on 12 July 2011
Having played the previous Advanced Wars titles, I was impressed with this game. Having feared that many of the new features in the game would detract from the strategy aspect, I realised once playing that this was the same old advanced wars.

People who are new to the series will find it easy to pick up: the tutorial is in my opinion more to the point than the previous games, veterans of the previous games will jump straight into the action with ease. All the new features are fun, and balanced- The new units are worth what you pay for them, none over-powered and every unit has a use for a certain situation. The all new tag powers really are a great addition, as they can easily break the all too often stalemate in many turn based strategies. The new survival mode and the combat mode are another boatload of fun, especially the combat mode, being completely different to what you would expect from an advance wars series.

However I have just a few minor qualms with this game: to advance wars veterans who have completed the advance campaigns in games one and two, this game will be a breeze. Myself, not being that greatest at Turn based strategies managed to achieve top ranks in both campaigns, in the first play-through. However the difficulty is easily increased by choosing a un-suitable commanding officer for the mission.

Overall, this game is very well programmed and designed. The new features of the game are great. The only thing that is lacking is a super challenging mode as was present in the previous two games. To those that have played advance wars , or have not, this is a game with is well worth the money.
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on 12 December 2006
A lot of people seem to be camparing this game to command and conquer when its more like Starcraft meets Chess. The balancing of the units in this game is very good and adds a lot of strategy. It requires you to actually use your brain(unlike command and conquer)and it isn't just mindless hogwash. The graphics could have used an upgrade from the GBA versions but the gameplay more than makes up for it. I highly recommend this game if your willing to give up some time on learning the ropes.
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on 10 February 2007
Amazing game, can get very deep and involved, which is fantastic for the DS. One of the best points is that you can play for just a few seconds and save at any point, which is a rare thing on DS games. Like I say I've been playing this for a year and I am still hooked - the campaign alone is huge, but there are so many extra levels and maps, it's fantastic.
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