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The Giani Amelio movie is an intellectual delight about remorse and love revitalised and more than that it is about the fact it is never too late to make up for lost time in human relationships and if it had been sentimental it would not have come up with a cynical mother who prays and has the courage to admit that she wished her disabled child would have died many a times although she is imbued with a self condemned hatred for that thought alone .

There is a sense of loss in it's rich narrative which keeps you glued to the aspirations of these disabled kids who are beyond any medical care ,there are moments here where you can actually observe the tortured human soul and at times you get naked glimpses of the distorted world inhabited by these disabled children and their carers and parents, who are suffer more yet are blessed by a magnificent love for their physically challenged offsprings .

This has more qualities to it then i have seen in similar themes about a father-son[played by Rossi clan as father and son ] relation under examination when the teenage boy meets his father for the first time ,from their introduction to their tumultuously evolving relationship ,as the father tries to help rehabilitate the disabled lad, or about the discussion on handicap and disability in context to a family structure affected severley by the duress of a disabled child who tests the patience of the parents .

The performances by Kim Rossi,Andrea Rossi and Charlotte Rampling are too real to be an act ,they are heartfelt forays into the world of human deprivation,especially Rampling who plays a mother who exists only for caring her disabled offspring and displays an anguish that is immensely moving ,

This will remain an utterly haunting memory in my mind forever as it is sincere and passionate art without redundant style which fascinates you by it's eclectic simplicity.

The genius is how the director acutely perceives the medical profession,which views these kids, with a patronising sympathy but cannot empathise with their natural status , despite being the only people who are bestowed with the means and skills to help these children ,they are unable to fathom the mysteries of human emotion in disabled bodies ,as it becomes almost a personal ego trip and a grand circus to treat them, with the experimental paraphranelia extending from electro encehalograms and video gait measures ,merely to discuss them in medical forums as medical objectives and subjects rather than human individuals .

I totally agree with the conclusion of the maker that the paradox is in the mind to a large extent of the so-called normal individual ,rather than the disabled body, and you need to examine your perspectives to disability and then reach a private and more concious conclusion regarding a disabled individual who is possibly content as they exist naturally in their creation,for me that was a bitter truth to swallow that society has created this handicap for our own satisfaction , to glorify and flaunt and wallow in our technical knoweledge and scientific sophistication ,and the human spirit whatever body it inhabits just needs to be loved in the final appraisal by people who sincerely care for just who they are in whatever mangled form they inhabit it .

The distorted physical forms are almost emotional poetry in this movie and the final product is an emotional ballet like a great Italian opera without the pretense .


usman latif khawaja
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on 25 August 2011
when i was a small very young boy all through my childhood i had a dad who never ever once cared or was ever interested in having any time and nothing to do with me and my two young special need brothers. so we never ever once got all the care love effction that most other children got. i felt as a boy a waste of space not wanted and did not belong. and that did hurt alot a small boy who knows most other childen get everything and all from there dads days out time together presents help with home work and tell us he loves us and never ever once play with us. so when i seen this film it did explain alot to me about who i am and how i am the way i am as my dad was never the dad i so much wanted and i was never the son he wanted. so i had to grow up to depend on no other pearson but only myself. you see when some others cant and dont want to take the time to get to know us and understand us for who we are based on how we were raised up to be and why we are what we become then there is those who can and do wrong us and hurt us with there warped twisted lies mind and heart because they want us all to themselfs and if they cant get that they cause destruction and years of pain and hurt and when others listen only to lies you get a clear pitcure. this film is a great film and for any who have not seen it please do then those who do might just understand us for who and what we are then want wrong us. people need to open there mind and eyes then they will know us better.
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on 2 November 2014
difficult film to watch, not only due to the language barrier, but never quiet sure where it is going.
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on 21 March 2008
This is a beautiful film that makes the viewer feel very much like they’ve witnessed a chunk of incredibly moving real life. The acting and script are naturalistic and have all the lumps and bumps of a genuine experience. The two main characters are wonderfully flawed; the son by his disability and volatile temperament; the father by his naivety and his overwhelming sense of guilt, which he (and the viewer) has to wrestle throughout the film.

The Keys To The House has a great deal of humour, and the characters’ journey takes you through a whole spectrum of emotions without being in the least bit sentimental. The two main actors deliver utterly convincing performances which push and pull the viewers’ sympathies throughout, and which, along with the excellent screenplay and mature direction, make this film a profound accomplishment.
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on 4 August 2015
good movie,
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on 4 June 2015
Does the job.
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on 16 September 2010
This could have been sentimental dreck in Hollywood - a father who abandoned handicapped son comes back to help care for him.

But in Amelio's neo-realist hands, while it does have a few over-the-top moments, it's more than redeemed by other, powerfully sad moments that acknowledge just how hard caring for a disabled child can be. There are a handful of logic holes in the plot, but the acting is terrific, and when the film gets unflinchingly honest at key moments, it earns the heartbreak it causes.
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on 3 January 2008
This is one of the most beautiful films that I have ever seen; it is nothing less than a monumental piece of art. Andrea Rossi as the young son makes a breathtaking performance and it affected me greatly. This film is a must in every DVD collection.
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on 7 March 2006
You are guaranteed to get 100% if a film is directed by Gianni and performed by Charlotte Rampling. It is a beautiful and moving Italian film about a father's love. The actor, Kim Rossi Stuart, is incredibly handsome father of a teenage disabled son and this is a story about these two people, one is disabled physically and another one is disabled emotionally. Highly recommend this film.
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