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Customer reviews

3.3 out of 5 stars
Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike (Xbox)
Price:£11.18+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 14 September 2005
This game has been somewhat unjustly reviewed so far. The simple fact of the matter is that it is an absolutely brilliant game, at a fantastically good price, and worth every penny of your money - and for either single or multiplayer.
But, and it's a big BUT, only if you like the style of play.
This game is designed from the ground up as a fairly realistic simulation. There are no health packs, you die very quickly if you get shot, and one-man head on assaults a-la Halo will never, ever, work. It's all about carefully planned attacks, hitting the enemy where they don't expect you, using the terrain, carefully watching for enemy movement, picking targets off at a distance, and not getting too close. If that doesn't sound any fun to you, just don't buy it.
On the other hand, if you want a game to really get your teeth into, with a genuinely engaging, edge of the seat, feel-the-battlefield-fear war sim, you really couldn't do much better.
For single player there are 11 missions, which feature a variety of objectives in a nice selection of environments. Most of the time you'll be part of a team of 4, with the ability to give simple orders to you team - who are thankfully fairly dependable and a geniune help, and do not require constant guidance. The other missions are just you alone. For these you're granted the ability to shoot around corners using a camera on your gun, and to call in artillery strikes, and they are a genuinely fun and chalenging variation. The levels are nice and open and not the least bit linear, so it's up to you whether you attack from the front or try and circle around behind a heavily dug in enemy (and for the same reasons as must exist in real life, I'd really advise the latter).
Any of the missions can be replayed solitary style or co-op, and can be varied between normal mission objectives, a straight enemy hunt and more. As I havn't got Live I can't comment on the multi-player, but there are lots of gametypes and plenty of maps (about 24).
The AI is surprisingly good. Enemy troops will drop to their stomachs when under fire, run away, try to outflank you, and use vehicles to good effect. One of my most memorable moments came in one of the single player missions, when I decided to move to the other side of a large rock I'd been sniping from behind, only to run straight into 3 enemy soldiers who'd been about to outflank me. Maybe not to the level of Halo Covenant AI, but much better than that exhibited in your usual FPS.
Graphically, the game is excellent. The maps are huge, at about 2 km to a side, and the draw distance is impressive. Atmospheric effects are really nice, especially the rain, and it chugs along comfortably at 30fps. You can choose between 1st and 3rd person views - even in game - and the character animations are really nice. Just try switching between a rifle and rocket launcher in 3rd person view and you'll notice the attention to detail.
The sound is of likewise quality, with good gunfire effects including the whiz of misses and the thuds of bullets in the dirt around you. It really gets the job done of immersing you in the moment.
In terms of longevitey, I would estimate about 8-12 hours to finish the campaign on Normal difficulty. After that, there's the harder setting and Lone Wolf mode to try, of which the latter is a definate must. So even without the multiplayer I reckon there's a good 16-24 hours of play here.
Downsides? Relitively few. On the odd occasion you will find yourself pinned down by an enemy who's just out of sight (in the fog or rain, usually), so you can't shoot back but are still under fire. The best course is usually just to try and outflank them. Also, given the fairly unforgiving nature of the game, you can sometimes get stuck in a hard part of a level, but I prefer to view this as a challenge and try to change my tactics.
So, to sum up, if you want a fast paced, one man army, circle strafing frag fest, don't buy this game. If, on the other hand, you'd like a game with some gritty realism, real strategy, edge of the seat tension, and great replayability, I really couldn't recommend it more.
Especially at less than £20.
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on 31 March 2007
I'll start off by saying I think this is the best GR game there is. I have Ghost Recon 1 on the PC, and both expansion packs, Ghost Recon 2, and also Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter on the Xbox 360. To me, this game beats them all. It takes the best features from Ghost Recon 1, like the non linear maps and missions, and puts it altogether with Ghost Recon 2's accessibility.

The graphics are amazing, and not that far off from the graphics in GRAW on the 360. The controls are tight, and the online play is awesome, especially when you play blind siege.

I tell all of my friends to get this game. It's awesome. Look at the price to!!! How could you not buy it for under a tenner??
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on 12 December 2005
I bought this game on a friday and almost literally played it all weekend! I completed it come Sunday evening, and although that may seem a short-lived game, this came with plenty of Tom Clancy gaming experience and a lot of spare time and dedication!!
To anyone who loves playing any of the Rainbow six series, or the original Ghost Recon, then this game for less than £20 is a right bargain! I couldnt believe the price when i saw it in the shops!
As the guy above says, yes it is hard, it is tough, and people will shoot you when you cant see them - but isnt that what happens in the battlefield? This game is one of the most realistic, satisfyingly explosive plays you'll encounter.
But i must stress, if you're after the kind of game where your health bar runs down from 100, then this isnt for you! If you're shot in the leg you'll limp away, if you're shot in the head you're dead! Simple as, realistic as!
The attention to detail is immense. The soldiers (mainly your team) details are incredible, from them hitting the ground, to pearing around corners, to changing their weapons. The level terrains are so diverse you'll cream yourself with the variety of landscapes you come across!!
I dont have xBox live, so therefore cannot comment on the live play, though i remember playing the original GR on the PC and loved every minute of that. On this version you can also play multiplayer on the one xbox - upto 4 players on one screen! Probably a bit crowded but 2-player would be incredible!
Overall, this game to me is amazing. Id also reccommend the other Ghost Recon2 for xbox, the only issue with the game i have is that there is an ending! Highly playable, highly enjoyable and the graphics are extensive in every sense of the word!
To anyone who likes the Clancy series, or anyone whos willing to attempt to learn how this game is played, which wont take long when you get in the right frame of mind, this is a bargain!! Legendary game, legendary series come on GR 3!!
Easily earned * * * * *'s!
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on 18 August 2005
Ghost recon 2 was always a popular team based xbox live game but summit strike really adds something new to what was allready great. There are lots of great new maps which you have to master to be able to flank the enemy which will take time but once you have you will be hard to beat! There is not much new for single player because this expansion pack is aimed mainly at live users. Overall GR2SS is a great game and the way to go in online gaming!
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on 20 August 2008
Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike (Xbox)

If you are looking for a good war-game look no further! Ghost recon 2 is set in Kazakhstan in a war between allies and rebel forces working for the axis leader; 'Rahil'. The 11 challenging missions include many different scenarios from rescuing UN soldiors from a rainy valley to destroying artillery high in the mountains with strong resistance. In this game there is no 'easy' setting it is either hard or normal. Although there are only 11 missions each mission contains multiple objectives. The character you will play as is ghost leader Scott Mitchell and you will usually command a small group of elite soldiors who each have different roles, here is a list of the characters: Jennifer Burke (rifleman), Joe Ramirez (rifleman), Grigory Koslov (rifleman), Marcus Brown (gunner), Nick Salvatore (gunner), Alicia Diaz (marksman), Mike Kim (marksman), David Foster (grenadier) and Derrick parker (grenadier). In the game you're official role is rifleman but you can choose at the beginning off every mission what 4 weapons you want in your inventory. You are allowed one main weapon (rifle, LMG etc.), one secondary rifle, one explosive (grenades, claymores etc.) and one mission weapon such as a laser designator or a rocket launcher etc. There are many weapons to choose from such as heavy-hitting sniping rifles such as the LRS 338 to bog standard rifle such as the A2 carbine. So buy this game if you're after a good war-game.
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on 1 December 2005
The graphics are excellent best of any FPS iv ever seen or played shocking landscapes there diverse and detailed just beautiful.
Next is gameplay oh boy if you start the campaign you have two choice's normal or hard i play on normal and its impossible the AI are smart too smart infact now imagine taking on 60 soliders in real life its just the same you get shot in the head ur dead 1 bullet but the good thing is you can take about 4 in the chest and legs.
It evens up a little as you have some of the most arsome wepons in the world there are the best german, french, english and amercian rifle's, gunners, grenadiers and marksmans with special high tech lonewolf gun's that shoot around corners plus rocklaunchers, grenades and handguns a massive choice to choose from but you still wont fly through the game u need to use tactics and get into a soliders brain if you want to survive.
Now onto xboxlive its nothing compared to halo2 but its a nice change and the only big let down as is with every other game you will play online is the way its setup its just annoying if you press quickmatch you could get anythink with any amount of people so you goto optimatch choose every type of game there is to find and you will mostly get lastmanstanding which is ok but you might catch them just as they started so you gotta wait till they have all died this could be over in 2 mins or 10 mins and you cant even watch the game as there playing you can only see the stats welldone you finally get a game you choose your weapon and you toggle into crouch position now your running ducking and diving infront and behind boxes and crates, durt mounds, rubble and buildings BANG! your dead and you have to wait till everyone has been killed and then start again most people will get 1 kill and if your good you will get 2 and if your really good you might get a grand total of 4.
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on 5 September 2005
Man, is this ever a game for the soldier wannabes. I just can't get my head round how everyone goes nuts for this. Yes, nice graphics, yes, military accuracy, but fun? FUN? I ask you, where's the fun in being shot on or offline by a bad guy half a mile away who you can't see? Because that's the way this baby plays, and it plays the game of ultimate stress VERY well. Start a game, wander around, get shot, order squad to shoot guys that are half a metre in front of them but they just spin around, get finished by a bad guy miles away. I hated the first one for this, I hate this one for this. This is the utimate stress trip you'll EVER have to take, and personally I don't see why anyone would want to pay for the privilege. And so, I sit back and await the flood of 'if you can't hack a difficult game don't buy it' responses. In advance, I've been playing for years and have beaten the best of the best. This is not 'hard', it's just stupid. Avoid like the plague.
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