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on 7 April 2017
I had this game years ago, missed it so bought another. Does not look half bad.
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on 17 October 2005
This game gives you no tutorial when you begin, you are thrown straight in. Unless you had the sense to read the manual, all you have to rely on are constant control tips flashing up.
The opening scene involves you, and part of the spartan army, being rallied by your leader. during his speech a strange voice speaks out to you, the gods are talking... to you, a lone warrior...
defending a wall segment of the city of Sparta is your first objective, as Roman troops flow out of the siege towers, arrows and missisles rain down, you must fend off the romam hordes and continue your objectives.
From there you travel across Europe, often battling the Roman empire, sometimes taking a break for some mithology fighting. This may be a fighting game, but it is not an average hack and slash, you can plow into a crowd of 30 enemies if you wish, but getting back out is hard. There are no insane KO counts here, you must fight manually, occaisonally pulling off a powered move. This adds to the fun of the game, and keeps it fresh, and away from button bashing.
The graphics are amazing, the backdrops stretch for miles, there is no slow down even in massive fights, and the combat seems real. Like something out of a movie, not a Dynasty warriors game. The characters look a little old, but thats hardly and eye sore.
The voice acting in this game seems silly sometimes. All the romans have british accents, and for some reason one of your allies is voiced by Tony the Tiger. The music is really simple and harldy captivates.
The lifespan of this game is its biggest let down, it is over far too soon, and some of the levels just have no substance. You will get stuck, the difficulty curve is a little strange, some objectives are far too easy, other are far too hard.
Overall i really enjoyed this game, It is the ultimate title for renting, but for long term interest, I dont reccomend it.
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on 20 February 2008
When i first got this, it seemed relatively fun. After a while though it gets quite boring despite killing horders of Romans and other creatures. You don't really need to put much effort into it, except from Boss battles, etc.
The thing that i think makes it good is the range of Mythological creautres such as the Minotaur. If i would improve one thing it would to have a mission without actually killing. Because, they seem to of got alot of Kill,Kill,Kill chapters in it.
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on 13 February 2008
I'm not a violent person but I think this game is one of the best games I have ever played. Well you can't blame me for that, I mean it has good graphics,cool mini movies and medievil weapons. I give this game 10/10.Try this game,it's good for rainy days.
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on 4 September 2006
Spartan Total Warrior has a mixed appeal for me that on one hand slakes my need to cause massive, bloody carnage upon a never ending enemy, and at the same time seems to go on endlessly without ever offering much in the way of choice or diversity from level to level.

However if you are indeed a fan of all out bloodshed, then this is the game for you.

The idea is reminiscent of LOTR: Two Towers, in that you have a couple of weapons (or weapon and shield) and have to run around slaughtering everything that presents itself to you as a threat. In fact, I would go so far as to say Spartan borrows quite heavily from the afore mentioned game unashamedly. (Level types, combat mechanics, weapons choices and the survival mode all smack of the LOTR games).

You are "Spartan"; a name that could cause some confusion amongst your mates, considering everyone from your city is also a Spartan. You are a dreadlocked double hard matey, with the power of the gods behind you, willed into fighting the invading Romans to the death. And that's just what you do. To call it a "history" game is stretching it a bit far, I'd prefer to call it a fantasy hack and slash involving Spartans and Romans.

As "Spartan" you take it to the invading legionnaires just about single handed, and proceed to throw bloody carnage down upon their puny heads.

It's not worth going into detail about the plot or levels, as neither are important in the slightest. Just know that you have the ability (thorough a rather small selections of moves) to bash, hack and power move your way through many ranks of legionaries. The power moves are lush to watch, and cause suitable massacres to any one standing nearby, or directly to one enemy, depending on your fancy. For those stat fetishists out there, your combos and kill frenzies are displayed on screen for you to slaver over too.

If you see this game going for under 15 quid, buy it (you can always sell it again).

Blood, decapitations, rather annoying American voiced Spartans and Cockney Romans, sumptuous wide angle shots, and button bashing madness.

Perfect for those times when you don't really know what you want to play, but its got to be in your face and frenzied.
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on 29 October 2005
This game is awesome.
Especcially at the start it puts you the fearless spartan warrior into a battle to defend your city. Thousands of people fighting each other on the screen bodies everywhere. The graphics of this game are truly gobsmacking.
This game can get a bit boring when it comes to hard missons which are impossible at first but once you develop new tactics you normally progress into another amazing quest.
Personally this is one of the best games every and certainly lives up to the epic rome total war on pc.
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on 9 October 2005
This game will blow you away. It is basically Rome: Total War except you play as one soldier on the spartan side against the Romans. But don't expect a history lesson; eventually you will be given power moves (Lightning bow, Rage moves etc.) and you will be fighting huge mythalogical bosses, skeletons and zombies. But do not fear all hack'and'slash haters. You will not just be required to kill a certain amount of people at point A and then do the same at point B. You will need to do things like freeing soldiers who are trapped after an explosion or kill all the centorions in an army (Which is a lot harder than it sounds!) And to finish off it will never get boring. No mission plays out the same as another one so if you buy this don't expect to get tired soon.
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on 1 July 2009
Spartan Total Warrior is a basic hack 'n' slash. A pretty tough one. Problem is every level is the same, the slaughter of umteen Romans and for the odd change Zulu types.

The gameplay is frantic as you tackle waves upon waves of relentless enemies, often whilst trying to complete simple objectives. Completing them involves wading into the masses.

Fun initially it starts to get repetitive after a while. Some parts of the game are extremely tough requiring a lot of repetition. To be honest, competing some objectives is down to luck as you are not really in control of your own success.
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on 29 May 2007
When i bought this game all i wanted was a game that was all about running around killing lots of bad guys with medievil weapons, this game fitted the bill perfectly.

it may not be historically factual but when there is a hundred badies surrounding you thats the last thing on your mind. the controls are easy to pick up which also makes this game ideal for a bit of fun after the pubs shut as mates can pick it up and go on a kill frenzy straight away. since i bought it several of my mates have bought it too.

if all you want is a little mindless violence this is the game for you
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on 16 April 2011
When I first loaded up Spartan: Total Warrior, I felt that although fairly average, it was a good game to play to take a break from the more serious games out there. However, as time went on, everything became very stale and bland and there simply was not enough to make me want to keep playing.

Plot: You play an unnamed warrior simple called Spartan that sets out to save his civilization from the threat of the Romans. You must battle different armies while seeking out legendary weapons to help turn the tide. Eventually, once you're prepared, you will take on the Romans themselves in Rome and defeat the Roman Emperor Tiberius.

Although when playing, you can obviously see they aren't aiming to provide a realistic game, some of the ideas implemented really are terrible. For example using Medusa in a machine to suck her powers off her just doesn't fit with the setting at all. It's like they can't decide what they really want the game to be about.

Graphics: Quite poor. Although most areas are huge, the camera is scaled back so much just so you only notice the size of everything rather then the lack of detail applied to just about everything.

The main characters lack realism, the different enemies and allies of armies lack uniqueness and all your surrounding lack texture. Some may blame this on the console it's on but I've seen the PS2 produce much better.

Sound: Awful. Not only do the characters voices lack emotion but they hardly sound different to each other either. Another thing I found particularly annoying was the accents of the characters. The good guys have an American accent while the evil Romans have a really terrible English accent. Surely they can think of better villains then that?

Gameplay: Spartan: Total Warrior is a hack n slash game that lacks everything else that makes the likes of God of War great. No puzzling elements or a decent plot means that it's simply about killing everything in sight to get to the next objective to only have to do the same all over again.

At points in the game, you do get the option to say open gates or set fire to tents but this is all done with one button press and you're always told exactly where to go to do it. You have a group of warriors that accompany you on your journey and while supposedly there to help you fight, I found them more there to keep telling you what to do and herding you from one checkpoint to the next. Honestly, a three year old could follow the instruction of the game it's that simple.

Controls: Your usual hack n slash controls. You have buttons for stronger and weaker attacks as well as the option to use special powers for attacking too. Nothing different here that you wouldn't find elsewhere.

Overall: I had high hopes for a game created by the makers of the Total War series and with this game it fell far too short of them.
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