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on 26 November 2014
I've bought Davina, Beach Babes, Caroline Pearce, 10 minute solution target toning and now I have Rosemary and it's like being in the 1980s all over again!

It's a good old fashioned workout. No jumping around like an idiot, (which my knees won't let me do now anyway), no leaping up from the floor with only 3 seconds between repetitions, no planks resting on 1 arm with 1 leg up in the air! Just a nice steady pace, that gets your heart pumping and makes you feel good afterwards, all to good music too! I agree that the sound is not good, but you do get used to it after a while.

I'm only 50, but do find the other DVDs (except 10 minute solution target toning) are aimed at a younger group of people, the likes of whom I once was 15 years ago! I do wear leg and ankle weights though, and would recommend you invest, as it does add to the toning.

Once I've done the fat burn, I turn to my other DVDs for arms - Beach Babes very good for arms - and 10 minutes solution target toning is the best one for stomach.

All in all, I'm very happy with the purchase and am feeling very toned and fit and would happily recommend to ladies and gentleman no longer teenagers, but not in need of a zimmer frame just yet!
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on 18 October 2009
I have been working out with Rosemary Conley's "Five Day Fat Burner" and "Ultimate Whole Body Workout" for several years, but needed to update, as my video's were on tape, and I no longer have a VCR. I knew that I would be getting routines that I could manage and the fact that the set included a new video made it even more attractive.

I wasn't disappointed Fat attack was just what I wanted. After a knee opp I can no longer do floor exercises, but find that I get a good forty minute workout before the floor exercises. There are no new exercises, but they are arranged differently to new tunes, so make a change from my old tapes.
As with all Rosemary Conley's video's, the routines can be adapted to your personal fitness, you just follow the person on the video who is working at your own pace. The DVD is divided into five sections so you can mix and match, depending on time and energy available. I find that Rosemary is encouraging without being condescending and that her instructions are clear. I also find that working to recognisable music makes the routines enjoyable.
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on 31 December 2016
I bought this dvd to keep my mobility high after my second hip replacement; I am 66, 9 st and fairly fit, I go to 2 45 minute workout sessions per week at the local gym and I supplement this with cycling in autumn, spring and summer. I have now been through each dvd three times and find the exercises are far too easy for me. My main criticisms are 1) the camera angles will focus on a section of the team that I am not following. Why not focus throughout on just three of the team who are doing easy, intermediate and hard. 2) There are sections using chairs and broom handles (!!!), again why not focus on three of the team, one doing chair work, one doing normal and one with the broom handle (if absolutely necessary) or have a separate section for just those who like to work with a chair.
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on 17 September 2013
The thing I really love about Rosemary Conley is that she's realistic. She's not trying to be a super glossy pop star style celebrity, she's just genuinely doing her thing, she's the real deal. So her workout moves are realistic -- they're for everyone to do. Not just people with a background in professional dance, which half the aerobics DVDs out there seem to be aimed at. There's a variety of workouts in this pack, from quick 10 minute jobs to just tick the box for the day when you're busy, toning stuff and lots of cardio fat burning stuff, with real looking people (not glamorous star types) working out with her, people you can identify and relate with who do the workout at different levels so you can pick who to watch and follow according to your level and work your way up gently.

You don't see grand promises from Rosemary, she won't tell you that she'll "make you thin" in X amount of days/weeks etc -- because nobody can make you thin, only you can, by doing the work. Eat less fat, workout more. It's that simple, there's no escape, no substitute -- she helps you with the confidence and motivation but you have to DO the stuff for it to work, and STICK at it. Trust me, if you do, and if you stick with her, she won't lead you astray :)
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on 1 March 2017
In principle this is perfect for me - steps not too complicated, clearly explained and not overworking squats like some I've tried. BUT, firstly these are quite old, and the music is a bit dated AND most importantly, the music is out of time with the steps! I once trained as an exercise to music teacher and that is pretty fundamental. It sounds as if they changed their mind about the music after the film was finished and just crudely dubbed it in. I have to try and ignore the music and just watch the exercisers! (Have only used first disc so far - hopefully the other two are better)
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on 7 May 2012
First time have come across Rosemary Conley and bought the triple set as way of varying my workouts. The workouts are easy to follow, but found that there wasn't a lot of difference in the aerobics sections in the workouts across the 3 DVDs. The tone up sections on each DVD are probably sections and is good at targetting those problem areas. The 5 day fat burner DVD is ideal if short on time as this is set out in 10 minutes section. One criticism is that there are occasions when the music seems to drown out Rosemary's instructions making it difficult at times to follow the routines. Having 'real' people doing the workouts with Rosemary is more inspirational than watching the toned up professionals. Would recommend if you prefer a gentle workout.
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on 29 September 2009
This pack has 3 DVDs, with slightly different workouts, and slightly different ways of organising the sections. I think the Ultimate Whole Body Workout is my favourite, mainly because it has a couple of songs from the 90s, but dated as the music is in these DVDs, everyone will know almost every track.

I like Rosemary, and she has real people doing the workouts in her videos, and there's also a couple of men! There's also people working at both a higher and a lower level of activity than Rosemary, so it really is good for most fitness levels. I'd definately recommend this pack, especially if you compare the price with other exercise DVDs.

You don't need any equipment follow Rosemary, but you do need enough space to move about two steps in all directions, and if you follow the top level of activity there's quite a few jumps, so if you've got squeaky floorboards and loose cupboards, they'll definately hear you in the room below!

If I broke these DVDs I'd buy them again!!
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on 8 August 2015
I have purchased RC DVDs before and have always found them good. This box set however is really good value for money, all three DVDs give you a routine of excercises for different areas to work on and at different levels. I find the music far better than other DVDs and RC gives you precise instructions on each move. If you are looking for an all over fitness workout with nice music this is for you, however if you are a beginner you may find it fast and confusing at first but as you progress and get fitter you will soon get the results. Yes I would recommend both seller as DVD arrived very quickly and RC DVD as it is worth every penny.
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on 22 February 2013
I have alway struggled with my weight since birth of first son over forty years ago. I never thought that in my sixties I could find a regime that would make me feel more lively and help me get those extra pounds off.
But this triple video has been a big help added onto the diet & fitness class I now attend.
I also like the ones where if you cannot manage more than 'chair' exercises you can still feel that you are burning off some calories.

If you get bored easily with doing the same routines on these videos, then maybe it is because you are not going to a class each week, to stimulate you. But I am glad I have these to 'work out' with at home, as I have lost eleven pounds in less than two months.
This diet and fitness system works if you really stick to it.
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on 21 June 2014
I ordered this DVD along side another DVD but this one is my favourite especially the ULTIMARE whole body work out this is the one I work out to. I am 50 years old and this DVD is just right for me and I know the work out by heart now and follow what they do. I tried other work out DVD but this one is the best for me as it simple and not too much jumping about as I suffer from chronic pains and when it is bad I do the chair exercise work out which is also in this DVD.

I love Rosemary Conley all her work out DVDS.
You too would love this DVDS and I definitely 100% recommend it to anyone and you will not be disappointed.

Thank you Rosemary Conley
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