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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 5 April 2006
The untimely death of Paul Raven and the recent Last Sucker Release from Ministry has caused me to revisit my older collection of KJ. Having been a fan since 84 I have to admit to myself that after listening to everything since the Are you Receiving EP to Hosannas that overall I have listened to this current album probably only 3 times and it is now not as great as I first thought. The production is awful and having seen KJ live in 05 to support this album they only played Hosannas and Gratitude live. Paul had left to join Ministry apparently due to the fact KJ weren't actually saying anything in their music, and I'd probably agree, Last Sucker sounds more like the KJ sound and feel and is brilliant. KJ need to stop thrashing (Jaz is doing it again on the new October File cd) and look at what makes them great, a good mix of tribal, classical acoustic sounds, and a bloody good producer to bring out the best in them. Take a look at the remastered Extremities, Pandemonium, KJ 2003 or pre Outside the Gate for the best of KJ.
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on 7 June 2006
...if you haven't already bought this album.


'Hosannas...' sees The Joke swaggering confidently at their thundering, relentless best. This album is heavier than I expected from other peoples' reviews. Its maybe not as in-your-face as 2003's self-titled album, but it's a menacing, pulsating brute of an album that gets heavier and more powerful with every listen.

In my opinion 'Majestic' is the best Killing Joke track written in years.

There are so many layers to this album, especially if you listen on headphones, you begin to appreciate the intricate production. It has a very different sound to the last album with Jaz's vocals lower down in the mix - as if it were another instrument, rather than the focal point of each song. There is a darkness and intensity about this album that reminds me of the early releases such as 'Killing Joke' (1980) and 'What's This For', yet it still sounds fresh and ferocious.

'Invocation' is another song you can't help but feel the Joke have been threatening to write for years - a perfect synergy of Jaz's much acclaimed classical talents and Goerdie's dark guitar wizardry - it could even be alikened to Led Zep's 'Kashmir' in its throbbing intensity.

After you've bought this album do yourself a favour and go and see Killing Joke on tour at one of their Gatherings. This band play live like no other. Raw, intense and powerful - you will not be disappointed.
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on 5 September 2007
No I am not talking about attacking blue hedgehogs. This is a great album, if you seperate the songs some of them lose a large chunk of thier appeal. The music and lyrics are evocative, which are well represented by the surrealist cover art. Many Killing joke songs are very repetitive, the simplicity is part of the appeal, a tribal beat and savage attacks on society. Opening track, This tribal antidote opens with Jaz colemans gravelly shout as he sets the tone for the album. The guitars sound scuzzy the drums pounding and the bass thudding.
The title track is second with a fast pounding drum beat and similarly fast bass, thirty seconds later the guitars and keyboards come in a while before Jaz opens with the line " I harbour thoughts of killing you" It is a hellish sounding song that lightens up breifly halfway through. Invocation is the third track, an evocative epic, my favourite track on the album.
Majestic sounds like it could have been lifted from the pandemonium session, no bad thing as that is one of my favourite albums of all time.
Actually the same goes for walking with gods, which has a more dance like beat, perhaps fitting for a song about taking drugs.
Judas goat slows the pace a little, an epic and haunting track that falls short or greatness. Gratitude closes the album, it is a slow track with grinding guitars and it feel like a closing track.
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on 19 March 2007
The other reviews make it clear that you won't find any of the tinny late '80s KJ product on this album. No problem with that though - this cd is a wall of noise. Yes - it is hard at times to distinguish the component parts, but I don't particularly care about that. Music is so overproduced these days and this sounds as if they were in the garage next door with the volume up to eleven.

So why 3 stars? It's just not a great album - too many weak tracks to my ears. As a follow up to the last one it's a bit like Democracy coming after Pandemonium. Less important, the lyrics are cringeworthy and instead of singing Jaz too often sounds like someone poured boiling oil down his throat.

BUT - IMHO it has 3 of the best tracks KJ have ever done, which is why I play it so much. I flick through to Implosion, Walking with Gods and Gratitude and just play them again and again. Despite the criticism, at the end of the day it's a few quid for 15 minutes+ of monstrous aural brilliance - which you can play repeatedly without losing interest, though you will eventually have to replace the plaster on your walls! I don't bother with the other 'songs' now. File next to 'Revelations' in that respect, another very flawed gem.

If the whole thing, or even two thirds of it, had sent similar primeval shivers down my spine as these tracks did it would have been a superb album. Now there's a challenge if you do another one lads.
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on 1 September 2008
So furious, so intense. This album sounds more inspired and more fresh than just about anything they've ever made. It's hard to believe listening to this that this band has been around for nearly 30 years, and has put out 12 previous studio albums. The album kicks off with one of the most blistering and uplifting metal songs you will ever hear 'This Tribal Antidote' and pretty much just gets better right the way through until the last track. Personal favorites: This Tribal Antidote, Implosion, Gratitude.
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on 8 August 2006
I'll be brief as I've heard little or none KJ since their debut album, BUT - this album grabbed me by the ears, shook me from head to toe and brought the most enormous grin to my face - the wall of sound is just incredible and I cannot wait to experience it live.

Someone mentioned they had mellowed in recent years, perhaps those that didn't like this album were of the mellower variety, if you like it loud, incessant, in your face, pounding and hypnotic you'll adore this.

Of course sampling each track will tell you whether this is true or not - go listen!!
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on 25 March 2010
This is a stunning wild, heavy record. It is up there with some of the hugest, heaviest bands on the planet from a band that have influenced many of today's masters. It is just colossal, filled with wild riffs, distorted, and insane lyrics. Mad, heavy huge metal tunes.
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on 7 June 2006
My oh my.. I bought this after going to see them live a couple of months ago in Cambridge. I was blown away. Last time I saw them was way back around 1982/3 and they were always the strongest live band in the punk circuit; a mindblowing sound with a chilling front. They havent changed live and are back to full strength with 'Hosannas..' release.. OK so I know they went through a 'more mellow" phase, but this new LP sees them back on form and comes across as a return with a vengeance. Jaz's more than coarse vocals are tinged with so many characteristic Killing Joke riffs, chord combinations and almost tribal rythms. Powerful stuff to be played loud.
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on 12 January 2015
mr c was most impressed xmas morning.item arrived as stated & in good condition
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on 20 February 2016
really liked the CD I was disappointed with it ,jumped from the begining
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