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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 4 April 2017
Worth buying for "This Tribal Antidote" alone, best played at neighbour annoying volume level. Screaming along with the chorus I found very cathartic too, give it a try😎
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on 11 April 2006
Killing Joke appear to have been around for ever but it's actually a mere 28 years. Their back catalogue is positively jaw dropping, their break-up/reformation history a book in itself.
This, their 12th studio album, has a considerable amount to live up to, following on from their eponymous 2003 offering, a bombastic, political crucifixion of Bush, capitalism and globalisation, all set to the sound of a huge object landing from a great height with a trainwreck in the background. One line alone; 'they're dropping bombs again and they're doing it in your name' (Seeing Red) said more than the entire musical output of 2003 combined.
So how do you follow that? Well at first glance, 'Hosannas' gives some cause for alarm. The political sentiments have been largely ditched, at a time when the middle east is in shreds, Iran/US tension is mounting by the day, the planet is heating up and bird flu looms....hold on, that cover artwork looks suspiciously like an avian/human hybrid.......
Moving swiftly along, we reach the music. Jaz's earth-shattering vocals are well down in the mix this time, slightly reminiscent of 'Mathematics Of Chaos' from 'Pandemonium', but nonetheless effective for all that. Lyrics are included in the booklet and are essential, so don't be a cheapskate and get your mate to run you off a copy -- just buy it!
To be honest, 'Invocation' is worth the asking price alone -- a giant rumbling riff, backing what sounds like an orchestra who've stumbled into the wrong studio, with Jaz roaring over the top. But there's more -- another eight tracks, all clocking in at excess of five minutes, and at the risk of mentioning birds again, not a turkey in sight. It's awesome, it's angry, it's phenomenal, it's -- well, it's Killing Joke.
If you've never sampled the band, this may not be the ideal place to start -- I'd recommend Pandemonium or the 2003 album, but for commited jokers, this really hits the spot. If you've been unsure whether to dip a toe in -- don't hesitate -- just do it. Long live the Joke.
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VINE VOICEon 20 November 2006
As Killing Joke continue down the path, enlightening new listeners to their tribal antidote it is worth considering that they are the true fathers of industrial rock.

That alone is not enough to guarantee a good review and in comparison with the first and previous KJ albums this doesn't quite hit the mark, but I would take issue with some of the other reviews on show, the rhythm section is rumbling away in full swing and perhaps they have decided to hit a new furrow with a straight forward rock feel.

The chunky sound of Tribal Antidote is followed by the exceptional Hosannas and then into the Communion world of track 3. Imposion is stunning and crunching in its intensity, yes the production is muddy in places, but that doesn't mask the quality of songwriting.

KJ have represented an all important strand in my life as a band who have still carried on the punk ideals, who start trends rather than follow and who still thrill me every time a new release appears. Hosannas is no different.

I've shown my Gratitude in buying this record, I strongly suggest you do the same.
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on 7 April 2006
Long awaited follow-up to the awesome 2003 offering from The Joke. Bit of a curate's egg this one, but the good bits are - as usual - the best stuff you'll hear this year.

'Hosannas...' kicks off with a decent but unspectacular rocker, 'This Tribal Antidote', which sounds like it could be a candidate for a single. Then into the title track, which we've all played to death since being released as a single. It's still totally stunning though. On to 'Invocation' a string-driven stomper with a Middle Eastern feel which feels like it going to be an instrumental before Mr Coleman kicks in after a couple of minutes. Next is the other track previewed, 'Implosion', a cracking thrasher which has really grown on me. 'Majestic' reminds me strongly of 'Intravenous' off the 1990 album 'Extremities'.

Then the main course. And there's two of them - what a treat!! 'Walking with Gods' and 'The Lightbringer'. 'Walking...' really brings up the hairs on the back of my neck ("Push yourself to the limits of human endurance"). It's up there with the best tracks they have produced - EVER. 'Lightbringer' takes the riff from 'The Wait' on the eponymous first album from 1980 and stretches it into a blistering track nearly ten minutes long. Get in! Just listened to it three times on the bounce and it is totally Joke-tastic.

Truth be told the album fizzles out a bit after these monsters. Track 9, 'Judas Goat', I don't like after a couple of listens and the final track 'Gratitude' is a decent enough grinder very similar to a lot of the stuff on the 2003 eponymous album.

In summary, Jaz and the lads have delivered with this. Some staggeringly good tracks, a few not so good. But that's The Joke for you.

Also worth a mention is the incredible artwork on the CD.
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on 5 April 2006
An album more powerful than this surely doesn't exist. Thunderous drumbeats power along Geordie's signature ice cold guitar riffs, thudding basslines and Jaz's raging preachings: this album has all you'd come to expect from a Joke album and more besides. With 6 tracks coming in at over 6 minutes, these are not songs - these are epic tales from the end of the world.
A hint of orchestration and Eastern flavour only support that this is no mindless thrash, these guys know exactly what they're doing. Enjoy loud in a darkened room.
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on 5 April 2006
This is a must buy for any fan of killing jokes music,and for those who havent yet discovered this band,you really are missing out!,from the opening track a tribal antidote the raw power an energy unleashed by jaz's vocals,geordies burning guitar chords,ravens bass and new drummer bennys bombastic drum patterns(you thought dave ghrol was good)this smash's you hard in the face like a run away train. I thought their last album was top drawer and they had peaked with "total invasion", well its just got a whole lot better! my personal favorite "implosion" rocks the earth to the very core.
With lyrics which question the very human race and what its all about,jaz has never conformed to any trend or brand,this band really is unique, 25years on they still have the same rage and energy which is a super human feat in itself,there live shows are devastating, this album is the closest you'll get to meltdown! buy it today!
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on 10 April 2006
This latest offering from Killing Joke is right up there with the best of their work. The title song and single - Hosannahs -
is every bit as punishing as Money is not our God from the Extremities album from 1990. Its a return to their roots, no Dave Grohl to promoto this time (and enormous credit to Benny on the sticks - I'm sure Big Paul would approve. Geordie still manages to produce harmony and melody amongst the madness. Raven's bass playing is as mean as he looks. As for Jaz, well his performance is akin to the devil being alive and well on earth, and seeing as though the devil has all the best tunes, I'm beginning to wonder.....! My message would be - go out and buy it - and play extremely loud!!!!
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on 28 July 2011
Although perhaps not looked back upon as much as their other works such as Pandemonium, Democracy or either of their self-titled albums, it seems that Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell is an overlooked piece of work in the Killing Joke cannon, but it mystifies as to why!

Personally I enjoy listening to this album from start to finish on a regular basis, one could say it's more in line Killing Joke's more riff-heavy, industrial metal side (but then the band have never been easy to pigeon hole into a single genre of music). The songs on this album are probably amongst the longest the band have written, with longest track 'The Lightbringer' clocking in at 9:37, however that should not put people off, as each of the tracks on this album is compelling to listen to, particular stand outs for me include the title track with it's eerie keyboards and rumbling bass line; the epic Invocation (complete with orchestral arrangements conducted by the Black Jester himself, Jaz Coleman) and it's big lumbering riffs; the aforementionned The Lightbringer with it's constant fast paced tempo (by KJ's standards); and finally the dark and brooding Judas Goat, again with some nice riffs courtesy of Geordie Walker (doing what he does best).

All in all, this probably isn't the best starting point for people new to the band (where've you been!?) and should delve into Killing Joke's rich back catalogue before tackling this, but if you enjoyed the crushing, anger ridled return to form that was their second self-titled album, then you should lap this up nicely.

On a sidenote, I must admit I love the artwork for this album (disturbing as it may be :P ).
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on 6 December 2006
Apart from a few tracks, I'm a relative newcomer to The Joke, so I have not been fortunate enough to have followed them through their various incarnations. But I was completely blown away when I heard this album. It's an angry, merciless, ranting assault on the senses. If you like Coldplay or Feeder, chances are your are not going to like this album. But if you like crunching riffs the size of a third world country, and more vibrancy and vitality than you can shake a proverbial stick at, then this is right up your alley. Invocation and Judas Goat are two of the most incredible songs I have heard to date. Get it now !
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on 7 October 2013
I have followed Killing Joke since 1985 and have had the pleasure of seeing them perform live many times. Looking back at the catalogue from the most recent release in 2012, I am convinced that Hosannas From The Basement Of Hell is KJ's masterpiece. The quality of lyric writing is exceptional in terms of intellectual rigour and imagination and the choruses are as moving as Mozart's C Minor Mass and Bach's St Matthew Passion. This music demands to be heard on a scale above and beyond the capabilities of domestic hi fi and I have often fantasised that Coleman et al could bring their music to a level on par with orchestral music on a grand scale - e.g. Wagner Ring Cycle, Beethoven's 9th, Shostakovich's 4th etc. I hope one day to hear this magnificent work played by a symphony orchestra with a chorus of thousands. Jaz Coleman is a true master of song craft both in his ability to engage your mind and stir the soul. Geordie's guitar has never sounded more arousing in the mix as it does here. It's the sonic equivalent of Jack Kirby's New Gods DC comic book series.
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