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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
The Dream Team [DVD]
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on 15 June 2015
Good fun worth a atch
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on 25 July 2017
Not everyone's cup of tea .. But I love this movie 📽
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on 9 November 2017
Funny film
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With a cast to die for, this film is an absolute gem and really should be much better known.

With Dennis Boutsikaris, Michael Keaton, Christopher Lloyd, Peter Boyle, Stephen Furst, Lorraine Bracco and others, you should be able to aim your sights high. And you can. Oh boy, you can.

So, a doctor takes a bunch of non-dangerous mental patients to a baseball game, gets separated from them by corrupt cops and cue the patients trying to survive in New York.

Michael Keaton is the glue that holds them altogether, whether he likes it or not. Boyle and Lloyd start to find their cures with respectively family and former colleagues, and we can chuckle or laugh out loud all through.

Full of fantastic lines that only have real meaning in the context of the movie, the script is a real joy. I’ll only quote “Drop the gun. I’m a police officer” “I’m a mental patient. I’m not impressed” to get an idea of the fun you have in store if you watch this.

Still seeming fresh today, it’s a movie that I wish I was watching again for the first time. It’s so good. Really. Honest. Five stars, no question.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 19 August 2011
The Dream Team is directed by Howard Zieff and written by John Connolly and David Loucka. It stars Michael Keaton, Christopher Lloyd, Peter Boyle, Stephen Furst and Lorraine Bracco. Music is by David McHugh and cinematography by Adam Holender.

Billy Caulfield (Keaton)-compulsive liar and prone to violent outbursts; Henry Sikorsky (Lloyd)-tidy freak who thinks he's a doctor; Jack McDermot (Boyle)-thinks he's Christ; Albert Ianuzzi (Furst)-near catatonic personality who can only speak in sports jargon.

There are people, and perhaps even that little old angel on your shoulder from time to time, that tell you that one shouldn't make fun of the afflicted; case in point folk with mental issues. So it be with this here amusing picture, a film that basically sees four odd balls let loose in New York as they try to find their missing doctor and foil the couple of dirty cops who want to silence said doctor for good. Yet Zieff's film is neither crass or stupid, the comedy is well drawn, with the characters themselves not the danger to society kind, but the misfit sort who are struggling to fit into said society. Looking in at it a bit deeper, film has valid points about acceptance, messages about understanding, friendships and collective group unity being powerful. Even the effects of work pressure is given a sardonic glance. It's not like the makers set out to offend, pic never even sails close to the wind, evidently they clearly set up to entertain and amuse, and that goal is achieved royally because The Dream Team is awfully funny.

Does Ed go out of the window? Let's have a show of hands. You can vote too, Ed. This is America.

It's a smart collection of actors playing the "afflicted" guys, four actors very comfortable with each other and enjoying the benefits of a strong script. Each one is handed great comedy moments to act out, neither left out and neither disappointing. Boyle arguably steals the film by way of some excellent visual comedy, but it's most likely Keaton's caustic observations and one line zingers that will leave the lasting impression. The final quarter gets a bit mechanical as the intrepid "nut buddies" finally bond and the film shifts to a basic chase/race against the clock affair, but the gags still come and you may find you are still laughing about something that was said earlier anyway! Bracco isn't given a lot to do, which practically renders this as being an ultimate buddy buddy guy flick, and the two "dirty" coppers played by James Remar and Philip Bosco are by the numbers villains. Small moans only, though, and in the name of good comedy, who cares really?

It's great to be young and insane! Hell Yeah. 8/10
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on 25 June 2007
This is comedy at its best, and also has that 80's feel,a good story, specific to comedies until the 90's when they started to rarely have an interesting one.Four mental patients suddenly find themselves alone on the run in the Big Apple and "better get sane real goddamn fast" , as they are being accused of attacking their psychiatrist -what a great premise for a comedy.Michael Keaton was born for this part, the "mental patient with a history of violence".Peter Boyle is also great as an ad executive who believes Jesus is speaking to him, Lloyd and Furst are also great.Combined with the great dialog, delivers one of the best comedies made in the 80's.

Memorable quote:"Ah, it's great to be young and insane!"
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on 4 May 2003
A comedy about what happens when four mental patients -- an aggressive sociopath, a Jesus freak with a penchant for removing his clothes at inopportune moments, an obsessive-compulsive with a neatness fetish, and a young man who can communicate only in baseball-speak -- are set free in Manhattan. It all begins when their doctor takes them on a day-trip to see a baseball game at Yankee Stadium. When the doctor is abducted after witnessing a murder, these four crazies are on their own. Each takes advantage of his freedom to pursue his own off-the-wall concerns before banding together again to rescue the doctor.
A brilliant comedy that just keeps giving!
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on 10 January 2011
Michael Keaton has a very noteable achievement if you can call it that he is in two of the most underated movies ever in my opinion. one is The Paper and the other is this one the dream team. its the movie if you saw the box in blockbusters you would pick up because you counldnt get the movie you really wanted. but when you see it you will love it. the comedy is what comedy should be, its a saturday night live long sketch. the story is decribed so need to go there, but its the 4 main actors who work so well.
watch it buy it or try to rent it its really good movie.
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on 8 November 2013
Mike is a tad delusional. Harry believes he's a doctor. Jack is an ad executive who believes Jesus is speaking to him. Albert is an adult who occasionally wets himself.

When they are taken to a ball game by Dr. Weitzman they witness a murder and Weitzman is attacked and hospitalised.

The four crazies find that Weitzman will be murdered as a witness and no one believes four mental patients.

They have to both use and overcome their delusions in order to save the only decent doctor who is treating them, with both the police and the killers looking for them....

I was Thirteen the first time i saw this movie, and i instantly fell in love with it. Having not seen in in nearly 17 years, i was very worried that one of my favourite movies as a child would not have the same effect now, than it did in 1992.

Although it has dated quite a bit, it is still laugh out loud funny, and quite surprisingly touching in place. Understandably, the best parts of the film are when the four are bickering. It's consistently funny, and the lines are funny and never fail to raise a smile.

Keaton is in full on wacko mode in this, and is probably one of his best forgotten roles. Lloyd can play straight and yet be hilarious, but carries the films most humanistic element. If the scene where he visits his wife and daughter doesn't bring a lump in your throat, you need your brain checking.

it's a very sunshine orientated movies, with lots of quotable lines, and if you are feeling down, this is the sort of film you want to watch to brighten your day.

it's very easy to watch, goes along quite breezily, and most importantly, never gets boring.

highly recommended.

plus Keaton has an amazing mullet.
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on 1 November 2013
Truly one of the most underrated comedies of the 80's. Super funny film and very sweet. Deserves a reemergence for people to see how good it is. Flick came out 89 - same year as Batman and Back to the Future 2. Keaton and Lloyd were on fire that year. Anyone on this page considering getting the flick - highly recommend it. Honestly... really great film. The DVD is good as well. Really solid transfer.
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