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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 14 December 2006
This game truly is the mutt's nuts. I am a big fan of GTA, thought San Andreas set the standard for free-roaming violence and would not be beaten until the next instalment. How wrong I was. I have only completed 34% of this game so far, but wow. It has been fantastic. The whole premise is far more realistic from the start. You cannot draw weapons on the streets without attracting heat from the cops, if you wipe out gangs, you get much more heat from those remaining, making drug deals more difficult; similarly victims die in a far more convincing fashion and stay dead, so you can rob them of their weapons/ money much later, instead of the bodies vanishing after 15 seconds. And if you take a henchman on a shooting mission, he will waste many gang-members ( whereas in GTA, if a mouse farts in a field 2 miles away, your gang of 5 brothers is reduced to just you). The general flow of the game via the mobile phone, gives the feeling of being in complete control of how you build your empire. The cars handle ok, the interaction between characters realistic, the graphics good, and I am generally having a real blast. Time, where did you go? There are lots of nice touches - the taunting is a hoot, the sky-high markers make rendez-vous' and checkpoints much easier to get to, the gangs are tough and hilariously-voiced. In fact, all the voices are great. What more could you want? Most of the missions I have completed so far have not been restricted by stupid time limits, so you truly have the ability to decide where, when and how you want to strike. And if you get complacent about any of the crimes you are committing, you WILL fail; so it may appear easy when you set off, but often proves often anything but.

On the flipside, some of the missions and `side' missions can be quite tricky, especially first time out - sometimes you wonder how you will ever complete it/ them; and you are often pitched from one mission directly into the next, without a chance to save, so be prepared. I also understand that the missions get considerably more difficult after I finish this phase (Miami), so I hope I am not back here in 2 weeks moaning about impossible gameplay. We shall see.
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on 26 October 2006
After reading a few poor reviews on this I thought I would stand up for the game. While blatantly using San Andreas as a model Scarface clearly demonstrates that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However there are several features that make the game unique.

Random events provide a genuine laugh such as tigers ripping foes to pieces and shark attacks when you are stranded in the water. The sound track is good - especially as you can play music whilst walking the streets. You also have to be careful with randomly attacking people, as you will find the sight of Tony fleeing an enraged mob of trailer park denizens quite humiliating.

The combat is excellent especially the start in Tony's mansion. For me this has to be one of the best parts of the game played so far. It is also nice to see the bad dance routines and terrible chat up lines incorporated into the game.

This was a good buy!
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The first thing you notice about this game are the graphics. It makes the GTA games on PS2 look like PS1 games. Of course there are similarities between this and the GTA games but there are many gameplay innovations which actually surpass Rockstar's efforts.

Pressing L2 enables Tony to access the menu on his satellite phone. From here Tony can access missions, call a car or a boat and reduce the heat he gets from gangs or the cops. There are eight different reputation levels and each one enables Tony to further his missions, access new weapons and purchase new exotics from the exotics catalogue. Once the rage meter is full Tony can enter blind rage mode. The game switches to first-person mode and Tony is invincible until the rage meter goes down. Five Henchmen can be purchased and some have their own missions. The Arms Dealer will supply weapons to the locker of any car in Tony's garage. The Assassin and Enforcer are excellent for taking out problem gangs. Any money that Tony makes must be laundered at the nearest Bank. This is also where the game is saved. When he is not busy, Tony can walk up to almost any passer-by and enter into a converstion.

Weapons range from pistols to the missile launcher. The AK-47 can be upgraded with a shotgun attachment. The Carbine Assault Rifle can be upgraded with a grenade launcher. There are many cars and boats for Tony to purchase as his reputation increases. The Bacinari is a Lamborghini in all but name. The Fellini is a Ferrari in all but name. The Ariel is a single-seater sports car with the very best overall performance - ideal for the many races on the islands. Tony also has access to Armoured Cars, Trucks and even a Bulldozer. There are no aircraft to fly in this game.

For me the best part of the game are the distribution missions. After buying drugs from a large supplier, Tony needs to drive to each of his fronts to make pick-ups and then finish at a Bank. The problem is Tony is pursued all over the island by rival gangs in cars and his fronts are most likely to be attacked at this time. Tony must eliminate all the attacking gang members and repair his damaged fronts.

When I first started playing this game I thought it was tedious but after getting used to the controls and gaemplay it became highly enjoyable. It would not surprise me if Rockstar "borrow" some of the ideas in the game. Recommended? Yes.
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on 28 October 2006
Have been playing this for the last 2 weeks, just completed it and reckon this game definately needs to be acknowledged. Even though I'm already a big Scarface movie fan, this game definately gives GTA a run for its money. GTA games for me are becoming too boring, jus the same old stuff, but Scarface breathes a breath of fresh air into the genre. The handling of vehicles is spot on, the selection of music is awesome, missions varied, weaponary diverse and the targeting system far more superior than GTA and the voice actor sounds more like Pacino than Pacino himself. The difficulty level is also very well set. Def recommended. Buy this and go shoot up some fockin cockroaches now you hassa!
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on 18 April 2007
Well for thse of you who have played GTA particularly Vice city, this game is very similar with the business aspect and you get you own personal stash of stuff (guns, cars , boats and henchman)which you have access to at pretty much any point in the game. You may think that would make it very easy but its not, admittedly it can get frustrating when you just can't quite get past something but usually it passes. As for the life span of this game like GTA it is nearly endless, you have turf to take over, business to buy, expensive collectables to buy for mansion and women to collect by getting balls. I know there is alot of stigma attached to movie to film conversions but this one is gold. If you are even in slight doubt about this game just buy it you will not be disappointed.
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on 17 October 2006
After all the hype Scarface is finally here. It got 8/10 in OPS2 magazine, which said it was brilliant fun but the targeting suffers from GTA-style lock-on problems, targeting an innocent pedestrian half way down the street when there's a guy standing next to you, busily turning your brains into wallpaper. Scarface is it's own game, not a GTA clone. Yes its similar but you buy businesses, do drug deals, buy properties and so on to re-establish your drug-fuelled empire. Whereas GTA is quite tongue-in-cheek, Scarface gives it to you straight. In what other game does pressing circle make you swear loudly to fill your Balls meter...I'm not making it up.
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on 26 October 2006
A good game. I have given it 5/5 because it is way better than the "grand theft auto" series, the graphics are great, and the game is alot like real life - you can by stuff like cars, henchmen, etc. It is a great game when you know how to play it, it is quite a hard game to get the hang of but when you do get the hang of it you will enjoy it. Its one of those games where you have one profile and have to save your progress at certain places, you can't go back to previous missions because it doesn't show the previous missions, only what part of the game you saved at last.
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on 12 December 2006
Scarface I will have to say gave me months of game play this game is fantastic this is no rip off from GTA the graphics for this are better the missions is this are better and plus you are playing a well known character unlike the numerous amount of GTA characters don't get me wrong GTA is a long lasting game but Scarface came and showed them who was boss. The amount of things you can do in this game race,dance,gamble,make money, sell coke, numerous amount of cars, various vehicles,helicopter,boats,guards,mansion build up,repertation,tiger and LOADS! More. This game is I think a MUST for all ps2 gamers as you are playing as TONY MONTANA! If you have seen the movie he dies in the end :) but in this game he does not die so it is basically going on the story what if Tony Montana did not die what happened to his mansion superb!. And also the voice u can't tell from the real or the fake AT ALL. This is a MUST for all gamers believe me you will want to buy this and you will thank me. :)
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on 13 January 2015
This game is a classic and I wish they would remake it with modern graphics, it's very very funny at times and they did a fantastic job making it, Tony Montana's voice is almost perfect too. It's just great fun to play and that's why I wanted another copy of this great old game.

The sevice was fantastic but the disc has a scratch (rub mark) bad enough to stop it from loading and it was claimed to be in very good condition, it was cheap so no big deal but a disappointment not to be able to play it.
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on 21 October 2006
Tragically, I've never seen the Scarface movie. Now, before you dismiss this review because you yourself are an avid fan of the flick, and you can't bring yourself to trust my opinion, give me a chance.

The likenesses with GTA in this game are obvious (although anything these days that is free roam is automatically labelled as a "GTA copier/beater/underling). Essentially, you are free to cruise the streets of Miami, and whilst the map is no where near as vast as GTA: SA, it's big enough. People who simply draw the comparisons between the two games, and decide that GTA is better have clearly either not played the game fully, or are just plain refusing to see the truth. Scarface may not have the size of GTA's map, but it makes up for it with a brilliant drugs distribution network.

Very basically, you complete missions to unlock a supplier, these can range from small suppliers, to massive ones (which we'll get to later). Early on, you'll just be getting small suppliers that will give you a small amount of coke. However, you simply cannot just "click X to buy coke!". Instead, it involves a mini-game. You have to hold down circle up to a point on a meter. If you hit the end, you get the best deal. If you hit the middle, it'll on be average. And if you go over the top and go past the end of the meter, you'll have a little trouble on your hands, as your supplier won't be best pleased that you aren't paying. This coke can now be sold for money, either by using street dealers (selling coke uses the same mini game as the suppliers), or by providing your purchased fronts with the white stuff.

So we move onto the fronts; the drug area of the game is most likely the most fun, and it also makes most of your cash, but in order to progress in the game, you need to take over Miami, and to do this, you need fronts. At the beginning of the game, after the movie's story is rewritten, and you survive the mansion attack, you have nothing. Therefore, you need to start making money and buying up fronts to expand your business. There are a set number of fronts in each area of Miami (four areas in total), and you have to buy each one before you can progress onto the next area. Once you have all the fronts, you will need to "acquire" the storehouse. From this storehouse, using the large suppliers you will unlock, you can distribute "keys" (very large amounts of cocaine), to your fronts.

Story missions kick in when you achieve necessary "Reputation" points. These missions can be fun, but there is also a HUGE difficulty curve once you conquer the first area of Miami. I haven't played the whole game yet, but when you get onto some of the missions around that point, they can be incredibly hard. With few checkpoints, and tough enemies, without the right guns and the necessary skill, you'll be dead before you know it.

To make things easier, as your reputation as a druglord increases, you'll unlock new weapons and "exotics". These exotics range from new cars, boats and henchmen, to new styles for your mansion, investments, and furniture to pimp your home. Undoubtedly, some of the coolest exotics are the henchmen. You can purchase a Driver, Boat Pilot, Enforcer, Assassin, and Weapons Dealer. I won't spoil all the things that these guys do, but you can probably guess. If you are a fan of the movies, you'll love being able to call up your driver after a couple of drinks at the Babylon club, and have your sexy sleek sports car pull up in front of you.

I don't know about the PC version, but the PS2's graphics are just fine. They surpass GTA's blocky hands and etc, and the Miami's buildings and exteriors look good. Interiors (such as your fronts, which incidently you don't need loading times to get into), look just good too. So the graphics are nothing to be awed at, but nor are they generations behind as someone suggested before.

So the negatives are simply the steep difficulty curve, and sometimes the cars handling, which can feel heavy and make cornering with power slides tough. However the positives run far too long for me to list, and I wouldn't want to spoil half of them for you. Great game, and with it's huge drug dealing lifespan, great gameplay, and music not only from modern era's, but also the origian Scarface OST, whether or not you have seen or are a fan of the movie, this is a great purchase.

Graphics - 7. Good, but not superb

Gameplay - 9. Great drug dealing, amongst other things.

Sound - 9. Brilliant music. Scarface OST included.

Lifespan - 9. What did you do when GTA got boring? Shoot gangsters? Why not distribute drugs instead?
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