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on 1 April 2016
Not compatible with windows 10. Simply doesn't work!
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on 24 October 2005
The most eagerley awaited Football Manager title of the year is finally upon us with FM 2006. For those of you who don't know this is the continuation of a title that first started in 1992 as the original Championship Manager created by Sports Interactive and published by Eidos. Sports Interactive and Eidos split in 2004. Eidos kept the CM name and SI kept its database and engine, hooking up with SEGA in the process. The first Football Manager game (2005)was a great success (as all the CM's with Eidos before it had been). Each year since 1992 the game gets updated and improved (with a few additional fetaures each year. This year's improvements boast:
Transfers correct up to last transfer window
Improved Player-Manager interaction
Improved Media
Speeded up gameplay
Re-designed and easier player training facility
team-talk (1/2 time and full time)
more options
more tactical options
Anyone familar with this titles predessor and the past SI SM series will know that it is without a doubt the most in-depth and stat filled Management game available and boasts more features, players (theres 50 countries, 5,000 teams and 250,000 here),and options than any other footie management game on the market.
As a footnote, this game is really submersive so be prepared to sacrifice your gf and social life as you look to guide your team to glory.
All in all this is the best footie management title available, but there are a few niggles. My main one is that i have a top of the range Pentium 4, hyper-threading, 3.4ghz, 1 gig rammed PC and when this game does its sys check it reccommends that i play one league (England div 2 up) only. Now forgive me but the minimum spec says it can go on 256mb ram and a significantly lower processor. Now god only knows what kind of Quad Processor (10ghz), 10gig of Ram 100k Super computer you'd need, just to run every league so lets just say that unless your gonna purchase off Nasa, your gonna have to limit yourself.
I personally find that if i run 11 divisions :
England (Conference-Prem)
Scotland (Premier)
Spain (Premier)
Italy (serie A & B)
Portugal (Premier)
+Large database
that the game runs at an acceptable speed and is fun to play, and gives you a broad spectrum of teams you can manage and players to choose from. Obviously its a matter of preference as to the realism you want (and what power your pc has), however if you have a mid-range PC and try to fire up 30 leagues accross several continents, your gonna have a game that takes 15mins per load cycle, and the game will become cronically unfun to play.
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on 26 October 2005
I bought this game on launch day having loved last years and all the previous Championship Managers apart from the shambles that was CM5, and I must say that brilliant though it is, it doesn't offer a great deal more than last years offering.
The main differences are half time and full time team talks, but I've found this doesn't actually make much difference to your matches, however the ability to now negotiate your own contract with your club's board is a great feature, and does make the game a little bit more realistic.
There're the usual additions of more tactics, updated transfer information, and more options when it comes to manager mind games, which are all welcome, but they don't really offer anything new or again like the team talks, don't seem to make much difference to your matches.
So, it is brilliant, don't get me wrong. It's comprehensive, compelling and completely life consuming. Your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband will hate you. Your social life will dwindle to nothing. Just don't expect anything vastly different from last year.
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on 24 October 2005
Far and away the best football management game in the world, named in a number of divorce cases owing to its sheer addictiveness (true!), this is a case of evolution, not revolution. How much was there that needed to change anyway?
Obviously teams are all up to date following the close of the transfer window. The accuracy of this extends to players who were injured at the start of the season are also injured on here.
The half time / full time team talks now enable you to directly affect the psychology of your players over the course of a match. If your star striker is having a shocker, do you encourage him or give him the Alex Ferguson hairdryer treatment? Whatever you do, the results are seen on the pitch and in the dressing room afterwards.
Media interaction is extended and gives you extended opportunities to psych out the opposition or bemoan your own shortcomings.
The strength in depth that has been the hallmark of SI Games series (through the first 4 Championship Manager games and Football Manager 2005) remains evident - they've just made it smarter, faster and even more involving than before.
Now if I can only get to Christmas without the Spurs board giving me the boot...
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on 15 March 2006
Ever since the superb Championship Manager 01/02, Sports Interactive have struggled to set such sky-high standards for their subsequent Championship Manager and Football Manager titles. Up until now that is.
Football Manager 2006 comes close to bringing back the addiction of CM 01/02. Like Football Manager 2005, this game gives you so much to do at the club you are managing but it is so much more simplified than the previous version. An example of this is the training system. Training is no longer a time consuming chore and the new system is far simplified yet still detailed enough for you to monitor improvements. Also you can follow the progress of a player's attributes over the whole season now and not just the ridiculous 7 day period in FM2005.
The team talk option is an excellent new feature which enables you to motivate your team or individual players in a way which gets the best out of them.
The only thing that spoils the game is the bugs in it. Not since the days of Championship Manager 01/02 has there been a bug-free version. An example of a major bug in the game is that some of the set piece instructions are always changed at some point in the game without me doing anything. During one game I specified 3 to 5 players to form a wall for defending free kicks but this was changed to a ridiculous 8 man wall which led to me conceding a goal as the opposing team were able to pass then run with the ball into the penalty area and score easily.
This major bug combined with some other minor ones is the reason I have given the game 4 stars and not 5. Although Sports Interactive realease patches to eliminate bugs, they have yet to realease one which takes all the major bugs out of the game.
Overall worth buying even if you have FM 2005.
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on 22 March 2006
I bought this game not long after its release, and i havent stopped playing it. My present game is in its 7th season. The easy-to-use screen goes with the match engine, which is much better than FM2005. everything is improved, including talking to players and the squad duing a match. Unfortunately they get dull after a while as they get repetitive.
although i cant put this game down, i cant understand why i have been in charge of man utd for 7 years and won the title in all of them, without brining in more than 2 amazing players. Im not complaining, its just confusing that chelsea dont fight and arsenal and liverpool fall apart. notts forest were 2nd in the last season. but buy it anyway, i cant wait till next years installment.
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VINE VOICEon 31 July 2006
Ive been a championship manager fan for over 10 years, but this game is simply the best there is.

Its got every aspect of football management covered (transfers, training, back room staff, finances, press handling) and the game play is fantastic. You can watch a whole game if you wish (not recommended) but with tweeking the settings cover a game in a few minutes allowing you substitutions.

Some of the previous games were easy. I once took Chester City to win the European Champions league. Now its again more realistic. Yes you can still try to get Chester to the Champions league, but without the money, it will be much harder.

There isn't any better game on the market.

Only improvements I would suggest are to the speed of the processing and maybe better media handling capabilities.
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on 4 April 2006
The amount of choice is shocking, every action has a effect, be it telling a player off to not playing a younster! You have total control and can chose from almost any team in the world.
Oh and heres a hint, buy Hugo very young Brizialan stricker - Very good at only 100k (on da left)
You can't just buy stars and expect the team to work - you have to pick the correct players for the type of game coming up. The computer managers are also good.
All in all I love it! and so would any football fan :)
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on 16 December 2005
Simply the best AND most insanely addictive game of ANY kind that you can get for your pc OR mac, period.
NOT advised if you are studying for a degree, or if you are in a relationship of any kind.You WILL fail, she WILL leave you, you WILL grow a beard....seriously.
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on 25 September 2007
I've been playing Champ games since they begun & racked up 25 seasons alone on the green box version on the Amiga. Moving onto CM2, I loved it even more, but then something weird happened - CM 97/98 was sooo biased towards the computer it was unreal!! I'd often have more possession, more shots (18-4 for example) & lose 2-0, 2-1, etc. Thinking this was just a blip I went back to CM2 until falling in love with CM 01/02 again.
I looked forward to the Football Manager games in anticipation, but although everything has been improved on the surface, the game is sooo unrealistic that CM 97/98 strikes to mind. With a strong Liverpool team, I have played 25 games & am currently in 15th position without a win in the last 10 matches!! Using a good attacking 4-4-2 at home & a defence-minded counter-attacking 4-4-2 away from home I started off quite well but due to
players morale dropping like flies (Realistically playing them in the reserves should help them big time but not here) & the players getting injured left right & center, even on normal tackling, I just don't stand a chance. It's a real shame as SI have definitely taken the game one step forwards, three steps back. Feeling frustrated, I have gone back to the (IMHO) definitive version, CM 02/03 on the Xbox - I just hope that SI sort themselves out & listen to criticism & feedback before the 2008 version hits the market...
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