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on 28 June 2017
Inner disc was scratched check your products before saying it is in good condition. My son was happy that it had arrived allset to play and then it bloody crashed so he checke dit saw nothing wrong with it and was confused but then my other son pounted out that it had been scratched on the inner disc MULTIPLE times causing it to not work. You need to check your staff and their checking skills as that was pretty obvious.If other retailers can't sell them in that condition there is no excuse for you tomsell them like that. To the people dont buy from here they are oblivious.
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on 28 June 2017
Great getting to play this game again arrived in perfect time and has not a scratch on it would think it was new :)
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on 13 August 2017
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on 10 June 2017
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on 1 March 2017
Excellent condition
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on 25 May 2007
Canis Canem Edit is perfect if you find GTA games a bit too hard in certain spots, but want a challenge as well. I fall into this category. There are a number of missions in GTA which I just found too hard, and this Rockstar game has really hit the spot. It is not too easy, although the opening chapter or two is quite straight-forward. As you move on through the game, you start to notice the difficulty level raising, but at a steady rate to help you get to grips with all the games features.

The game follows a 15 year old, who has been expelled from all previous schools he's been to, so he ends up at Bullworth Academy, which Rockstar calls "the toughest school around". You take control of this 15 year old, Jimmy. It feels a lot like San Andreas the way the camera is positioned looking at the back of the character when you playing the game, but don't think this is just a cheap copy that Rockstar have brought out.

One of the most impressive features about this game is the individuality of your schoolmates. Every person in the school is different, they all have their own individual names, which is proven by the fact that you obtain a yearbook, where you take photos of everybody in your year. Here you notice how everyone has their own personality - not the generic passers by you find on San Andreas.

One example of a group in the school is the Nerds. Fairly obvious what type of people they are, and these are probably the funniest. They always bring a chuckle when I see the fat nerds walking with their flies undone, and the voice acting for them is particularly impressive.

The storyline is well explained and relatively easy to follow, and believable too. It can get a bit cheesy in places, for example cringeworthy moments include Jimmy celebrating having beaten someone up in a boxing ring "Who's the daddy? Jimmy Hopkins, that's who, I am the best, now I'll beat the rest". There's a couple of cliched lines like that, but otherwise the script writing is very good.

Perhaps one of the most annoying things about this game is the lessons. They are fun at first, but then you start getting annoyed. Every time you want to do something, the bell rings and you have to get to lesson otherwise you are seeing as truanting, so the prefects are onto you. There are two lessons a day at first, ending at 3:30pm and very little time to do much exploring, as you can't be in the school building after 7pm (the time is measured in game minutes = real time seconds) and there is a curfew where you must be in the dorm by 11pm. If you don't go to bed by 2am, you will pass out on the floor. This can be particularly frustrating when you want to go and explore the game. However, each lesson has 5 stages. If you pass all 5 stages of a lesson, you no longer need to go to that lesson. Finish them all, and you've got no lessons ever again, so you've got all day to explore and do missions. I recommend you finish the lessons before getting too impatient with the game.

The world is fairly expansive. Nowhere near the size of San Andreas, but then the game isn't really focused on travelling the world, it is more mission based within the school gates. There aren't nearly as many vehicles as a result, but I found this was good, because as a schoolboy, you are more likely to be riding BMXs and skateboards than driving in 18 wheelers. There are various shops to go into in the town, where you can buy eggs for throwing at people, clothes (for wearing!) and many more.

A surprising feature of the game is the angle Rockstar took. Most of the time, you are defending the bullied, rather than bullying the defenseless. Sure, you can do this, and it is fun, but the storyline is based on helping those in need. There is no blood in the game, just heavy fists fights, crotch-kicking and wedgies. This, I think, makes the game better, it is more realistic for a schoolground. Weapons are school-based; you have all the classics, like the slingshot, the stink bomb and the fire cracker amongst many others.

To sum up, I would say that if you are looking for a game that is fun, not too difficult but challenging in places, involves quite a fair amount of violence and doing school-based tasks for realistic amounts of money - then this is the game for you. Particularly enjoyable if you are feeling a bit nostalgic about the days in the old school yard.
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VINE VOICEon 6 July 2007
With the exception of the GTA series, this is Rockstars finest work to date. There's simply no other game available with such a unique atmosphere. The havoc you can wreak created a lot of nostalgic memories. The actual lessons are surprisingly varied. They range from a Pac Man style mini game for Art, to QTE button prompts for Chemistry and Shop. Once completed, these lessons give you increased skills. For example, once English is mastered, Jimmy will be able to talk himself out of trouble.

The missions still suffer from being little more than fetch quests, or simply require travel from point A to B, then to C. But the story that sets up each mission is always watchable, humourous, and develops the story so you actually care what happens next, which is rare for me.
I'm playing this game on my PS3 due to a severe lack of games for the system. I've been playing this for close to 4 weeks now and havent touched a PS3 game since. Surely this is proof that it's one of the most engrossing and enjoyable games available on any format.
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on 28 June 2007
Really unique game, worth buying just for that! Yes, it has a daft sense of humour, and the storyline is certainly very juvenile (with an over-stretched, clichéd joke of an ending!) but after finishing it, I wished I hadn't so I could play it again.

It's like GTA's younger brother, who will just never be as cool and is nowhere near as big (it doesn't take too much effort to complete) but it certainly stands up on it's own. It's refreshing to see this style of free-roaming game that doesn't involve drugs and guns, even if that does mean the credibility of the game takes a hit.

Also Bully really isn't overwhelmingly violent and you really don't become too much of a `bully'. If you even try it on a small child or on an adult off the street, a whole force of prefects or police suddenly appear from nowhere and take you down.

The best feature to me is that you can customise and style the character Jimmy, just like in San Andreas. You choose what her wears and eventually the style of his haircut, so he doesn't always have to look like the thug in the screenshots, thankfully.

It really is cool little game...buy it!
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on 28 July 2012
Canis Canem Edit (more commonly known as 'Bully') was released around December of 2006 on PS2 and, in my view, has to one of the best titles for the console. Myself, I received this for Christmas of 2006 and it was all I played for a while afterwards.

The plot. You play as 15 year old Jimmy Hopkins, who has been expelled from every school he has ever attended, that is, until he finds himself in Bullworth Academy. His mother has just married an older man, so they have enrolled Jimmy at Bullworth while they go on honeymoon for the school year.

I believe that players will find this game very entertaining because, unlike GTA, you are now in a schoolyard setting, a different kettle of fish altogether! When compared to GTA, this game is much more realistic, too, in my opinion. Jimmy can interact with the environment around him much, much better than the characters of GTA.

There's also plenty of mini-games to enjoy within this game. The most important ones would be the 'Classes'. The Class mini-games consist of English, Chemistry, Art, Gym, Shop and Photography. By completing these Classes, Jimmy improves in sophistication, making things a lot easier for you, the player. For example, as you progress in English, it is as if Jimmy is increasing his vocab, making it easier for him to 'talk' his way out of trouble, rather than fight.

Gameplay wise, there's lots to do in Canis Canem Edit. The main Story mode will keep you occupied for a while and, after that, you still have a bit of work to do. Get playing!

Graphics wise, for a PS2 title, the game is actually gorgeous, lots of colours and textures, meaning nothing ever seems out of place. While playing the game and walking around the school, one should notice that no two people 'look' the same - that happens in GTA a lot (every second person looks the same, last time I checked!).

Finally, just to point this out, the working title for the game was 'Bully', which infuriated parent groups worldwide, so I read. However, play the game and you will notice that, instead of 'being' a Bully, Jimmy actually protects outcasts, rather than pick on them... so the original working title feels slightly off!

Overall, I must say that this is a great game to play and is a must-have in my book! No gamer should go without 'playing' this, at least, and that includes GTA fans, too.

Hope this review helps. Thanks for reading.
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on 3 December 2006
This is a fantastic game, although I admit that I was very wary of it at first. I'd seen trailers advertising it showing excessive bullying and the likes and didn't think it looked any good. My brother then bought it (much to my disgust) and yes...I got hooked. I made a game about 2 weeks ago now and have been steadily working through the world of Jimmy Hopkins - a young trouble maker that has been expelled from 7 schools only to end up at Bullworth Academy. Once at the school you have to begin earning respect from all of the peer groups - nerds, jocks, greasers, townies, and preppies. Doing this involves a hell of a lot of different missions, ranging from spraying graffiti over greaser town (New Coventry), shooting jocks using your slingshot, and stealing items back from people such as homework, diaries and the likes. As well as the respect challenges you also work through a range of tasks to gain money. These are usually of a comical nature; for example stuffing students into lockers, but also practical tasks like finding someones dog.

Whilst you begin to form friendships and respect amongst your classmates you start attending lessons. The curriculum at Bullworth includes English, Art, Photography, Chemistry, Shop and Gym. Each subject has 5 levels to master and once complete you can use the skills learnt in your every day life; gym for example teaches a mixture of wrestling and dodgeball which increases accuracy and teaches moves to beat people up with, whereas english gives you the ability to chat up and later kiss girls to unlock health bonuses.

As you progress through your lessons and complete tasks for friends, teachers and citizens you will be faced with new challenges allowing you to open up new areas of the vast map. Within the map are shops, barbers and the likes along with heaps more challenges for you to complete.

Overall this is a wicked game and so much better than I first expected. I find myself getting addicted to it and playing for hours on end. What I also like is the fact that you are allowed to fashion Jimmy exactly how you like; so he starts out as a skin headed chav but I personally have no made him into a rather sexy punk rocker/skater. There's loads to explore in this game and an enormous storyline with a few laughs thrown in as well. If you like other games by Rockstar, I'd highly recommend checking this out. 10/10
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