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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Price:£27.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 29 March 2006
I have reasently purchased black for the xbox and I think that black is one of the most realistic shoot 'em up games out on the market.
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on 19 September 2011
I loved this game but sold it when i moved house, i got a 360 a while after, and decided to get this and honestly its just as good, this, halo, medal of honor, and call of duty pretty much got me into gaming
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on 29 May 2016
very pleased thank you seller!
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on 5 January 2015
totally overlooked classic
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on 20 January 2007
this is one hell of a game, so realistic AND you CAN actually get behind a crate or stone block for cover and ACTUALLY shoot over it without worrying about hitting the crate like in all those other stupid fps, this is so good it can actually be compared to doom3!! thats how good it is!!
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on 29 September 2016
Did not work !!!!!
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on 24 February 2006
Ok first things first,after seeing screenshots of this game back in December in Gamesmaster I was blown away but had to think "it looks too good to be true" but after playing the first few levels I have to say BELIEVE THE HYPE. This game IS really that good, the fact that you are facing human enemies is a breath of fresh air instead of fighting aliens/zombies/demons like alot of the other more recent FPS's out there. The other main feature that stands out is the fully destructable environment, granted buildings arent completely flattened but where is the realism in that? If your fed up of generic shooters or squad based tactical FPS then this is definatly the game for you, its a balls out all guns blazing frag fest,that very rarely lets up. The AI is also very high in todays standards as usually the enemy runs wildly firing at you,or they choose to wait behind cover and pop you as you wander past,the AI here on the other hand is top notch,they actually flank effectively, keep you pinned down behind a pillar, of course as pillars,walls,cars etc can be blown up once enough bullets have chewed through them so the AI really does keep you on your toes. The one downside that gives this 4/5 (it would have got 4.5 but there is no .5) it is a single player game,no multiplayer at all which is a shame considering most games feature multiplayer and online play, but I think EA and Criterion must have sacrificed this in order to have slick fast game play and at the end of the day I know what I'd prefer. All in all this game is by far the best FPS for consoles since Halflife 2/Doom 3 etc. If you like your games big and loud you'll love this
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on 11 July 2009
Very average FPS, from 2006, even then it was dated. No ability to jump or sprint, you're like an old man wheezing through a warzone; an OAP Rambo. Savepoints only come at the end of a mission, you cannot save you progress during a game.Very tiresome. If the awful Doom3 let you save when you wanted.
Cutscenes that take themselves seriously and unskippable at the start of every level.
Weaponry that generally feels less than effective (Does it really take a full AK47 clip to take someone down? Headshots seem rather flaky, taking one shot or several. Aiming seems haphazard, when I'm clearly missing, bullets would register as hitting. A pistol often plays as being more deadly than an AK47. Weaponry is the standard fair of a non-SF FPS, nothing exciting. When shooting someone, it feels real as an 'A-Team' shootout.Any cover will explode, from petrol tanks, to cardboard boxes, wooden pallets or tree trunks. Select bits of scenery will eventually collapse in a sudden shower of splinters when the requisite bullets have hit. The PS1 game "Magic Carpet" had more deformable scenery.
Layout of levels is a little dull, it feels unclear how much 'stealth' works. AI seems rather dumb, so there's no rush of excitement when you sneak up behind one, as it just feels like a doll that's come to a designated stop on a route. Will a headshot kill or just annoy? There's no ragdoll physics here, just a standard set of animations (from the 'ouch you shot me in the leg' to backflip off a platform).
The only thing of special note, in a game of hyped 'redefining'; the textures kind of look nice.
It's "Medal of Honor" with a smidgen of Red Faction, dressed up in it's Sundays Best. Looks nice, but leaving you feel uninvolved. Sterile and a bit anemic. Return to Castle Wolfenstein is more 'fun'.
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on 22 July 2006
Since selling my gamecube, I have found it very difficult to buy either an original game or a game that does things different; this was my first purchase in a long time and I sure wasn't disappointed!!

Firstly let me correct the error on the review below, you don't have to watch the 'Intro' every time, you may have to watch it if you log off of your profile before turning off the console, but why would you do that?? On my game I simply have to push 'A' or 'Start' and the 'Intro' is skipped, as long as you have viewed it already!!

Back to the game; the visuals are usually great, occasionally stunning and the developers have put a lot of effort into the destructible scenery, and it shows, whether you are taking cover behind gravestones, lobbing grenades into buildings or shooting the various vehicles, the result is always explosive and highly entertaining, whether it's realistic or not, is another matter, but you wont be thinking of that since you'll be having too much fun!!

The gameplay is simple, shoot everything that moves and everything that doesn't, it really is one set-piece after another and this game mechanic doesn't wear thin at all during the games lifespan. The enemy AI ranges from dumb on the easier modes to a medium challenge on the harder modes; on 'Normal' mode you will often see enemies hiding next to obviously signposted explosives, but since this game is all about destruction it rarely matters!!

The controls are smooth and precise and are easy to customise and 'Inverted' control rules, you should know this by now!!

Now The first of the games two downfalls........The length...This game has only eight levels and each one will take roughly 30-50 mins on 'Normal' mode, except the first level which is exeptionally short; this is unexcusable really, I know it must of taken ages to make just these eight levels destructable but I am sick and tired of games lasting no longer than 10hours max anymore, it really does get on my nerves, thank you casual gamers (It's your fault), but the saving grace is that the game is so much fun, it is inevitable that you will play each level more than once right through to the end and you'll be having bucket loads of fun while you do so!!

Second downfall, no multiplayer, a deadly sin for a 'Shoot 'em up' and this game suffers bacause of it, it is just the kick in the testes you didn't need after a short 'Campaign' mode, usually I would put some redeeming feature here, but I can't think of one......sorry.....!!

Overall though, it would be sad to finish on a sour note, since this really is the most fun I have had with a game since 'Resident Evil 4' came out in the March of 2005! While things may look disappointing in the long run, the fun and surprise you have at the game mechanics while the game lasts is tremendous and this game is an abosolute blast from start to finish!! I do recommend you rent the game for a weekend though, unless you can find it for under £25, due to the length of the game!!

A very worthy purchase (If the price is right) and one I hope you enjoy!!
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on 5 March 2015
Great item
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