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on 9 December 2017
Exactly as described, good quality!
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on 14 November 2005
I got this game this week having enjoyed playing the previous two Harry Potter games, and if you want my advice is keep your money in your pocket!! This is awful!! Boring, un-inspiring. When you play this you kind of think "What is the point?".
One of the worst games I have ever bought!!
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on 12 September 2017
This is the worst game that I have ever played and I have purchased Extreme Snow Break. I cannot work out who would give even a penny towards the kind of moron that is capable of producing this train wreck. However, at the end it gives you a list of all the individuals involved in putting millions of people through this misery and having the audacity to make them pay for it, and with that we can and will forever shun those individuals.
Worst £1 I've ever spent.
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on 19 November 2005
I loved the first Harry Potter games, but this has the feel of something rushed out to cash in on the film release dates. Considering that book 4 should be the most exciting in terms of action and visual design this is shameful. Boring levels, glitchy camera angles, and far too linear in it's game play. The strength of the earlier games was the ability to explore the castle and grounds, this is just far too repetitive. You can finish the game in less than a day, if you ignore the frankly rubbish mini games. It's a shame, because the characters look better, now matching the actors from the films, but the graphics in general should have been better developed. Save your hard-earned. I wouldn't even buy this on Platinum.
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on 25 January 2006
I am refusing to even complete it as i really do not enjoy gameplay! I loved exploring and being able to work things out but this game is frustrating. It takes a while to get used to the card things your supposed to collect and use and the set timeline means you cannot choose where to go or how to get there. Also whilst finding the shields if you pick up the large one before all the little ones your taken out of the level which is really annoying as you have to redo it. You have no control really over which spells to use so its not a challenge trying to work it out. Overall a terrible game for people who liked the other hp games. Definately would not recommend it!
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on 12 November 2005
OK, let's face it, the two previous Harry Potter games, the Chamber of Secrets and the Prisoner of Azkaban, weren't the best games ever. However, I enjoyed them very much because they were different to most games and, in my opinion, really captured a lot of the atmosphere and magic of the Harry Potter world that has become so beloved since I received the first book for Christmas eight years ago. This instalment, I'm sorry to say, lacks that.
The last two games followed the style of Harry and his friends' school year at Hogwarts, comprised of levels that were in fact school days. Although the whole year only added up to about 6 or 7 days, I thought it was a great idea. On each day you would have different things to do, which were often linked to the plot of the story but were also often lessons where you could learn new spells or extra plot strands that bear no resemblance to anything in the books, but were added to increase the games' lengths. Once you'd finished your lessons, you were free to explore the whole of Hogwarts and its grounds to find secret areas and rewards. Unfortunately, this new game appears to have scrapped all that.
Now, the game comprises of separate levels that are accessed by a main menu, each of which generally consist of Harry, Ron and Hermione fighting magical monsters to find stuff that will unlock the next level. Once you've got to the end, you go back to the menu, but if you haven't got enough rewards, you have to go back and replay the level so you can progress.
The game-makers have called this a 'compelling rewards-system', but I call it a waste of time. This isn't Harry Potter! What ever happened to the lessons and new spells, the Quidditch, the lovely landscapes and design of the castle and the ability to explore and find things and do what you want? How, after two games that, despite some faults, functioned so well as they were, can the game-makers design this that has robbed the story of a great deal of its magic in what feels like just a hasty attempt to accompany the film and make more money?
The game preserves a little of the story's charm; the graphics are fairly good and the Triwizard tasks are quite well thought out, but it does seem such a shame that, having anticipated this game for so long and expected it to be a big improvement to the previous two, it falls short of both of them. It doesn't seem worth the money for what is now a rather flat and 2D game.
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on 24 November 2005
In a word Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for the PS2 is a disappointment.
The basic idea of the game is to complete several levels and collect 'shields' to enter the Triwizard Tournaments. You access these levels by a 'pensieve' which works as a menu. Harry, Ron and Hermione go through these levels defeating monsters and collecting beans.
There is no exploring Hogwarts and the Grounds between levels collecting wizard cards and finding secrets. There are no lessons, there is very little story and no side-quests.
The loading screen seems to take forever just to enter a level, when you know you'll have to leave and redo it again ten minutes later to get the shields you missed.
The multi-player is a nice addition, allowing you to play with up to two friends and you can spend beans to buy cards which you equip to your characters to make them stronger. However, playing with friends during the game can be troublesome, particularly when they get stuck around a corner and you have to backtrack to help them out and if you don't play with friends, the AI characters that follow you around do more damage to your progress then help.
Most of the cards you buy have duplicates, so that you might have five Stamina +10 cards for one character, when there are only three slots for equipping cards.
The graphics have improved considerably, which is probably why it takes so long to load, but the overall look is very rushed.
The length of the game is incredibly short, compared to most games and HPCoS and HPPoA for PS2. It is also very easy, which makes the game twice as short as it could be. The end task against Voldemort is finished within minutes, afterwards you see the ending and think, 'Was that it?'.
If you enjoy short and easy, repetitive tasks that you can play with your friends, then this game is for you. If you enjoyed Harry Potter and the PoA, and like lengthy games with lots to do, then avoid this game. Rent or play at a friend's if you want to try it, but you'll find that all you're paying for is graphics if you go and buy it.
Overall I am disappointed with EA for rushing this game so that it was released with the film, which I very much enjoyed.
Hope this review helps.
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on 20 January 2006
At the risk of sounding too brief...DO NOT BUY THIS GAME AS IT IS RUBBISH!!
OK, perhaps that is too brief...if you're a fan of the Harry Potter games then you will be disappointed with this as it has non of it predecessors brilliant characteristics. If you are looking for a great game then avoid this as it is short, dull, too easy and a total waste of money. Take my advice...forget it!!
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on 10 June 2006
Out of the much anticipation for this game I was excited to have gotten my copy of the game. I was extremely disappointed to discover that the game was missing the exciting aspects of it. The game is completely different from previous games. The fun of exploring Hogwarts, flying buckbeak, going to classes, talking to other characters, and the whole adventure of the game was replaced by a level selection game that is not adventurous or fun at all. The is not even a story line for the game like in previous games. It is also sad that you cannot duel or assign spells. Hopefully the next game will have more adventure and more fun in it. In the future I will think twice before buying a harry potter game. A note to the game makers: I have heard so many great things about the previous games and so many terrible things about this one.
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on 26 May 2008
I must admit, having played a previous Harry Potter game, and thoroughly enjoyed the free-roaming abilities I was slightly let down with the latest edition.
The camera angles are odd and make it difficult to see whats going on, and endlessly having Ron and Hermione trailing after you, complaing about your lack of skill and exclaiming over every flavour beans, can be very tiresome, and also annoying when they block your way or get in the way of a spell.
However, the biggest letdown has GOT to be that you can no longer explore the castle, unlock mini-quests, interact with characters, earn house points, sneak from prefects, attend classes or do any of the things that made the Harry Potter games what they were. Instead, the game is controlled by a restricted menu, which makes the player jump between stages of the storyline.

If you are considering buying this game on the basis of having played previous Harry Potter games, DON'T. It really isn't worth the trouble. However, if you have never played the games before, the flashy graphics and lack of expectations could make the game enjoyable.
You've let us down EA. I hold higher hopes for the next addition to my collection.
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