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on 27 March 2006
You're asking for trouble if your game falls into one of these three categories: based on a classic film (especially if it's considered one of the very best), it's delayed before release, or it walks into the territory of one of the very best games out of there. So, six months late, here's The Godfather - a GTA clone...
However, having lowered expectations does help the game out - at first. You can't argue that the storyline is a lot better than most games, since it just so happens to be the same as the film, with dialogue either lifted from the film or placed into the game, or extra bits recorded by James Caan and Robert Duvall to fill in the gaps. But instead of basing the game on Michael (something to do with Al Pacino not wanting to do it, I assume), you're a character you create from scratch working his way up from two-bit hood through the Corleone ranks.
Since the game follows the storyline, you'll be indirectly involved in a lot of the scenes from the films in your missions, which either works well or fails miserably. It works when, say, you're stashing the gun in the toilet of Louie's Restaurant or checking the hospital for assassins, but not when you're sneaking the horses' head through a house to hide it in Jack Woltz's bed. Seriously!
Of course, there's a minor plotline for your character as well, but that's minor to the tune of two or three missions and doesn't really register that much.
So while the mission-based storyline does succeed, elsewhere the game doesn't live up to its pedigree. While the likes of San Andreas have a multitude of side missions to keep the variety going, here you can either take out contracts hits, extort businesses, take over rackets or take down rival families - and there's little variety in the last three. Contract hits are amusing at the time, as they allow you to try and use every form of execution in the game (and there's a good few of those), there isn't the variety to keep you coming back to the game.
Control-wise, although the combat system is very good (using the right analogue stick to punch, and lock-on can be used when running or hiding - as well as free aim to target body parts), the driving sections are inept. There seems to be a choice of six cars and the physics are sluggish and unrealistic - you can't even roll the car - so the damage detail you get is scant reward.
At the end of the day, the game has a lot of style but little substance - no matter how well recreated 1930's New York is, the fact you have to drive through it or take over identikit businesses in an identikit manner means once you finish the story mode, which is pretty short, you won't be coming back - not exactly the same as the film, in other words, which you can watch again and again.
And there's also the fact this game was actually done a couple of years ago - it's called Mafia.
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on 16 April 2006
This game is brilliant, at first it takes you a while to get into, but when you do you cant put your controller down. The driving is excellent the shooting is smooth and simple and there is a wide vareity of guns. It works very well with the movie, you play a character which blends easily into every seen of the movie as the unseen man. Watching yourself become Don of New York is very rewarding. The game is very large, you play in 5 different areas which are all controlled by rival gangs. You must take over rackets and businesses if you wish to progress up the ranks alon with the story mode. The only bad points the game has is that at certain points often while driving, the game will glitch and the car will stop for about 10 seconds, and this will happen quite often, although sometimes it never happens. The story mode is also quite short, leaving you taking over lots of businesses meaning it will only take about 20 hours to complete the story mode, apart from this it is amazing and well worth buying.
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on 29 March 2006
This seemed a great idea: taking an iconic movie trilogy, full of cold, calculated and ruthless "business" and making a free-roaming game about it. This was a potentially GTA beating game...it isn't. It seems rushed and despite the game going on about "La Familia" you are always alone, a mafioso RAmbo taking over NYC on your own. The businesses are all the same. I broke into three warehouses in three different boroughs (there are five in total) and all were indentical. It's the same with shops, although some have identi-kit dodgy backroom businesses. Given the deserved development time this could have taken GTAs crown (its no secret that San Andreas deviated too much from the underworld dealings of previous titles). Instead its a rushed job by a publisher eager to roll out the game and roll in the cash.
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on 29 September 2007
Now the reference to GTA is very very obvious and I don't have to spell it out to you do I? Just the free roam and drive around to get your mission. Besides that it involves individual ideas that are that you are a gangster in the mafia and you kill other gang members, extort businesses and somehow never get killed...which is kind of weird because the other characters die with a few shots.

Buy the game if you've bought GTA and like the film the Godfather. If not then don't buy it. You have the ability to think for yourself and don't need a review to tell you what to and not do.
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on 27 March 2006
I was expecting this game to be as good as, or even better, than GTA, but it is a big disappoint.
You cant see anything on the map cause it odes not let you zoom in at all. How am I suppose to know which business to extort if i dont know where it is. And the physics engine....where is it? you turn the wheel in a car and it jsut turns without any trouble. And the cars look really dodgy too. i didnt know they had window tints in the 1940's.
If you are expecting another GTA only more depth then you will be disappointed by this.
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on 27 July 2006
Firstly, I haven't seen the films, but this game doesn't really make me want to.

This game is purely being sold on its license as everything in it is dull, repetitive and cliché. Theres the old GTA style 'go somewhere, kill someone, repeat' mission structure and even an obligatory stealth mission. Theres a ridiculously low number of vehicles (4?) and none of them are fun to drive, especially as New York has always seemed to have a dull road system for games to use. The map isn't a bad size, but getting around its a yarn and the cars can be tricky to handle at first.

Once completing the relatively short and badly put together story line (it seems to jump in places from 'A' to 'c' with nothing in the middle. i.e. one moment you meet a girl a few times, then you start a mission by moving in with her like a married couple. It means characters and parts of the story aren't developed so you couldn't really give a toss) you are faced with taking over the city by extorting business', and taking over warehouses and rackets and then compounds. Though challenging its not that appealing, especially when you consider the large number of them, and the fact they are all exactly the same, so once you take one warehouse you know how you can do it next time as enemies will be around the same place.

Basically this game looks and sounds great, but the gameplay and lifespan, added to the dim characters and lack of anything inventive make this a very very average game. Worth buying at a cheap price or borrowing of a mate for a week.
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on 10 February 2006
Having seen all the movies again recently on channel 5ive, i have rekindled my interest in one of the greatest trilogies of all time. Now with just over a month to go until The Godfather The Game is released i cant wait to get to play a game in the world of the Godfather, featuring GTA style gameplay. As usual with EA they try (sometimes/most of the time unsuccessfully) to bring in innovotive new gameplay, such as the Bond-focus mode in From Russia with Love. The main new feature revealed so far is the analogue combat system instead of the digital button input fighting in previous games. This means that the player has more control over their fighting style and combos. As i mentioned earlier the game features GTA style gameplay, but the gameplay in the Godfather is subtly different with most of the missions on foot, and most travelling done on foot aswell. Also the game feature a respect meter similar to San Andreas which you have to build up by being ruthless and getting the missions (i think theres 50) completed which will then allow you to take over small businesses which you've always wanted, but in your own way. There are 5 rival families in the game, and you have to help the Corleone family to take control.
Lastly, i must mention that Marlon Brando's period likeness and voice will be included in the game, but unfortunately not all the dialogue needed for the game was completed before he passed away. A soundalike and some of his original dialogue from the film will also be included, and to round off the original Godfather experience, all the other major cast members have supplied their voice and likeness to the game, meaning that the Godfather the game is going to be a sensational experience for any fan of the series, any game player or anyone!
Roll on March 24!
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on 7 June 2007
this game is suprisingly good unlike true crime nyc which wasnt like the original and was basically rubbish-

good graphics and gameplay and extras-

its games like this that make rubbish like ture crime nyc seem like garbage as it was boring -had the worst character in any videogame i played -a serious boring unlikeable character -which is unusual becasue in all games i played i never noticed -

but htis game is the opposite of all that
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on 28 March 2006
I bought this game on its uk release and i must say the first 11 hours or so of gameplay were very good. However i wasnt totally blown away.
The hype from all of these reviews is never worth giving it 5/5 until you actually play the game and see for yourself. I couldnt beleive that after only 11 hours of gameplay i was don, and there were no more family missions to do. You would think that becoming don would give the game a bit of a twist in that you now have the power, but nothing changes at all. The previous don's disappear without any explaination of there whereabouts which, for me, shows that this game was rushed and maybe a bit of time could have been spent on the storyline to give it a bit more depth.
All that is left after becoming don is to become don of NYC, you would think that such a title would take hours and hours of work, great missions etc, but the reality is that all that is left to do is take over the remaining shops, rackets, warehouses and buy all the safehouses. At first i found this great, beating the living day lights out of a shop keeper until he gave in was fun, but now that i'm don there is no challenge, they give in without any kind of backlash.
The controls can be a bit annoying at times, the driving is simple and the lack of different cars to hijack is a bit disheartening. There is also a lack of weapons. (However each weapon has its own kind of execution which is a bit nifty) I also found the police to be very easy to shake off and pretty much none existant.I am yet to be arrested after 19 hours of gameplay?!
This game is no where near as big or as challenging as GTA so it should not be compared to it in my opinion. Fans of the trilogy will certainly enjoy it, and i think the game is worth buying, but i wouldnt expect too much.
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on 28 March 2006
dear me what a dissappointment, repetetive, fidly, and frustrating are not the first words i can think of to describe this game but they are the least offensive i can think of. This games sports a massive 4 cars and three songs. To be honest i was sick of the theme tune after watching the films but after half an hour of listeneing to it on repeat i was ready to pull my eyes out.
There are too few storyline missions, and after extorting about 20 buisnesses and being killed every five seconds you get sick of that too. The controls make no sense, and offer nothing that we haven't seen over and over again.
Clearly EA have just decided to spend a load of money on a film license, then stuck a few bits of the story of together to make a terrible version of GTA.
Do not buy this game you will regret it, just make the extra effort and 100% GTA, or play the getaway again instead.
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