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on 22 January 2006
Right lets get one thing straight here, I love this game but I have a top end games sytem that is running a Nvidia 7800 GTX Xtreme graphics card, which allows me to get the best out of the game, so I would say that if you dont have a good graphics card please dont moan if its not that good on your screen. Right now we have that out of the way i can tell you how good this game is, If your into cars I think you will love it, dont get me wrong its not GT legends type simulation, but if you want something that is arcade type easy to pick up, and gives you a fast hard hitting action then this is the one for you, in fact I have always wanted this type of games on the ps2 and the truth is that if you have a good pc setup running on a high res monitor it will make the PS2 look like very old ready for retirement. You know a good game when you still playing it at 1 in the morning ! And if you have ever seen the Cannonball films and Gumball where they out run the cops and always want to emulate it this is the game for you, Road blocks, helicopters, SUV Trucks are all part of the police plan to stop you and with the nitrous running in your car you just hit the button and keep going straight through the middle of them! Also there is a nice feature such as the pink slips, so if you win a race you can win there car from them and wither race it or sell it. I think this is a top game! and happy to reccomend it.
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on 5 December 2005
I think this game is a lot better than NFSU 2, for a number of reasons. The additions of pink slip races are a nice addition also the career mode is a lot more structured than the other NFSU games. The designers have gone all out on the graphics and they look very swish providing you have a decent graphics card. The only down point I've found with the game is that the vehicle customisation options are much more limtited compared to NFSU2. You can fit bodykits, spoilers etc. and performance upgrades but you cannot install tail lights, hydrolics like you could in NFSU2.
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on 2 September 2017
Still one of the best
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on 15 October 2007
For those who remember the older NFS games such as NFS 2 (It was great in its day...) where the experience was a bit different to the tacky Arcade racing games of the time.
NFS 2 had dashboards and authentic steering wheels. The traffic did tend to get a bit unpredictable but at least they were competent.
But in NFS Most wanted they are a real pain, they stop and start and cut you up which wouldn't happen on a normal road, right??
NFS 3 brought us the Coppers... They'd chase you around and they'd book ya then you could continue the game without problems. But in NFS Most wanted the game ends...Boring...

Also in NFS 3 there was night driving -> who would enjoy doing a tonne in pitch black alternating full beam and normal??

There are no frills such as dash board or even a Look Left and Right option in NFS Most Wanted...
NFS Porsche Challenge had more realism as computers evolved and the cars could stick to the road like they should...

The cars in NFS Most wanted have no unique characteristics except the well detailed body work as well as no dashboard or any general features, though there is a look behind option...whoopee...
There isn't really a huge feeling of excess speeds and the police will catch you up if you were doing 45 or 145 there is no cross over most of the time...

The worst thing I must add though is the basic steering.

If you take a bend at speed it is usually nice to stay in the lane but it is hard to do that in this game as the steering is so ARCADE.

You have great driving conditions and brilliant scenery and lots of driving space but the fun isn't there because of all of the great things about the Need for speed series are left out...

I like a balance of speed and realism/Quality and this game is just like every other ARCADE game of today. All about the modding of a car to make it exactly the same as every other car in the collection and a very hasty design of the basics of proper racing.

As long as the target audience for this game stays pretty low (ie: about 7) these games will never improve for people who know that ANY car handle more steadily than in this game.

Thanks for reading.
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on 10 January 2006
I'd been waiting for this game, hoping it would be better ( or at least as good ) as NFSU2. Sadly it's a bit of a let down.
First the good points :
- The cop chases are pretty exiting, and adds a decent twist to an otherwise annoying / mundane race game.
- Jump straight to races, no need to drive from one end of the map to the next race and then back again for the race after that.
The bad points :
- Always catch up - why ??!! You can drive almost perfectly and still lose a race. I've been 15+ seconds in front of the other cars, not made a mistake and been caught in about 5 seconds.
- Modding options are pretty poor. NFSU2 had plenty of options to get your ride just right. They've been taken out in favour of a hand full of slide bars which appear to do very little to the car dynamics.
- Car stats : the speed, acceleration & handling of the different cars you can buy are way off from real life. In the game the cars lack the different personalities they had in NFSU2.
- Where is the Skyline and 350Z ? I don't know of many street racers who use Italian supercars.
EA have really missed the point with this game. It could've been great - NFSU2 + cops would've done it for me. This just appears to be a bodge job to cash in on the success of NFSU2.
It only just scrapped 2* - the cop pursuits were enough to save it from total embarrassment.
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on 4 September 2006
Having not played any Need for Speed games before I wasn't sure how this one would fair, but I'm not disapointed so far. I've not got that far yet but so far so good.

The basic plot is you have to get more famous amoungst other street racers to move up the "blacklist" untill you race the #1 who stole your car from you at the very beginning. To do this you take on each of the 15 racers on the list, defeating them by completing races, challenges (escaping police, causing damage while chased) etc. You get money for winning these with which you can upgrade you car(s) buy engine, transmission, NO2, tires, body work, etc etc, and therefor improve your car. You get the idea.

The graphics are pretty good. Although it is annoying that widescreen isn't supported out of the box - so be warned you'll have to tinker (go to [...] for help).

The gameplay/driving is pretty good - noticable difference between cars. Although is abit annoying at times if you crash into a wall - can be hard to get off. Plus you dont really damage you car - just cosmetic. Maybe it'll get damaged nearer end of game?

There are several different race modes - laps, speedcamera - average speed through cameras over race, dragrace - hard at first - manual gears!, check point - like in arcades....etc

All in all a pretty good racing game. Although I still think GTA is better gameover all as has good racing/driving (bigger maps) as well as lots of other things, depends what you fancy.

Overall - good racing game. Well worth the £10!
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on 3 December 2005
Being a huge NFS fan ever since the first game 10 years ago, I was interested to see what they'd do with this game, I was hugely dissapointed in last years NFS Underground 2 and thought this years offering might be as bad, fortunately it isn't.
The first thing I noticed was how fantastic the graphics are in this game, and the good news; the game actually runs easier than last years; despite the better graphics. I'm running an Ahtlon 1.4 with a gig of RAM and an Nvidia GeForce ti4600 Ultra, and the game runs acceptably for me with the highest resolution and modest settings.
The career story mode isn't bad although i'm not a fan of career modes in racing games, I much prefer racing games with tournaments and a dozen tracks or so, having to unlock 100+ tracks, far too many to ever learn properly and master is just a waste in my opinion, but EA seem to think everyone wants to spend a month playing and unlocking career modes for some reason just to get the cars and tracks open.
The cut scenes use real people instead of computer generated ones, and they have made the actors look computer-like, it looks very impressive and could be the trend now for future games.
The cop chases in this game dissapoint, they were much better done in NFS HP 1 & 2, with this they just chase you forever but don't really ram you in the same way, and it gets ridiculous when there's about 8 cars around you and countless roadblocks, the whole thing gets boring very quickly, then oddly enough there are no cops at all in the quick race mode. But in favour are the fact the game runs very very fast, like a NFS game should, and the cars handling is excellent, the city is massive and absolutely amazing in it's detail, and track design, the tracks are very satisfying to race.
Of interest, you may know there's a special Edition of Most Wanted known as the 'black edition' available on PC in the USA but not here, well the good news is, the black edition game extras are actually included in your regular PC version right here, that's right, all the cars, tracks and extra races are in the games files, there's a patch available on the net made by some NFS fan, just a little file that unlocks them all inside your regular game, have a search for it in a search engine, the best part of the extras is a sprint race that runs the entire perimeter of the city, a full 16 mile non stop speed fest, and all I can say is it's absolutely breathtaking to play.
All in all a really good NFS game, but EA, please go back to NFS's roots, NFS was originally about the cars, flashy exotic models that had videos and information about them, in car dash views beautifully modelled in the first 3 games that made you feel you really were inside a Jag or an Aston Martin (NFS 3 in car views still look amazing today), and a stable of about 8 cars in a race, unlike the 3 competitors you race now, and please no more Career modes, get back to the way NFS used to be; tournament exotic sports car racing, NFS 3: hot Pursuit was the perfect example of this.
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on 30 July 2008
when my son got it he couldnt stop [laying it and its good as the cars all handle well and the bonus cars are the ones the balcklist uses plus a ford gt a porsche 911 gt2 and a corvette c6r
the game plays well but the police are good and can put up a fight but sometimes they bust you and there are no cops near you as well as you cant get away with one missing tyre but you can get away with 2 blown
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on 5 April 2006
And Im not joking. I have played all the other need for speed titles and have had fun playin them all. I was looking forward to most Wanted wondering how its going to be better, well it just does not compare. The graphics are diabolical, all washed out and bland, the diving is a joke, its so unrealistic, you can drive round the courses with one hand at 200 mph and not worry about crashing because it will make it round the bends in your indestructable hover car.
Very poor game, not worth buying for any reason whatsoever.
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on 18 August 2010
We have here a great game, packaging was good, could be better. The delivery was 3 out of five. I have enjoyed more the game developed before this one. If you like car games which eat a lot of resources, this is a game for you!
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