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on 26 October 2006
I had bought a Belkin wireless print server (F1UP0001UK) which was awful. No end of difficulties setting up and hours spent on (free) phone to guy in India who couldn't sort connection problem. Found from net trawl that set-up was often impossible so sent it back. I was reluctant to try again but was tempted to this Netgear unit by the positive reviews re ease of set-up. I am so glad I went for it. It has just taken <30mins to set it up first time (after I temporarily disabled firewall on ethernet LAN whilst connected to unit for set-up). I have printed several test sheets on HP PSC2170 and all works quickly and well. I use Dell laptop and Dell wireless router. Does exactly what it says on the box with ease. Well done, Netgear.
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I originally bought this item because I couldn't run a cable from my wireless router (NetGear DG834G) to my PC (which isn't wireless) and I wanted to be able to print wirelessly from my notebook without having to have one of my PCs on all the time aacting as a print server, burning electricity.

This item was the answer. It's worked from day 1 allowing me to print wirelessly and extend my ADSL connection to my PC that is plugged into one of the 4 RJ45 sockets on the back of the 606. If that's what you're looking for then you'll be fully satisfied.

A word of warning to experienced techies - follow the setup instructions to the letter - don't think you're just going to use the IP settings on the print server and create ports manually on your PC without doing a step by step setup. I tried to, and wasted about an hour before I gave up. It's quicker to do it with their setup CD.

The reason for only 4 stars?

I have an LP1200 printer and a Canon MP150 scan/print. While I can print without problem to both devices, it is not possible to scan from the MP150 via the 606 (as far as I have been able to discover). To do this I need to plug the MP150 directly into the PC I want to scan from. This can be a pain, though I don't do it very often. I don't know whether *any* print server will let you do this, so don't assume it's a fault with the 606. It's not advertised as a scan server.

Also, check the printer compatibility list before you buy.

Hope this helps.
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on 1 February 2006
I purchased this despite having read some reviews with problems on setup and an unlisted printer. No problems - it all worked first time. I took the time to download from Netgear the new installer and used this. You seem to have to connect your PC to the 606 via a Network lead during setup. The 606 found my home wireless Network OK and converted my installed HP Deskjet 5150 to use the wireless network. All OK. Now works completely wirelessly, no network lead between PC and 606. A 2nd Laptop also installed the HP printer OK no problems. I had no problems with Windows Firewall on XP. I allocated a fixed IP address on my wireless broadband router for the 606, and also switched off MAC filtering security temporary whilst setting up.
Now works with 2 wireless laptops, wireless router and 606 all OK with MAC filtering switched back on.
The instructions printed in the box are poor, but the PDF from Netgear more than is needed.
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on 8 April 2008
The concept behind this product sounds good but it has limitations. The first is that the USB port to the printer is one way, so forget attaching a multi-function printer unless you only want to print and copy, scanning is out.

Also if you have simple printing needs this is OK, it will quite happily spool off the odd letter and will cope with some picture printing but not all.

The problem is that unlike a direct connect from your PC to printer, if the printer is running slow (I.E. printing a photo or documents with heavy graphics or just big documents) it provides no means for "Handshake" between PC and Printer so when your printer's memory is full it can't pause the PC sending more info - result corrupt / lost pages. If it does spool documents this capacity is very small.

More and more multi-function printers now come with wireless ports, you are better off buying one of these or a more inteligent Print server. On the other hand if you just have a need to hook up some basic printers for letter writing etc this may suit you.
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on 13 February 2006
I have wanted a Print Server for a while, I did some Internet research on what to buy and it appeared cheaper alternatives were dogged with problems. I had read some pretty good reviews on here and so decided to go with this one. I live in a 3 storey house and my 2 printers are on the 3rd floor. I have other computers on all levels, some running windows XP, Some running various Distro's of Linux and even 1 running Windows 98. I had all computers wirelessly printing on both printers within an hour!, I do tinker abit with computers but even if I was completely clueless, all I had to do was follow the on screen instructions, you can't go wrong! Very pleased with the purchase and I would reccomend this Print Server as one for both Novices and Professionals alike.
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on 8 September 2007
After reading a couple of positive reviews about this product, I decided to purchase it, and I'm glad I did! The print server arrived 2 days after ordering thanks to amazons great QOS and I was able to set it up in about 30 minutes using the setup wizard (which you can download off the netgear site).

I can now print wirelessly from my Epson printer usng both my computer and wireless laptop. I've also been able to remove the horrible 20m cable from my WPN824 router (downstairs)to my xbox 360(upstairs)and can receive wireless internet with no problems at all!

The ONLY problem I've encountered with the print server is that it does not support scanning which was a bit annoying.

Remember if you are considering purchasing this print server, make sure your printer IS compatible with it by using the list provided on the netgear website to avoid any frustration.
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VINE VOICEon 20 July 2007
I bought one of these so that the family PC wasn't tied to the same location as my ADSL hub, and to allow me to have the printer alongside but usable separately. This device is simple to set up. Adding a printer was also simple. And it is left on 24x7. I have only two observations having used it for about two years now.

First, it occasionally gets 'confused' and loses network connectivity. Powering down and back up clears this. I need to update the firmware to see if this is fixed.

Second, I regularly print CDs on the printer and the large slow transfer doesn't work. The print times out, ruining the CD. So I now simply plug the printer into the home PC and print direct from there. Annoying but not the end of the world.

That said this device is pretty much 'plug in and forget' which is exactly how it should be.
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on 28 January 2007
I got this so that I can connect a computer to my wireless network as I don't like using USB adaptors - (Wireless Bridge).

I also wanted to have a couple of USB printers away from my wired network - (Wireless Print Server).

Setup took a while as my access point would only be located a few times and then no Internet connection was available or the access point was lost. It turned out that my AP was on channel 11. And a search on Google found that there may be problems with AP on CH 11 or above.

Changing the channel to 6 allowed me to connect with no problems. And setting up the printers is very easy - I have used print servers on Maxtor MSS NAS and D-Link DNS-323 NAS - this is easier than these. Plus if you use a network drive with a print server and you have a user name and password for the drive you will need to enter these before printing.

The unit looks good and comes with a stand so it can be used vertically.

The LEDs are very bright and the power lead comes out very easily if pulled - although it causes no problems once its set up.

Very good bit of kit!
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on 29 December 2005
I've got this working with a Brother HL-5150D laser and HP 840C inkjet without any problems. I've also got a couple of PC's and an old Power Macintosh connected to the internet and using the printers with this device. All the problems reported by others are in my opinion the result of the poor product documentation which is fundamentally wrong in places.
I found connecting my printers easy, just create another port that corresponds to the IP address of the WGPS606, change to LPR and set the que name to l1 or l2 (this is case sensitive and not LPT1 or LPT2 as in the docs)depending on which USB socket the printer is connected to.
The wireless bridge functionality just works once you have provided the appropriate security settings.
My only complaints are that the USB ports are only USB 1, though this doesn't seem to have slowed printing, and that the multi coloured LED's on the front of the device are too bright. That aside if you have some technical awareness this device is very good value when you consider the cost of buying 2 Wireless Print Servers + 4 Port 100Mbs Switch + 1 Wireless Ethernet Bridge. I've had this working prefectly since early Dec 05, try it and see, you may be pleasantly surprised.
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on 25 December 2006
Having read somr negative reviews previously about the WGPS606 I was a little concerned, however I did read similar negative feedback about the Netgear 108 cable modem as well and I found that brilliant. The setup was quick and simple (best to ensure that each computer has the appropriate printer drivers loaded before you try to set up the print server).

My printer is not listed as a compatible machine (HP 3822) but hve no probs on either my main computer or 2 Toshiba laptops. Also as a added bonus the screen providing details on ink left etc works as if directly linked to the computer as well ( I had been left to believe reading previous reviews this would be lost).

Excellent kit, strongly recommend.
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