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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 18 January 2012
I use my mountain bike everyday for an hour to two hours. Decided to purchase a mirror and looked on YOUTUBE. Found a guy talking about how to fix mirrors onto handle bars there and he mentioned that the best one he sells is this one. Decided to purchase this one as he is clearly more knowledgeable than me. I ordered the mirror yesterday and it came this morning! Excellent service. It was very easy to put on but as mentioned there is even a video on youtube if you do get stuck. I used the mirror today on my bike ride and cannot praise it enough. The great thing about these mirrrors is that they are stuck out on the side so your body does not hinder the view. Having a mirror really does make your journey safer. I have found the dealer, price, postage and product to be excellent. Hope this review helps.
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on 5 November 2011
I have a new-ish electric bike - I am a 66 year old little man - Every time I looked behind me to see who was going to hit me with their car, I wobbled - not good, trust me.
This product has changed my life - it is perfect, I can see both sides of the road behind me, without turning my head more than a little, it was delivered within 2 days, it was simple to fit (even for me..)
I am a fan, so if you need any back-up recommendations, I will be happy to be one.
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on 2 July 2015
These mirrors are excellent quality finishing detail .
strong and lightweight material .
ease of setting the specified angle .
maintain stability desired angle .
wide clear viewing angle mirror.
Universal diameter mounting
I personally tested for a distance of approximately 500 km so far perfect product .
really recommend especially on long journeys .

I tested several different rear view bicycle , mostly fell apart after a few shocks , lost set angle of vision , or were heavy .this one so far perfect .

upgrade 8 month later and after another 3.000 km not change me opinion still in use the best mirrors .
review image review image review image
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on 17 March 2012
My mirror arrived to day so delivery was prompt. It took the best part of 5 minutes to assemble it and then to fit. It took so long because the screws are very tight and the Allen key (supplied) needs a lot of effort to turn, a couple of months pumping iron may be useful. You have to cut out the end out of the handle bar with something like a Stanley knife (be careful) to fit it.

This is made in the USA and the quality is very good good. Having tried it on the road I find that it is a little low for my liking as I prefer stalk mirrors. Unfortunately stork mirrors aren't usually long enough and they tend to vibrate a lot.

Visibility is quite good although if you wear a jacket you will need to do the zip up or the flapping will block the rear view.

Without the mirror I was finding that I was swinging out into the middle of the road when ever looking back which of course is quite dangerous. This mirror will not guarantee that you will not have an accident, but it will certainly reduce the risk. Well worth the £11.64 which I paid for it. Will buy another for the other side in due course subject to stock availability at the time.
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on 7 September 2012
This may be a pound or two more expensive than other cycle mirrors but it is worth it! It is well made and doesn't vibrate at all, unlike my hubby's cheap mirror from Halfords!

It may seem a little fiddly to assemble but the instructions are clear enough and it soon becomes apparent what goes where.

I am really pleased with it and wouldn't hesitate to recommend buying it.
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on 23 May 2011
I've had one of these mirrors (a slightly different fit for drop-down handlebars) on a touring bike for nearly twenty years and bought another to fit a recently purchased Dahon Sport P8 folding bike. The basic functional design hasn't changed and works well with a very good field-of-view. Very easy to fit although it might, at first glance, look a little complicated as it comes with several unassembled bits-n-pieces. It would help the less technically minded if it were partially assembled. However, in reality, it is child's play and takes less than 10 mins to assemble and fit providing the handlebar end "hole" can be made available for the mirror base to be inserted in. I just needed to pull the plastic plug off the handlebar end. No tool is required beyond the provided Allen key for tightening nuts. I suggest you loosely fit all the parts together before fitting the entire assembly to the bike; This would give you a rough idea on what needs to be done.
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on 21 August 2011
I recently bought two of these to fit to an atb and road bike, having previously used one on a road bike that got mangled a year ago.

I wanted a mirror that didn't vibrate, fall off, slip out of position or prove useless.

This is such a mirror. It is very well designed and engineered, easy to fit on the road bike, is easily adjustable, and swings easily inwards when parking the bike, and the mirror itself gives a good view of the road behind.

One point to note is that the fitting on the atb was tricky only because the specilized bike has smaller diameter handlebars than the small fitting on the mirror. But, because the design is so good I was able to reduce the diameter of the material to fit, and not compromise the functionality. That's good design.
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on 18 January 2015
I had given up on mirrors as they always seem to vibrate too much to be useful. This one is different; when fitted to flat bars it gives you a clear view behind and is deeply reassuring and a great safety aid. I have found it becomes like driving, you know what is behind you all the time and so know when it is safe to pull out (with a final life saver check) and even when it is desirable to move away from the curb to ensure you have escape room from a driver setting themselves up to squeeze past with no safety margin for a gust of wind. The reassuring bit is that 19 out of 20 drivers make a real effort to give you enough space and you can see them hanging back until it is safe. It is also easy to spot the idiots and to be extra careful as they take your life in their hands. If only there was a way to educate this group. I have been cycling in town for decades and this has been a revelation. It is also very easy to fit and seems to maintain its position.
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on 22 August 2011
Great mirror - easy to fit and adjust, with a wide field of view of what's going on behind you.

Unlike some mirrors I've experienced, this one is very stable and doesn't jump around or clatter over rough terrain, thanks to the taught, screw-based adjustment mechanism.

High quality materials used throughout and the mirror can be folded in when needed.

Essential safety gear for your bike.
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on 27 July 2016
Looking at reviews, this is the best and highest rated bicycle mirror available. Highest number of happy reviews. Lowest number of poor reviews. Plus the average review is far higher for this mirror than any others. Summary: Everyone seems to feel this is THE BEST bicycle mirror that Amazon sells.

Another reviewer confirms that a bicycle shop owner also says this is the best mirror he sells.

Im quick to find faults with products, but can't find any, at all, with this fantastic mirror. Its an easy five stars in my book, because its perfect!

First part of the review is the mirror itself. Second part of the review is how well it works!

- Universal mirror, will install on the left or the right of the bike (In UK, install on the right)
- Comes with two ‘plastic elements’ which slide into your handle bar. Pick the one that fits your bike best. Then use a screwing mechanism (insert) which will expand inside it, which gives the mirror its supremely secure, tight fit, which will not move around or come loose. It works… perfectly! ‘Should’ fit ANY bike, I presume.
- All components are rather stiff (which is good) and require a fair bit of force to assemble. You may struggle if you have excessively weak hands. But once built, it is robust, strong, and very unlikely to ever come loose, except after perhaps hundreds and hundreds of hours of use and vibration. Expect it to stay exactly however you position it, until it gets knocked. This is great! Just what you want.
- The mirror can take knocks too. If you knock it hard enough, it will move. This is also very good. If you hit things, the mirror will be moved, rather than broken off. Perfect! It will last. I cant see it breaking due to accidental collisions with dustbins, when parking up, or if others knock it at the bicycle lockup areas.

The mirror itself is fantastic. Love it!! It can be angled so that anyone, of any height or size, can adjust it to suit their preferred view perfectly. Left, right, up, down, as much as you need.

Naturally, as with all mirrors, there is a blind spot, but this size of this blind spot is reduced, due to the curve in the mirror. Also, brilliant!

In England, if you install just one single mirror , install it on the right handlebar.

First impressions, after installing the mirror on the right handlebar: “How come I can see my friend, who is behind me, on my left?!?” - Its excellent! And manages to see behind you, without showing you in the frame. You won't be able to see yourself, but you can move you can see the road behind you, on both sides! So the design is spot on, perfect!

The mirror is too small to be able to see things in great detail, but this is not important. You can see when someone is coming up behind you. Adjust it in any direction to see more or less of whichever side you want to see more of.

Love it. So glad I got this mirror, and took the time to read the reviews properly, instead of getting something else. For under fifteen pounds, this is a safety device you’ll grow to learn to use better over time. Looks cool too and is so handy. Don't be without one.

Personally, I don't want (and don't feel there is a need for) two mirrors, plus two mirrors makes cycling between cars, narrow pathways, alleys and short cuts more... problematic.

Update: Mine gets knocked about a fair bit, my own fault, parking up etc. Im always having to readjust it which needs to be done on a straight stretch of road. Definitely go for just one mirror at first, if unsure how many to get.

With just one mirror, and especially this one, I am supremely happy. If you are looking for a bicycle mirror, THIS is the one to get!

If this review was helpful, please give it a like. When you give a cyclist product review a helpful like, a run-over road-kill comes back to life! (its true!)
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