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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 14 June 2005
Yes folks, this is it, the album we have all waiting for. Over the last three decades Alice's recording career has been spotty to say the least. lots of hit and misses. The trouble seemed to be that although generally most of his post 70's records had 3 or 4 great songs they were also plagued with lots of filler (Trash & Raise your fist and yell being the 2 possible debatable exceptions).Enter 2005 and Alice seems more invigorated than ever before, it's as if somebody time travelled back to 1972 and snatched the Alice of old. Tracks like sunset babies and the Saga of Jesse Jane would not seem out of place in School's out or Billion Dollar Babies, the title track alone is reminisent of muscle of love era Cooper with the frenetic energy of early stooges and hey a little bit of Sabbath paranoid esque riffing never hurt anybody either. Alice has really outdone himself on this album sounding like his fomer self and not just a parody of his former self. Good on ya Coop Grow old disgracefully. oooohhh I'm so excited my mascara's running.
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on 8 July 2005
Yes Alice is back to being Alice, I don't get where some fans think Alice is all about anger and gloom and doom, 27 some albums and only 1 being about anger Brutal Planet, and Dragontown maybe half about anger... ...
What we have with Dirty Diamonds is a return to Alice of the 70s this is the best by far record Alice has done since "From The Inside" Folks Dirty Diamonds is no Eyes, This album is AWESOME I got lucky and got an advance promo 2 weeks before the UK release and I have listened to it 70+ times and it still holds my interest, not one bad song on the whole CD, the exception is the bonus track "Stand" it is not a bad song but doesn't fit the CDs sound but it is a bonus track after all and was recorded and released over a year ago. ...Like I said "Dirty Diamonds" is the best thing Alice has done since the "From The Inside" Album, I highly recomend this album....ALICE IS BACK AND BETER THAN EVER WITH THE WONDERFULLY AWESOME "DIRTY DIAMONDS" GET YOURS TODAY.
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on 14 June 2005
Alice Cooper seems to split his fans into two groups. There are those that love his early stuff, and those that prefer his newer stuff.
Personally, I like AC's early stuff, but he keeps getting better. His later stuff holds, in my opinion, the classics like Poison, House On Fire and Trash, with the exception of the Billion Dollar Babies album from earlier in his career.
This new offering from AC will hopefull please both sets of fans.
I heard a preview copy, and it ROCKS!!
From the very first guitar chord on Woman of Mass Distraction, it sounds classic AC. It's fast, it's pounding and if you don't smile you must be dead. And then AC's vocals kick in.
Man, if he doesn't keep surprising me with the versatility of his voice. The chorus of WMD has that Alice Cooper caterwaul that only he can perfect; thats unmistakeable Alice!
And some of the later songs he really stretches his vocals. The earlier songs will please later fans, while the middle section of the album is similar in style to his early career, and should please those fans. It slows down a bit in tempo, but will pick up again before his album ends.
Two moans:
1 - the album is short. 13 songs, but only about 45mins of music. Some of the songs can't be too much longer than 3minutes, and they are so good, I wanted them to go on longer.
2 - The UK album does have a bonus track, which actually is a pile of Trash. It tries to mix in this rap which is extremely poor, and you long to hear proper Alice sounds. It spoils the end taste of the album slightly, but it is only a bonus track, so we can forgive it.
But it HAS got some of the best songs AC's done for years. Babies (All Got Rabies) is brilliant, and You Make Me Wanna is truly hilarious. Some of the lyrics this time round are so funny, you really must take the time out to catch them.
The title song, although great, was the weakest song on there in my opinion. If that's not a mark on the quality of this album, then I don't know what is!
Overall, essential purchase for all fans. Mascara, tights and air guitars at the ready...
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on 25 February 2006
Alice's albums had gotten a bit hit and miss in recent years. We had Alice does Manson on Brutal Planet, and Alice goes back to basics on The Eyes of Alice Cooper. This is Alice gets it right in fine style. There's nine really solid tracks on this and in and amongst those are a few Cooper classics in the shape of You Make Me Wanna, Sunset Babies and the title track. If you'd grown dissilusioned with Vince this one may well restore your faith. He's still the business live too.
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on 8 February 2006
I just bought this today, I love it!!!
Alice Cooper is the F***ing master of his trade, this album hits the correct formula right on the nose.
Here you have a mixture of classic Billion Dollar Babies era tracks and heavier Hey Stoopid anthems.
Alice Cooper rocks today as much as he did in the early 1970's
buy this record to be amazed at the ability of good ol' Alice to continue to entertain even 37years after his first release.
This is a great album, buy it now.
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on 5 July 2005
Having got my copy on Monday I was eager to see what treasures Alice had in store for me. On first play, I had no reaction, but after each subsequent play the album has worked its way under my skin.
Its breathtaking that Alice can deliver an album that smashes peoples perception of what he is. Musically there is an almighty nod to to the sixties, not just the Stones and the Yardbirds but Alices own 1969 Pretties for you.The difference being that the songs are more coherent and have melody. Even the traditional ballad is turned on its head and makes for joyous listening.
Cooper is aware this may divide some of his fans, but my view has always said each new album is a new journey into Mr Furniers mind.
Stand out tracks include the blues themed Zombie Dance and Perfect.No wonder this opus is album of the week on Ken Bruce and Janice Long radio shows in the UK.
Buy and celebrate Alices diversity!
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on 2 October 2005
Ah, the Coop... I'm a die-hard fan, but I'd be the first to admit that some of his stuff (early eighties particularly) is damn-right dodgy. His last album, 2003's 'Eyes of Alice Cooper' was quite simply the most refreshing and immediate music he had put his name to in almost 30 years. This album follows the same musical direction (good throw-away dirty garage rock for the most part), but isn't QUITE up to the standard of its predecessor. 
Alice shows his trademark tongue-in-cheek and current affairs savvy on such tracks as 'Woman of Mass Distraction', 'Saga of Jesse Jane' (classic Alice), 'Steal That Car' and 'Your Own Worst Enemy'. The guitar sound is perfectly retro - nice stuff! However, the bonus track 'Stand' with Xzibit is just awful and sticks out on this record like a sore thumb. It should have been left off.
In summary a good album and one of the better Alice albums
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on 11 August 2012
A return to form after the underwhelming 'Eyes Of Alice Cooper', this ploughs the same furrow of rough and ready garage rock but has much better ideas.

Whereas 'Eyes' had dreadful production, which constantly overwhelmed Alice's vocals and made all the tracks sound alike, here it enhances and clarifies the overall sound. It kicks off with the storming rocker 'Woman Of Mass Distraction' (W.M.D. - geddit?!) and continues that vein with 'You Make Me Wanna' and the hilarious 'Your Own Worst Enemy'. Even better is the title track that begins with a mysteriously unsettling flute (!) and then crashes into a breathless rocker that threatens to trip itself up at times it's so exciting. Brilliant.

There's the elegant 'Pretty Ballerina', the T.Rexish 'Perfect' and the bluesy 'Zombie Dance'. The final track, 'Stand' , has attracted criticism because it's so left-of-centre for Alice (a duet with a rapper) but it works fantastically well, with some very pointed lyrics. But towering above them all is the awesome 'Saga Of Jesse Jane' where Alice croons, Johnny Cash style, the tale of a transvestite trucker! An utter, utter classic.

There are just two mis-steps with the plodding 'Six Hours' and a less than convincing 'Steal That Car', but overall this is a very good album.
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on 3 July 2005
While The Eyes of Alice Cooper was good garage rock album and gained generally good reviews. That album lacked real creativity and inspiration. Dirty diamonds is Coopers return to hard rock and the most interesting album since Last temptation. Album has a lot of variety. There is country (The saga of Jesse Jane), blues (six hours), Rolling stones rock (perfect), horror tunes (zombie dance) and hard rock(You make me wanna, Run down the devil, Dirty diamonds and Woman of mass distraction). AC's vocal performance is also in top notch and lyrics are very clever and hilarious. Listen The saga of the Jesse Jane or Your own worst enemy for example. Ryan Roxie really shines more on this album. Did he sleep when they recorded Eyes? In the nutshell this album grows on you with every listening and it is stronger album than it's predecessor. Bravo dr. Coop! I can't wait for the concert.
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A brilliant return to form, a different sound to his last album. Much tighter and far more adventurous than the last album.The humour that was so much a part of Alice lyrics has returned, especially on Jessie Jane, great fun! The band have grown with Alice so that now they sound and write true Alice songs, whereas they were more like backing musicians before.This is really a fantastic step forward and a brilliant album.
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