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on 21 October 2014
worked as expected
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on 23 June 2005
Ever since Tekken 3 graced us it has been a disappointing time for Tekken fans. Tag Tournament was just a graphics improvement and Tekken 4 lost originality. I had my doubts about Tekken 5 but after playing it I never looked back.
The graphics are absolutely outstanding. It's as if you are playing an Xbox game. The fighters are superbly detailed and the background effects are fantastic. This also gives me more confidence that Resident Evil 4 will still look great when it is released on the PS2. The stages also look sublime, whith a mixture of enclosed and open arenas opposed to Tekken 4 when the arenas were just too small. They are also interactive so hitting the ground or wall causes it to crack or break which adds to the effect.
There are 3 new characters: Raven, a ninja working for a secret cooperation, Asuka, who uses Kazama style martial arts and Feng Wei, a chinise kempo artist who killed his master. This adds to the roster of returning characters from previous games such as Baek Do San, Bryan Fury and Anna Williams. This also adds to old favourites like Kazuya, Paul, King and Law.
The best thing about Tekken 5 is that it has gone back to basics. Instead of trying to get you tactical in Tekken 4 it has gone back to being an all out beat em up like it should be. Namco have learnt it shouldn't try to be something it's not. Some additional features include the Devil Within, an action side story playing as Jin, the ability to fight for money and customise your characters clothing and even Tekken 1,2 and 3 are playable. Sure it won't last long in single player, but it is awsome in multiplayer. Tekken is well and truly back, and with Tekken 6 planned for PS3, it's back with a bang!!!
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on 11 July 2005
I ahve always been a fan of the Tekken series, and this game is certainly no exception.
It seem here that Tekken has gone back to it's roots, reintroducing some of the older characters (Ganryu was an interesting surprise, and Baek a welcome old friend...)
The arcade mode is brilliant, no longer a dull copy of the story mode, but an opportunity to rate your skills and rise through the ranks to eventually become a tekken master.
There is also now an opportunity to gain gold and alter the character's appearance, with many comedy moments.
The Devil Within (a Tekken Force style minigame) is a little disappointing, with Jin being the only playable character, and the fighting style much simplified in comparison to previous Tekken Force game modes. However, it is an essential tool if you want to get cheap visual upgrades for your character.
This is more than made up for however by the Archive history settings, where you can play Tekken 1 to 3, and also Starblade (after unlocking the extra), a spacey shoot-em-up.
The character's move lists have all improved, and they have thankfully removed the switch-style throw from Tekken 4. One thing they did get rid of from Tekken 4 however is the few seconds of movement before the round starts, which I always found very handy for getting into set stances (particularly for Lei).
So Overall:
Graphics: - 10/10
Gameplay - 11/10
Longevity - 10/10 - the arcade and customise settings really improve this, adding incentive to mastering every character
Buy this game, you will not be disappointed...
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on 25 September 2006
WAPP, THUMP, SNAP! as soon as i get bored of one character, i just choose one of the other 35 or so people and then learn their moves to go through the story mode with them. Multiplayer is great too because if who you are playing against is a beginner, they can button bash and still do quite well (my 8 year-old sister even beat me once...) The characters are well thought out, (although 3 of them are useless and they have the lamest moves)and it is great fun to change character every other match so that you get a good variety of gameplay. It may seem the same over and over, but it isnt. This was my first tekken game on a console (except tekken advance on GBA)and the graphics are awesome. This is weirdly replayable for years on end and the moves are extremely satisfying to pull off. GETTTTTTTTTT ITTTTTTTTTT
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on 31 July 2005
Tekken returns with well know fighters who vanished after Tekken 2 returned in Tekken 4 (Tekken Tag) Now they have returned in a real Tekken game and are joined by some new and powerful fighters one can teleport a bit like Yoshimitsu Jin Kazma has had a daughter and she is fighting also There are 6 six genearations of one family in this game guess which.
The new finally boss is ultra hard but can be beaten after pratice and Devil Within is a solo mission for Jin to find Jun (Mother). This game is the best yet and Namco are not finished yet Soul Calibur 3 only for PS2 owners is set to become a big Xmas seller.
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on 25 November 2005
Tekken has taken a beating about the alwful game Tekken 4 I must say inn it defense it not that bad but this game should delight the fans who were dissapointed with number Four this game has done away with the side stepping and gives you the chance to do some good old button bashing to win your bouts and some original fighters return and the most famous family in Tekken grows again with the first female to join in yaers Asuka.
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on 25 June 2006
this is a fun game one of the best i have ever played admittedly the end baddie is extremly hard to beat but that just gives u an excuse to keep playin
i got the game the day it came out and i'm still playing it.

customizing your characters is fun it gives u feeling that their yours
if u were a first time buyer of tekken games i would advise u to get tekken3, tekken5' and when it comes out tekken 6

happy gaming
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on 27 March 2007
Teenagers you'd love this game! This is one of the most addicting AND Annoying! game ever. The graphics are excellent. the mini movies (between the game) are brilliant as well. The sounds not bad at all. You have to complete the story mode to Unlock a new character which makes it addicting as you would want to see whos the new character gunna be and whats he like (special powers, etc etc.) *BUT* the annoying bit is the last person that you have to beat in Story mode. you could check other reviews from other websites and they would tell you that it hurts their figers and hands cuz of repeatedly pressing buttons (pretty funny). but ITS WORTH IT, (having blisters :> ) so GET IT..!
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on 15 January 2006
The next Tekken game has gone off like a firework; it has brung the series into a new generation with its intense graphics, 3D gameplay and many other modes of enjoyment.
In this new game, we see all our old friends brought back, such as King, Heihachi, Law, Yoshimitsu and Paul. Many faces have vanished or died, such as Armor King, Gon, Kunimitsu and Eddy, but the losses are well made up with the new appearnces. We are introduced to Steve, Feng, Jinpachi, Devil Jin, Jack 5, Christie, Marduk and many others.
A very decent game to buy for quick or extensive play, and brilliant for multiplayer. Way to go, Tekken! Keep 'em coming!
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on 3 July 2005
Well Tekken is back after a slightly dissapointing run on the ps2 so far. Tekken 5 though more than makes up for the poor Tekken 4 it is groundbreaking and totally new for the beat em up genre which, lets be honest needed some new life.
So, what makes Tekken 5 so great ? Where do I start.Firstly the graphics are amazing,matching those of the fantastic Soul Calibur 2, clothes and hair flow beautifully and the characters are gorgeously detailed.Secondly the gameplay surpasses even Tekken 3 and Soul Calibur 2, making it the most fluid and exciting fighting game to date.
There are also lots of modes in Tekken 5. The usual Time Attack,Story,Practice,Survival,VS and Team Battle modes are all there but there are a couple of new ones. Arcade is a fantastic new mode lets you build up your own character through the rankings and since the opponents are customised it makes up for the lack of online play, sort of anyway. Customise mode is also good as you can change your characters appearance. Finally arcade versions of Tekken 1,2,and 3 are all playable making this game an essential purchase.
There are also 30 characters in Tekken 5 compared to the 19 in Tekken 4. Old favourites like Jin,Heihachi,Julia,Nina and Yoshimitsu all return, as well as unexpected comebacks from Wang,Bruce and Mokujin.There are also 3 new characters to get to grips with, Raven, Feng and Asuka adding 3 new fighting styles.
The locations are also superbly detailed and the wonky surfaces in Tekken 4 have thankfully,gone. This is most definately the best Tekken so far and was well worth the wait.
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