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on 1 December 2005
When I first brought This game about 6 months ago I was Thinking of giving a reveiew but never did but now here it is!!
When I bougth it I thought it would be another ordinary James bond game. But boy was I wrong it is an all new gaming experiance. After getting uste to the controls on training mode I moved to actual game AND BOY WAS I SUPRISED. It is the best James bond game ever and I now this as I have all the games With JAMES BOND.There are an all new 30 levels and it takes you on the ride of your life. All you can think about wonce you get the game is will it get harder and will I complete it ? The answer is YES!!
Ther are 45 carecters that you can play as and fight. And if you decide to conect with a friend in multiplayer then you are going to have some fun.The graphics are brilliant and the detail is so intense that you think you are really shooting people.
I hope My reveiw has been some help and if you are still only considering this then please buy it!!
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on 14 October 2015
while the game is not technically a masterpiece it succeeds in where most first person shooters fail on handhelds , the game is fun to play and has a variety of crazy weapons and modes with enough replayability to last a long time . The main campaign is linear but quite challenging and actually very much reminds me of the original goldeneye, the double weapons are great and really turn you into a machine , game runs very well with very little slow down even with a lot on screen. Loads of featured characters and an interesting storyline , the only downside is the graphics do not push the limits of the ds but overall are good , also at first movement controls takes some getting used too but its easier done with hand rather than stylus and eventually becomes second nature.
Overall very good game definitely worth picking up at such a cheap price
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on 21 June 2005
This game is basically a port of the game with the same name on th gamecube/x-box/PS2. It is a pretty successful port, which would be a good thing if the actual game was any good.
You play a guy who turns bad and works for goldfinger for revenge on this guy who made you lose an eye. Goldfinger makes your replacement eye have special uses.. for example, you can see through walls and stuff. The whole game has a sort of star wars-esque 'revenge' feel to it. The storyline isn't gripping.
The only inventive thing is the eye, which can be useful. The graphics are N64-quality. I have no complaint about how the game looks, but the enemies reactions to being shot can be a bit off. it's normally a dull "UHHHH" sound with the enemy showing no actual feeling and just sort of stands there taking your lead.
I find the controls very awkward. Basically, you use the touch screen to look around and change weapon, and the X,Y,A,B buttons to move up, down, left and right. It all seems backwards to me somehow. you can also use the d-pad and touch screen if you prefer, but I'm a right handed person, and it feels weird touching a screen with my right hand. I feel like it should be pressing buttons. Not good use of the touch screen really. Just awkward.
The sound is midi-based music that, in fairness does do a pretty good job though it is slightly annoying and repetitive in places.
You can also do multiplayer co-operative and deathmatch modes. the only downside to this is that every player has to have their own copy of the game, which is very annoying.
All in all this is a pretty mediocre shooter that lacks any inventive features that stand out and make you think this game is something special. Frankly, it isn't. You can complete it in an afternoon and it isn't a gripping experience. You'd be best off waiting for metroid.
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on 29 April 2006
This is a very average looking game that does nothing very original , it would have been mediocre but the very poorly thought out control methods prevented it from quite achieving even that ( the main battle in the game is against these controls the actual enemies themselves aren't really that difficult ) . There were several of us trying to play this , all hardened gamers & not one of us liked the controls or found this to be a fun experience , even with the dearth of first person shooters on the DS we cant even recommend getting this cheap/second hand , definitely one to try before you even think of buying it .
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on 23 January 2016
Teen says this is a fairly good game.
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