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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars

on 26 July 2017
Absolutely amazing game! You can pick up, weaponise and smash almost anything, the story's good and the bonus missions are a scream - playing baseball by wacking SWAT team members with a gurder is just one of many hilarious and essential upgrade-earning missions. The moves are so satisfying and very true to the comic. Even better than Spider-Man 2 on PS2 for a superhero game. I can't believe I didn't get this years ago. Buy this game and indulge your urge to smash!
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on 20 August 2017
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on 17 September 2005
That is the review line for Hulk 2(What I call it).After the absymal 'Hulk' Ultimate combines the GTA free-roaming ability with Spider-Man 2 Acrobatics with Worms 4 explosions.And it works incredibly well.As far as I am concerned,Hulk lets you leap around as the green one,destroying everything in your path.Can't climb a building? either a.)Run vertically up or b.)Punch holes in it,jump into them and repeat.It also mixes Destroy all Humans! style alerts,with puny humans ranking all the way to tank/helicopter/killbot ambushes.It does haves it's flawed times,though,for example,you get surrounded by tanks.You would obviously pummel your way out,but then in comes the missile launching helicopters.You can't find an easy way out,but to risk leaping,becoming vulnerable and string an air combo on a 'copter.And,if you did it well, you can escape and run free.If you didn't,well prepare to die, angry boy.You have to be a Hulk masochist before you can start pummeling all threats.And,like Destroy all Humans!,like GTA,the game constantly balances ease with difficulty.One minute your pounding on bus shelters,next minute your walloped 2000ft high thanks to a killbot with a ripped-out lamppost.They are as annoying as hell because they can do everything Hulk can.Except one.
The Critical Atomic Slam is,by far,the single best manouvere in the game.Charge up and you are rewarded by the entire level pulping up.Tanks flip,KillBots malfunction and explode whilst humans get a taste of their own medicene by being completely taken from the screen.Weak ones evaporate,strong ones fly into buildings and virtually everything crumbles around you as Hulk stands proud(before another freakin' tank sends him into orbit.)
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on 28 October 2007
It was one of those days where the four for twenty pounds offer in a second hand game shop seemed tempting. It was an overcast day with nothing else to do. I picked up this game from the shelf and thought "hmm, well... might be a laugh but i'll just get it to help me get the special deal price". I'm already a huge fan of the Spider-Man 2 game on the PS2 and thought Marvel couldn't really do that much worse with this.

When I eventually got round to playing the game, I was pleasantly surprised. I was greeted with crisp and bold visuals coupled with a fluid control system. Some of the camera angles could be a little jerky at times, but this was a problem never really resolved in Spider-Man 2, so I got over it and concentrated more on the game. A basic tutorial at the start of the game gives you the confidence to continue, safe in the knowledge that you already know how to pick stuff up and chuck it at something else.

When unleashed in the city as a huge green mutant man who can leap buildings, a whole new childish glee swept over me. Like Spider-Man the city is vast, all of which is accessable littered with things to do; challenges and various story missions are a plenty. Like most of these games your character gets stronger the more it progresses, there is no change here earning Smash Points with everything you destroy. Its a nice touch to know that if you destroy something with one of your more hardcore moves, you receive more points, makes you feel that you have to be that bit more elaborate in destruction.

The missions are fairly basic, there's some kind of story in there somewhere but I found myself skipping the FMV sequences and thinking, "yeah, so mission is smash stuff... or smash something open, grab what's inside and then come back the base." There isn't much scope for anything thing else when the Hulk I suppose, but this really is all the game needs. If you want to run round a city or a desert with ridiculous muscle power for a while, this is perfect. It's so easy to get distracted from your mission and have a fight with the military, after all there's nothing quite like hurling a tank at an F-16 fighter jet that's standing in your way... or leaping onto a helicopter and spiralling it down to ground for that matter.

If you want in depth gameplay or an intricate story, then this won't really be for you. But if you've got some frustrations and need to let them out, then I suggest buying this game... if only for comedy value.
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on 22 March 2006
Since I started this game I've been playing it non-stop, it is fantastic. The sort of game that keeps you hooked and doesn't let go. The upgrades are superb, such as the double dash, sonic clap, etc. As you progress through the game you accumulate tokens to use on purchasing upgrade moves and as well as that there is special unlockable features such as comic covers and artwork.
Anyone who has read my review for Spider-man 2 can see my opinion of it and that should show you that this is a much better game than the rushed, cash-in effort of Spiderman 2. The graphics for Ultimate Destruction are alot more polished than with other games, fair enough the characters look terrible in the cutscenes close up, but the game itself plays like a dream and the vast cityscape is far superior to Spiderman 2 and just slightly better than Ultimate Spiderman.
I would disagree with comparisons to GTA and say this game is alot more like Destroy All Humans than GTA, so don't buy this looking for a GTA-type game. This game is similar to Mercenaries Playground of Destruction aswell.
The size of the cityscape is alot larger than what other reviews say, plus there is the addition of the desert level. I would certainly not say the game is samey as you get to do such varied things at each stage of the game, such as bonus challenge missions (car football, hangliding to a specific spot, jumping from building to building without touching the ground, etc) and using a truck as a disguise for the Hulk (check those green feet sticking out from under the truck - very cool). The bosses are tricky and the game sometimes feels like it's thrown you in at the deep end, but that's part of the thrill.
Mercy and The Hulkbuster controlled by General Ross are two of the toughest bosses (I've yet to reach Devil Hulk).
The definitive Hulk and Marvel game. Recommended to gamers everywhere. Superb.
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on 28 February 2012
This game is fun for a little while, but a lack of variety leads to boredom before too long. You can smash EVERYTHING, and unlocking new moves is quite cool. The most hilarious part of the game is picking up a cow and lobbing it at something!!

This is definitely not like GTA, though you can go anywhere in the (not very exciting) city, its more like a big playground. The missions are pretty mediocre and the challenges fairly boring. If you just feel like destroying stuff in creative and sometimes funny ways, this game is great. If you're wanting a game with more substance, probably avoid this one.
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on 22 July 2008
Well for awhile this was one of the best games i had played when i had my ps2. When you first get this game, if you are a hulk fan then you will be impressed by the game and will keep you occupied for awhile but half way through it can get slightly boring, the story line gets pretty pointless, and once you have completed the game it will get really boring. Yes the freeroaming is excellent for awhile and yes as usual it gets boring and not fun anymore. So this is a brilliant game to either buy cheap or rent.
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on 24 May 2016
Lot of fun lot of laughs regarding some intriguing well thought out challenges , out of all hulk games that I know of ..this might probably be one of if not the best , no problem at all regarding purchase , grateful ,thankyou 😊
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on 26 February 2013
A ps2 classic here, ps3 version was poor. This is a sandbox game but you can unlock combos as you go on. A joy beating up big robots who think they are hard, not against hulk they aren't.
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on 20 October 2012
This game is very good for people who like to play games where you can do whatever you want whilst still having a story to come back to. Hulk smash!
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