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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 2 January 2010
I purchased this case approximately 18 months ago and it is still holding out well after numerous flights - There is sufficient space inside for at least three days clothes( travelling light) as well as your laptop. The removeable laptop case is excellent as you can take this to meetings with you and serves to protect the laptop well when you are travelling. The case is small enough to fit into the overhead lockers on most planes and more importantly will fit into the baggage test frame at the check in desk in the airport.( providing it is not totally over packed)

Although it may seem a bit expensive for a suitcase it was well worth the money and in my opinion a "must have" for the frequent business traveller.

Updated on the 17.05.10 - One of the wheels recently collapsed on the case and I contacted Targus to see if they would send me out a spare wheel (the case still had plenty of life left and the wheel is easily changed) - they duly informed me that the case has a life time warrenty and to put in a claim which I duly did (still able to retrieve the receipt from Amazon)- Targus sent me a new case within two weeks of receiving proof of purchase etc. Excellent consomer service!
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on 14 February 2012
I purchased one of these to use on my frequent business trips abroad.

Generally I spend 50% of my time on the move, mainly traveling by air, but also train and car and this small sturdy case has accompanied me on most of these journeys for 4 years without suffering a single failure.

The build quality is outstanding which allows the case to cope with the inevitable rough and careless handling at airports, this means that there is no damage to the case and more importantly the contents due to its use of robust materials and its excellent design.

The case has sufficient room to fit clothing for a 2-3 night trip (for a bloke), the case also has a separate inner sleeve for your laptop and retaining straps for both the lid and your clothes to allow you to open it at security without the contents falling out!

The real beauty of this case is that it fits in the cabin overhead of most airlines with ease (as long as its not overpacked), I have never used this case with Ryanair - but have used this case as cabin luggage on Swiss, SAS, Norwegian, Monarch, KLM, Easyjet, BMI, BA, Emirates, Finnair and Virgin Blue without any problems.

I only wish I could find a larger suitcase of the same standard!
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on 1 August 2014
After two and a half years of use, the wheels of the case predictably wore out to the extent that they would no longer turn. I contacted Targus about this and was told that wheels can be replaced within 2 years of purchase, free of charge, but after that are no longer available - and replacements cannot even be purchased! So I am left with a perfectly good suitcase with broken wheels due to poor service from Targus.

LESSON: if your wheels are wearing out, get replacements before the two year warranty expires, because after that you will have a useless suitcase!
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on 24 August 2010
I bought this case primarily on the strength of a couple of reviews and looking at the images. I am happy to add my endorsement to the existing ones. I use this case for short business trips and it has served me well (so far).
The case has a good removeable padded sleeve to put your laptop in and also has a myriad of pouches and pockets to put items such as power supply, mouse, CDs/DVDs, pens, etc. There is room enough for everything you need for an overnight stay (possibly a couple of days at a pinch).
It fits (just) into the carry-on frame at the airport providing you haven't packed too much in.
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on 10 June 2011
Plenty of room for 2 laptops, plus change of clothes for an overnight stay, with lots of pockets for bits & pieces. However, after being caught in a very heavy shower recently, I discovered it's not at all waterproof. All the contents were damp or wet, includng the laptops. Take a binbag to line it with if you're travelling anywhere the weather is likely to be inclement.
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on 18 May 2012
I bought this bag as I travel fairly often with my laptop and a couple of days worth of clothes. I'm very impressed with the bag and not normally the easiest person to please as very fussy. The bags got space for everything and everything is in the right place when you use it. It looks stylish and nice and light. It's also got a long enough handle for me at 5" 11 which my last bag didn't have. Very impressed and great value for money.
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on 30 July 2011
After looking at an incredible number of clothes+business kit rollers at huge price tags, I settled on the Targus simply to see if the idea works before spending a huge amount of money.

I fly most weeks with my job, and I have to say, the Targus has been much better than I expected for the price paid! I easily get a couple of days clothing in here, a monster of a Dell laptop, plus all the associated chargers, cables and accessories.

Being critical, I would like just a bit more room in the "business" pocket - it gets a bit tight if I want to take a book with me in an easily accessible pocket...a good enough reason to buy an iPad I think :-)

The only other consideration is having your liquids/gels/pastes readily to hand - I realised having packed them in the clothing area that its a bit of a faff to get to them, so the really need to go in the business pocket... Just one more little pocket on the outside of the bag would cure this...

Overall, at this price you can't go wrong.
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on 19 March 2015
Bought a new example of this case to replace an older one where the wheels had finally given up and would no longer turn.

The older version had a red lining and loads of useful (and detachable) storage areas inside the front section - in addition to a useful retractable side pocket for passport / boarding passes and so on. In addition, the internal laptop slip case opened vertically, so the laptop could easily be slid out in the security queue at the airport.

This new version, I'm sad to say, is nowhere near as good. The laptop slip now opens horizontally, meaning the whole thing must be extracted in order to remove the machine. Other notable differences on the previous red lined version are as follows:

- Lining colour : now grey instead of red. This is OK, it's quite attractive.
- Removeable mobile phone pouch : Deleted. No longer there.
- Removeable accessory pouch : Deleted. No longer there.
- Removeable business card holder : Deleted. No longer there.
- Side pocket for passport / boarding pass : Deleted. No longer there.
- Window on rear for address label in case bag goes astray : Deleted. No longer there.
- Multi-compartment divider in front zipped section: Gone - now a single section with a solitary string net inside.

In short, this case has been subject to some pretty dramatic cost cutting and sadly, is much the worse for it. If I hadn't owned the previous version, I may not have been so dissapointed. However, its wheels do work. How long they continue to turn remains to be seen.
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on 3 January 2011
As someone who travels quite a bit, often for a couple of nights, and often with low cost airlines which only allow 1 case, I have been looking for a case that would have sufficient space for clothes, and also space for my PC plus all the other bits and cables you need. In other words a mobile office. Also as I would often have the case in the meeting I did not want to be showing my dirty socks when I needed to take out my PC or notebook.

Well Targus have really sat down and designed just the case. It is perfect, it has a good sized clothes space, enough for 2 to 3 days worth of clothes, then has a clothes cover to hide It all in the meeting. Next it has a lightweight PC holder so if you are staying for a couple of days you can leave the case at the hotel. Then the real asset is the front pouch. It has pockets and pouches for all your needs, mobile, PDA, and a zip up cable etc holder, then pouches which will take an A4sized notebook, and even cd holders..

In short it is everything I was looking for and more, and has been designed to fit as carry on.
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on 1 December 2014
Poor quality. Stitching started to come off after very few uses of this bag. Its quiet heavy as well and doesnt have much room inside. Only two wheels which makes bag hard to pull. Wouldnt buy it again.the logo from front of the bag came off after a month. Invest money in something else.
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