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on 19 July 2017
great dvd.fast post/well packed.good price.many thanks
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VINE VOICEon 31 December 2005
When i first heard that the Friends creators were making a spin off for the Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) character, i like many people was sceptical to say the least but the first time i saw the show was when i was on holiday in america in my hotel room and for the whole first episode i saw i was on the floor laughing.
In this spin off you are introduced to Gina Tribbiani (Drea De Matteo) Joeys sister & Michael Tribbiani (Paulo Costanzo) Joeys nephew. This surprisingly contains the same stupid charm that Joey had in the Friends series and still has the same intelligent charm.
The series is based around Joey moving to Hollywood to persue his failing acting career, this series is jam packed with funny one liners and slapstick comedy so buy this Set and Enjoy.
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on 28 June 2005
Many of my friends who used to watch 'FRIENDS' (the series) have quickly taken to the new sitcom 'JOEY' with a negative attitude.
The first few episodes are weak and sure it's not as good as 'FRIENDS' but there are some classic comedy moments in there and some great episodes later on. It is a comedy so be more open minded, try to enjoy it!
As a big 'FRIENDS' fan I do love the connections between the two shows and the few references but on a whole I just love 'JOEY' for what it is; a cool, easy-going comedy series.
Infact one of my friends who had always hated all the 'FRIENDS' series has really enjoyed the 'JOEY' coverage on t.v. I'm hoping to get him watching friends in no time, even if we do watch from series 10 back to 1.
My personal favourite character is Michael, Joey has all the great one liners but Michael as a character is very funny to watch and very easy to love, I can't wait for the second series!
If you liked friends I really do hope you give this a good chance and you should love it. If you're a fan of any American sitcoms then you should definately try it out.
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on 12 February 2013
I really enjoyed joey season 1 .. and ive just sent for season 2 .. (which is a struggle to find for under £20!!) This show IS really funny - you just have to give it a chance. Its really unfair that it got axed and i dont understand why??? im a HUGE Friends fan and while this isn't as funny as Friends (what is for heavens sake ?????) this show is funny in its own right ... it has some hilarious characters in Bobbi the agent and Micheal the brother .. Gena the sister is also very funny with some great lines .. i find the next door neighbour a bit annoying to start off with but as she comes more into the show and get her own story she gets less annoying and more funny.. and of course they're joey himself who is just the same as he is in Friends. Please give this a go and don't right it off as .."not as good as friends" ..
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on 15 April 2008
First of all..I love the friends episodes, and joey episodes. I really hate the people that judge joey to friends. Yes, it is a spin off, but it is about joeys talents and laughter, Not chandler, Ross, pheobe etc...

Good parts - It is very cheap for so many episodes, Joey and bobby(agent) are so funny, Has some classic memorable moments.

Bad parts - The audience laugh at some things that are not funny at all( it irritates me), Some jokes are repeated throughout and get a bit old, The discs are double sided so if your messy(like me) The discs get kinda wrecked :(

The most annoying good thing - I WANT SEASON 2 ON DVD !!!!!

It is a must buy situation. Although if you are one of those people that are shoved up your ass about friends... It might not be the best.

Buy !!!!! Buy !!!! Buy !!! lol
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on 9 January 2006
As every Joey viewer is, I am a die hard Friends fan. You will always no matter what be comparing it to Friends at some time during the episodes. The first few are to a good standard and are better than some of the episodes. As it was on a Sunday night it gave me something to watch as Sundays are usually rubbish for TV. Some weeks would be pretty good then another week i would be disappointed. The episodes are different as in one episode Joey could be all over the place but in another he could be in a certain place (eg awards show) for a long period if not all the show. The finale was very predictable. I would recommend this to buyers as it is now at a decent price but not at 50 quid as it isnt worth it. Give it a try.
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on 21 February 2008
OK, I am a big fan of Friends and specially Joey.
So it is no surprise that i bought (better: "run") to this 1 season and already I am a big fun of the series.
It is a pity that it stopped, though.
I first watched Joey on Fox channel a couple of year back and I went crazy.
I was impressed with the lines and generally it was like watching Friends, only with more Joey that ever.
So, IF you like Joey as character, (and also as an actor) this is the ideal show to buy.
It is more or less equal to Friends and I am telling you this as a huge fun of Friends...
Cant wait for the 2 season..

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on 14 September 2009
Spin-offs are a strange breed. Yes, viewers will know and like at least one character from episode one, but will also inevitably miss other favourites and make comparisons to the original show. It's for this precise reason that 'Joey' struggled. Yes, it had a lead character we all knew and loved. Yes, the new characters were fun and well-chosen; adding Joey's family to the mix meant we didn't have to see him suddenly become close to a new group of friends. But when it came down to brass tacks, it just wasn't 'Friends' - and after viewers had taken that show so much to heart, it was just too difficult for many to enjoy 'Joey' in the same way. The character of Joey worked well in 'Friends' because he was a key part of a well-assembled ensemble; he rarely carried big storylines on his own. Now suddenly he had to carry a whole show without the support of Chandler, Ross and the girls.

Compare 'Joey' to 'Frasier'; probably the most successful spin-off ever. 'Frasier' worked because the character was always a fish out of water in 'Cheers', so it didn't seem incongruous to see him away from the Boston bar setting - in fact it made more sense. By contrast, Joey Tribbiani always belonged to a strong group, and it's harder to relate to him outside it. In the later episodes of 'Friends', Joey can't even cope with the thought of Chandler and Monica moving house; in 'Joey', viewers are supposed to believe the same character would then leave all his friends and move hundreds of miles away.

Despite these problems, 'Joey' could probably still have worked given a bit more time. Drea de Matteo made Gina a strong character who, crucially, couldn't be compared to any of the main cast of 'Friends'; Jennifer Coollidge was a delight as Bobbie and deserved more screen time. Once these characters had got a little more into their stride, the absence of the other five Friends wouldn't have been so acute. Maybe once the show was established on its own it could even have stood the odd cameo from Joey's old pals. But in TV land these days success is expected instantly, so 'Joey' never got that time. A shame, as if this had been a brand new sitcom unrelated to any other show, it might well still be on air now, instead of being remembered as a pound shop version of 'Friends'.
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on 15 July 2012
Ignore the bad reviews you've heard about this series as people automatically believe that ratings are an indicator of the quality of a series. True, the series took a fall in ratings, but Matt LeBlanc was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance in the first series.

The series is interestingly structured and aptly captures the atmosphere of Los Angeles in a way Friends never really did with New York.
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on 12 April 2008
This series must have been a flop, because I have been waiting for the second season to come out for ages and it never happens. All the same I love it. Maybe it's not so wonderful as Friends, but Joey keeps on being as cute and innocently funny as usual and there are some charming secondary characters, especially Estelle, his agent. Great if you want to relax and laugh out loud.
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