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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 25 September 2005
Sin City is one of those films that you see posters for, think it looks interesting but don't neccessarily get the point. At least, until you sit in the cinema and get to see the full glory.
That is the word for this film - glorious. Filmed with techniques and a style that haven't been used for a long time, Sin City presents three stories that, whilst not consecutive or concurrent, are nonetheless compelling. Each actor lived their character so deeply I could believe that this was all they ever were, who they had ever been. Despite the previous hits, both film and telelvision, spread between Willis, Owen, Rourke and Alba (as the easiest faces to identify), even my Sin City mad friend could see no one else when they went home to read the books!
This film is a rule breaker. The last film I saw that involved thought as an important feature of the script was Dune. As much as I love Frank Herbert's work, I was completely in awe of the way the three directors matched unspoken dialogue with fantastic colour technique to provide a thrilling, astounding vacation into a world that is both different and similar to that in which we live. Black and white filming is mostly restricted to flashbacks within any genre but here it is used to effect, making even the most bloody of scenes somehow softer.
I'm sorry to say I was not impressed with Kill Bill...yet Tarantino's scene was not only bloodless but hilarious. There is a wonderful amount of dark humour to be found within this delightful film - delightful as a study for media students, as the final pleasure for fans of the books and even for those who have never read them before. I am in the last catergory. And I can assure everyone, I loved this film so much I'll happily watch any others that are screened. (And thankfully, I hear more are planned)
If you're a fan, you've seen it all ready. If you're not and you like the difference in films, films that change the rules, that break them, then watch this film. It's worth renting at least once, just to be able to say you've seen a masterpiece.
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Sin city is a film made in 2005, directed by robert rodriguez [and one scene by quentin tarantino] that adapts three of frank miller's graphic novels for the screen. these are all set in a place called sin city, and tell classic film noir tales, from a private eye getting caught up in a turf war to a tough guy getting revenge for the death of a lady, to a cop risking all to protect a girl from a psycho killer. filmed with computer graphics and motion capture and lots of technology this is the most faithful literary adaptation ever. the film looks like the pictures from the book, and the script follows them totally. brutal and brilliant and fully deserving of an 18 certificate.

the first dvd region 2 release had one solitary extra. a ten minute featurette. the region 1 version had lots, but this version never appeared in the uk. so imagine my surprise when walking into HMV for a browse the other week as I had a few minutes to spare, and finding this had finally come to region two!

And it was worth the wait.

there are two discs. the first contains the cinema released cut of the film, and the following extras:

three commentaries. one by rodriguez and tarantino. one by rodriguez and frank miller. and the audience commentary, which is a recording of how the audience at the premiere reacted. shouting and cheering, mostly.

There are lots of documentaries, most of which run ten to fifteen minutes:

how it all went down: convincing frank miller to let the film be made

a piece about the scene tarantino directed

documentaries about the cars, props, costumes and make up.

Two different cinema trailers for the film.

And a ten minute concert piece, showing bruce willis and his band playing at an impromptu concert the cast and crew held. they're very good as well.

on disc two:

an introduction to the disc by robert rodriguez.

the three stories, plus the short one that starts the film, all recut so they now stand alone and can be watched in any order. the story that yellow bastard is the only one to contain any new footage, but these are scenes that were in the book and not the original cinema cut so it's nice to see them

a fifteen minute documentary about the production of the movie. which is very interesting in regards to technical details of how it was made

the long take: a fifteen minute long showing of the scene tarantino directed

the all green version: the film with no backdrops or effects. speeded up to run no more than fifteen minutes. I'd be tempted to watch this even if it wasn't speeded up. it's interesting to look at.

and a ten minute cooking school showing rodriguez telling you how to cook one of his favourite delicacies.

and as the other reviewer said, this comes in a very sturdy box. I wish all dvds had boxes like this.

This is a brilliant package, and it was worth the wait
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on 15 November 2005
This is one of the most striking, memorable, imaginative and violent films to have come out in a long, long time. It is a cliched ridden flick where nothing is taken too seriously - especially life - and where anything goes.
Expect to meet hookers, mercenaries, hit men, good cops, bad cops, strippers and thugs in Sin City. This tells three stories, that are ingeniously subtley linked together.
The most interesting story is Bruce Willis' as Hartigan. A cop who protected a little girl when she was younger, and in a cruel twist of fate has to protect her again when she is older (and played by Jessica Alba). It's the most detailed story, with the best character development.
The best character, however, is Mickey Rourke's Marv. A tough, unbeatable and ugly man who is out to avenge the death of a hooker who gave him things he had never dreamed of. It's a slightly simple story, but it's effective, violent, and unlike the other stories in the film, filled with dark humour.
Clive Owen is the weakest main character. He plays Dwight with a lot of gusto, but the character doesn't have the same heart that the others does, as he tries to stop Benicio Del Toro's troublemaker. This story also includes the infamous scene directed by Quentin Tarantino, where Dwights dead body starts talking again. There's nothing wrong with Tarantino, he's a great director, but in Sin City, his scene feels out of place. It doesn't flow with the rest of the film, and jars you out of the mood. It still is an interesting scene, however.
Of course, there are also some brilliant baddies. Elijah Wood's cannibal is creepy, while Nick Stahl relishes in the dirtyness of Yellow B######.
This DVD is sadly lacking in the extras department. the menu system looks gorgeous, and is great fun to watch, but the there is only an 8-minute behind the scenes that doesn't really reveal anything and only just scratches the surface. If you want extras, wait for the special edition that is rumoured to be coming soon.
But Sin City is a film worth seeing, extras or not. It's stylised violence, splashes of colour, and gritty noir is mesmerising, and is a truly unique experience in film.
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on 24 June 2009
Great movie!
DTS 5:1 HD: English
DTS 5.1: Italian, German, Spanish

English, Italian, German, Spanish

EAN 8717418178895
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on 10 December 2007
The collector's two disc DVD edition of Sin City has finally made it to PAL, and in a beautifully designed tin box, too. I never thought tin could be so sexy! The Region 2 version has all the extras the NTSC discs have, except the Sin-Chroni-City Interactive Game. The package doesn't include the graphic novels either, but real fans will have those anyway.

Are the extras worth the money? Well, I certainly think so. If you're interested in graphics you get a fascinating insight into how Sin City became the stunning, original work of modern film art that it most assuredly is. If you're interested in film making you get commentaries from director Rodriguez, and from Quentin Tarantino and Frank Miller, plus Rodriguez's specials on disc 2. If you're into props, special effects make-up and cars, there's something here for you. You even get Bruce Willis (and John Laurie!) performing at the wrap party.

Plus you get the film, of course. And that lovely tin box. Mmmmmm!
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on 4 June 2011
I love this film, and now I love it even more because it looks and sounds stunning on Blu-ray.

The film is almost an anthology with three vignettes, one starring Bruce Willis, one starring Mickey Rourke and another with Clive Owen. All three stories are totally engrossing and brilliantly acted. This is far and away Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller's best work, Miller went on to direct the very disappointing, The Spirit, which was shot in the same style. Tarantino is even on board as a guest director filming part of the Clive Owen story. The three actors mentioned above are joined by an excellent supporting cast including Benicio Del Toro, Michael Clarke Duncan, Brittany Murphy, Jaime King, Rosario Dawson, Josh Hartnett, Jessica Alba, Elijah Wood and many more, as you can guess it's a bit of an all star cast.

It's shot in a very stylized black and white with splashes of colour, such as blood or eye colour and on Blu-ray the colours really do pop off the screen. I played this side by side with the DVD (which has since been given away) and the step up in quality was huge. Plenty of extras here to keep the enthusiasts happy including the film played with a test audience reaction which is fun. 10 out of 10 film, and thankfully 10 out of 10 for the Blu-ray. A MUST HAVE EVEN IF YOU ALREADY OWN THE DVD.
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on 21 October 2005
This film is fantastic. We all know that. But this limited edition box set takes things one step further.
Included in the box set are the 3 graphic novels from the Sin City series by Frank Miller on which the film is based. Before purchasing this box set myself I had never read these books before. They are brilliant! It is truely amazing to see just how closely the film stuck to the plots of the stories in the books. Right down to positioning of objects in frames, lighting and dialogue.
As mentioned before the box set looks great, no tacky materials to be seen! Looks great with my collection!
Superb! If you want this film on DVD then BUY THIS VERSION! Seriously, you will really enjoy reading the books and comparing them to the film itself.
Now I'm looking to extend my Sin City graphic novel collection in time for the release of Sin City 2!
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on 28 May 2009
This has to be one of the best backdated blu-ray releases, the film was made to be shown in Hi-Def.

The picture is pin sharp at 1080P and the 5.1 is brilliant and sounds crispy and bassy in all the right places.

As far as the package goes, its got two versions of the film, the cinema edit and a directors extended cut plus tons of special features.

Thing is if your looking at buying this then you know the story and what a great movie it is. So all your probably thinking is 'is it worth getting on Blu Ray, when ive already got the DVD', in short the answer is yes and at £12.00 its a bargain.
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on 17 January 2010
I believe Frank Miller's Sin City maybe one of the finest films of the last decade. The fabulous cast (too many to list here), all put in some of the strongest performances of their careers, helped by a script which although sounding cliched, is strangely fresh and imaginative at the same time. Factor in the glorious visuals (beautifully composed in black and white with occasional colour keys), and the result is a mind-blowing and hypnotic treat. The movie's ace card is its story telling though; a finely crafted weave of overlapping circumstances and characters that brings the brutality of Sin City "colourfully" to life. And brutal it is too, sadistic even, although it does at least tend to be the villains that endure the more grisly fates - morality is very black and white in the world of Sin City.

There has been much praise of this disk's image quality, and it is top notch; bursting with minute detail, deep blacks and satisfying contrast. However, the DVD is also stunning, and those wishing to upgrade to BRD with smaller HD screens may only notice minor improvements I think. Sound quality is high on the DVD too, but here the BRD is much more improved; bass goes deep and surround elements are accurately placed. Bruce Willis' climatic beating of the Yellow Fiend sounds as if it's actually happening in your living room. Of course if you do not already have the excellent DVD, you'd be better off purchasing the Blu-Ray.

I was a little bit disappointed with the second disk though, which I expected to contain an extended and uncut version of the film in its entirety. What you actually get is the film re-cut into separate episodes (including titles), each one concentrating on a single story thread from the Movie. I don't think it works very well like this, as the original film's greatest strength is how the Character's lives and situations mesh seamlessly into one another, bringing their complex society to life. There are some new scenes, but they don't add much in my opinion. I can't see myself ever watching Sin City in this way again I'm afraid. The disk does also contain an exhaustive library of informative and engaging docs though, covering such subjects as costumes, cars and other props used in the film, with plenty of contributions from the film-makers and even guest director Quentin Tarantino. You also have two commentaries on the main disk, with Tarantino making an appearance again, and a rather strange audio track with audience reactions from an early test screening. The animated menus on both disks are also worth mentioning, they're the best I've ever seen.
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on 22 September 2005
I wont waste my breath telling you how great the Sin City film is - instead let me tell about this seriously cool dvd boxset! Apparently it was personally approved by Frank Miller himself and it contains the film and all 3 of the graphic novels upon which it was based. The box itself is made with thick, high quality card - the front design looks great with its shiny white/red finish set against a matt black background. The dvd case inside is held in a black velvet tray with the three books stacked underneath. What you cant tell from the picture is that the box is quite substantial and weighty. The back of it is covered in images from the film and looks fab.
I had to think very hard about whether or not to spend extra money on this boxset but Im glad I have. I havent seen this design on sale anywhere other than Amazon.co.uk which probably means that there will be very limited numbers in circulation.
Great film, fantastic graphic novels, brilliant boxset - dont miss out or you'll see it in someone else collection and regret it.
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