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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 16 November 2007
This is another wonderful creation of comic genius Susan Harris, who also created sitcoms such as Soap, Benson, and Empty Nest. Golden Girls is a sitcom about four senior ladies living under one roof in Miami, Florida, and all the zany and fun things that goes in their lives. The show revolves around sex hungry Blanche (Rue McLanahan) with her southern charm, and Sophia (Estelle Getty) as a sharp talking Sicilian with wit, and her daughter Dorothy (Bea Arthur) as a wise member of the house hold, and then the sweet and innocent Rose (Betty White) make a wonderful team and an excellent recipe for a great comedy. There are 25 episodes (season 1) on this DVD; in the episode Transplant, we see how a delicate and serious issue such as a request for an organ donation from a family member is dealt with when Blanche's sister Virginia asks for her kidney which would save Virginia's life. In Bed of Rose's episode a date of Rose passes away in his sleep; this shows the problems of old people dating, and how the girls deal with the situation. Big Daddy, The Way we met, Adult Education are few very funny episodes that many viewers enjoyed. Golden girls not only offer entertainment to old but also young people. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes 1980s sitcoms.
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Before Sex & The City, before Lipstick Jungle, before Desperate Housewives there was a show. A show that didn't need to rely on the most fashionable trends. A show that didn't need to rely on the skinniest most attractive actresses.

A show that focused on the lives of women in their Golden years living together in a four bedroom house in Miami. The Golden Girls was it.

Four single women, vivacious man-eater Blanch, sweet naive farm girl Rose, the rational school-teacher Dorothy and her wise-cracking smart-mouthed mother, deal with the struggles of everything from age discrimination, the trials of friendship and middle-aged dating.

Funny, thoughtful, incredibly well written and acted. This is comedy that despite the aged haircuts and outfits, is completely timeless.
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on 9 August 2014
My daughter introduced me tot he Golden Girls - she was reading up on Betty White and watched a couple of episodes. The whole family is now gripped with Golden Girls fever. It's suitable for any age group, it's gentle comedy travels well and - fashions aside - it isn't dated. Give it a try if you like your humour well crafted, well acted and not reliant on strong language.
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on 3 July 2009
i bought this series for my mum who loved it when it was originally on. I watched it with her and really enjoyed it, too. I expected it to appeal only to the over 50s but that's not true at all (I am 25).

I thought it made a fantastic change to programmes with violence and misery, where people die, hurt each other or are victims of violent crime for example. Sometimes everyone needs to watch some light-hearted fun! Ok, so it's not the most well-made programme and the sets are so clearly cardboard, but i found myself able to look past that and enjoy it for what it was.
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on 31 October 2011
This is ridiculous, i'm doing a review on the first series. And it hasn't arrived yet. I watched this comedy when it first appeared on tv. I remember nearly choking with laughter at the four great characters as they blossomed out in their own way. Estelle Getty, the mother in law from hell, in fact the mother from hell, still fills me with trepidation. Should I remarry, and risk meeting something like her. Not if I can help it. I worked on the buses when this series first appeared on our tv, so I only saw every other programme. I can't wait, now i'm retired, to see the ones I missed. Take it from me, if you have never watched a really good comedy series, grab this one with both hands. Because they just don't know how to write comedy these days. As the man said, take a week off, sit back with your favourite tipple, and laugh yourself senseless. I kid you not. It will happen. Don't ring me while this is on, you won't get an answer.
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on 19 November 2013
Used to like the original on TV and to revisit them again is a gift I thought I wold not see again
Well done for keeping all these old TV programs and films going.
What is a cloud anyway? they are things outside that rain on you
Lets keep film & TV real
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on 2 February 2005
The Golden Girls sitcom is the best thing that ever hit our t.v screens. These four ladies (played by Beatrice Authur, Rue McClanahan, Betty White and Estelle Getty) all live in the same house in Florida as room mates. The older generation is shown in the true light that life begins at 50!!!
Characters Dorothy and Sophia are mother and daughter. The cosmic chemistry between the actresses is phenominal. The original cast was supposed to me Rose, Blance and Dorothy, but, in the first episode, the sucess of Sophia (Dorothy's mother) as a character proved that the Golden Girls was meant to be a cast of GIRLS - exactly what these women are in the show.
There daily escapades, men, get rich quick schemes and general living are hilarious. Plenty of food (CHEESECAKE), st. olof stories and fashion right and wrongs take place on screen and its fantastic.
My family are still hooked on this comedy - every episode was taped weekly on vhs and we all still watch them.
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on 14 August 2006
Season 3 is still my favourite season of this wondeful show. But season 1 is where it started of course. There is some very funny episodes and Rose is so cute like always. She have always been my favorite of them. When they go to bowl is my favourite episode ever. I have watched many times, and still so funny and Rose and Sophia has the same clothes like Blanche has. Sadly there is no extras like season 2 and 3. I really hope that future DVDs will have that and lots of it. But the show is still so funny and clever like when I saw it as a kid.
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on 1 January 2013
I shed a tear when I've opened the package. I've wanted this DVD so bad! Back in my country I couldn't buy it, so I've been watching it online in terrible quality. But still, I fell in love with it.
I took a glance at DVD's cover and I refused to believe that only one of The Golden Girls is still alive.
R.I.P. Bea, Rue, Estelle.
I have watched so many TV series in different languages and from different countries, but this peace of art is just absolutely remarkable.
If you are afraid of growing old, this is what you have to watch. Personally, I'm looking forward to grow old and I'm no longer afraid.
Thanks to everyone who took part in making these! I love you!
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on 5 January 2012
This DVD brought back happy memories. When my mother was alive this was one of her favourite TV comedy programmes. They don't make these kinds of homely comedies about the elderly any more. Well worth the money.
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