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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 27 July 2005
If Nick Warren had, as he had previusoly intended, made 'Rekyavik' his last foray into the world of GlobalUnderground, it would have been a more than fitting send off for a man who stands head and shoulders above practically every DJ who has turned their hand to these excellent collections of quality dance music. However, to follow it with a mix that is perhaps even better is beginning to enter the 'defies all conventional belief' section. I will readily admit that I am speaking from a first few listenings standpoint but I still feel that standards this high are easily identifiable.
The true appeal of these CDs is the flow and consistently high standards that run through out. A very basic description would be a rhythm driven melodic masterpiece that generally strays away from cheesy vocals but sticks to an unwavering smooth style that delivers true satisfaction for someone who enjoyed especially much of Sasha's work, Deep Dish and their 'Toronto' mix (as well as a guilty pleasure taken in the popular 'Flashdance' track) and bits of John Digweed and James Lavell. As a result of the consistency of this mix, it is difficult to pick out any that are singularly better than the rest, although this could also be to do with Nick Warrens ablility to inebriate with a careful choice of four bars, and I am sure that with further listening favourites will develop. It is worth listening to the sample tracks but I can almost put money on that anyone remotely interested in this kind of dance music will find something in this album.
Ultimatly, I feel that this is one of the finest ever mixes to grace this ever lengthening line of excellent GlobalUnderground CDs. A strong statement perhaps but I feel many will find it hard to disagree with such a strong display of quality and consistency, especially when considering his extensive list of mixes as well as his work with Way Out West.
In short, if you feel the urge to buy a dance music CD or are familiar with the GlobalUnderground label, seriously consider the purchase of this CD.
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on 6 February 2007
The problem with the GU series is that not every release is going to appeal to everybody. Deep Dish GU25 managed to be fabulous and average at the same time due to the mixture of styles found on that release, while James Lavelle's GU23 & GU26 were complete rubbish to me personally. A huge GU highlight was Warren's GU24, with it's beautiful dub / ambient / prog house CD1 that truly captured my imagination. CD2's moodier, more upbeat mix wasn't quite as good, but still enjoyable and I certainly got good mileage out of both CDs. I've just bought this latest Warren release (I hear he's doing GU30 as well!) and IMHO, he's done it again. I'm not going to get into describing individual tracks - suffice to say that CD1's downtempo mix starts off minimal / melodic and continues to build through a delightful series of prog house & breaks tracks. CD2 starts in similar fashion and takes a while to get going. Suffice to say, things are well and truly underway once you get beyond the classic Acperience, while the last 25mins of this mix is nothing short of astounding - yet another amazing track from Derek Howell puts the icing on this delicious 2-tier cake! An excellent release overall and well worth checking out if you are, like me, increasingly wary of the GU label these days.
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on 20 July 2005
As with all Nick Warren mix albums shanghai is top quality.
CD1 is a journey through atmospheric breaks and chunky, eerie sounding house with the stand out tracks being "vapour trails" and "sunshine" both produced by Starecase.
CD2 carries on from the first on a breaks note before Warren starts to pick up the pace, and before you know it things let off with the banging classic "acperience1" by Hardfloor, it is at this point that this mix reminds me off Warren's brilliant GU003 Prague album. As things draws to a close Warren expertly gives us all chance to recuperate with some more downtempo style house similar to that on Sasha's "Involver".
I, like most prog fans, love the likes of Sasha, Digweed, Deep Dish, etc. but with this album Nick Warren has proved once again that he is the daddy of them all!!!!
Please don't make this your last Mr Warren!!??
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on 7 September 2010
For me, Nick Warren epitomises the Global Underground series. In putting his mixes together, he draws on music made in countries not particularly associated with dance music (Eastern Europe, Turkey, for example), and has an uncanny knack of digging out top quality tunes which you've never heard, by producers you've never heard of. Truly global, and truly underground.

As far as I'm concerned, Warren has never put out a duff mix, although I may be in a minority in finding his GU Brazil outing a bit under par. This, however, is the cream of the crop. By this stage in the series one had come to expect a fairly restrained first CD building into an all-out dance floor pummelling by the second disc, and this is no exception. CD1 is a lovely collection of music, spooky spaced-out melodies over break beats, and is frankly a joy. Good dance music should put a smile on your face, and I find myself grinning like a Cheshire Cat to this. By CD2 it has morphed into a twisting, pulsating behemoth which is guaranteed to get you moving as well has giving your grey matter a treat. No cheese, but also not a beard-stroking bore. A near-perfect mix of original tunes from the master.
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on 21 August 2005
I was looking forward to this cd alot and when i finally got it,i was more pleased than i expected.
Theres something special about this CD that makes it different to other artists.
The selection of tracks is very unique and most tracks are rare gems that are unheard of,brought to us by one of the best dj's of all time.
The first cd starts of with fat cat track and really sets the mood for the cd with its relaxed break beat and ever building swirls that take you out of this world. The vocal also adds to the anticipation and soon it ends and fades into somehow.
The rest of the cd follows from here with each track having its own part to play.
The tempo gets to its max with BCML - Mr horowitz. a track that will leave you longing to turn up your speakers and scream with pleasure. The bassline is so thick and chasing.
The cd drops down after and comes to and end eventully with lustral - solace.
Cd 2 what can i say. IT ROCKS. LITERALLY. the first track is just nice and chilled out and lets us believe we are in for more of cd one but dont be fooled. Things get going right away and before long the cd is pumping. The amateur guitar mix of holden come to me is breath taking and takes the meaning of spine tingling to a new level.
The rest of the cd follows in this stlye with some great tracks that really have to be heard to be believed.
Things come to and end with derek howell- your touch. This is a special track and one of the best sounding producers i have ever heard. It is a deeply emotional track that manages to catch anyones attention and then take them on a journey of its own.
This is not to be missed. some of the best tracks i have ever heard are on this and more.
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on 2 December 2005
5 stars are often awarded too easily, on the back of a one-time euphoric over-reaction. But in this case... oh in this case...
This is a work of excellence in both selection and mixing. Warren has bravely gone for a very international flavour, uncovering quality prog house from the likes of Turkey, Russia and plenty more places.
From the off it weaves a clinical web of evocative soundscape, opening with SJ Esau's 'my speakers were made for this track' Fat Cat. The mix into Horrowitz, with the Patric Stewart vocal from the previous track, is one of the finest I've heard, and here you feel like you've achieved what could possibly have been hoped for, but Warren has never been one to stop at mere expectation. CD2 is equally sublime though not overly different. Holden's classic Come to Me gets a welcome run out leading into the compelling base synths of Blendbrank's Synthetic Symphony.
The soreen calm of Horrowitz, the dirty head-down beats of Tini Tun's Over It, they're all put calmly and contextually back into the box by a wonderfully emotional ending, which might well be unsurpassed as far as mix albums.
To those who say prog house's recent slowing has ruined it, here lies enlightenment. Prog house has simply evolved - there's still the faster tribal, incessant bassiness of Pappa, Saeed & Palash etc. In un-cliched, direct fashion I implore you: buy it; everything else seems suddenly less soulful and rounded. This is the Beethoven 9, the Shostakovich 5 of the electronic house.
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on 10 August 2014
I bought this for the hardfloor acperiance tune. Which is an absolute classic and fair play to Warren he lets it play for about 9 mins. The rest is typical Global Underground. Some good music especially cd 2. Liked it but not quite loved
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on 3 January 2010
Nick Warren is always unpredictable, his mixes vary enormously in flavour and density. This is one of his more up-beat offerings.
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on 3 December 2005
Just buy it. Dont muck about. Highlights, CD2 - track 3, POP SHUVIT - CONVERSATIONS -for a dodgy Korean skate band, pretty hot mix. Track 5 CD2 BLENDBRANK - SYNTHETIC SYMPHONY - pretty dam good for a german / russian mix of producers. Warren rocks, dont hang up your headphones quite yet.
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on 31 March 2006
Other reviewers refer to the amazing Reykjavik 024 (Warren's previous and last intended GU release) as being a cut above the rest and some kind of GU benchmark. Yes, Reykjavik CD1 is a particularly catchy slowburner and has some excellent highlights (Ulrich Schnauss for one), but unfortunately CD2 is essentially bargain bin material. Which doesn't bode well for what is to follow.
I don't think this is a defining or even particularly memorable release. I purchased it with great expectations and returned it several weeks later, unimpressed. Another also-ran in the slowly declining series that is Global Underground. There seems to be a tendency to hail every new GU release as the best or the best by that DJ, but let's not get carried away. Yes, it has a couple of good tracks - both by Starecase and both on CD1. The rest is pretty unexceptional and seems to have a kind of out of touch retro feel to it - and unfortunately - not in a good way.
Want some examples? - Way out West's 'Don't forget Me' sounds tired, dated and uninspired. Seyton's "The Drake Equation" is a tacky, monotonous track that falls utterly short on quality with it's cringe-inducing 'It's hard to comprehend how many stars there are' 80's kitsch-babble. As mentioned above, Starecase's 'Vapour Trails' and 'Sunshine' attempt to rescue the proceedings from the sea of medriocrity that is Nick Warren's track selection, but the majority of the tracks are forgettable and certainly not what you'd expect from GU in 2005 (it's March 2006 as I write).
CD2 is pretty much the same, one or two okay tracks - Murat Uncuoglu's 'Flame' is a little retro again but is catchy and has direction, and the last track, Derek Howell's 'Your touch' is quite interesting. The rest are mediocre and all fall at the first or second hurdle. This is of course only a disappointment if you expected a lot.
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